Mistaken Identity Escort

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I can clean up nicely, if it’s going to end in me get fucked on a hella expensive car, and have crack money. I was on my way to score some crack when this nice ass car pulled up next to me. A man in a suit got out and told me I was late, and I couldn’t go dressed like that. I had no fucking clue what was going on, but I needed an adventure. So, I went along with it and got in the car, and the inside was just as nice. He took me to this expensive ass name brand store, and picked a dress and shoes for me. I changed in the car, and tried to be observant as possible. Apparently, he thinks I am his escort he is hiring to go to a vintage car charity event. So, at least I will get paid for this adventure, and he isn’t too bad looking. I wouldn’t mind fucking him for free honestly. It was a boring ass event, but I guess dude was someone important because we got to sit in everyone of the cars. We even test drove quite a few of them. I tried to remember manners until we were in the cars alone. When the event was over I was curious as to why we weren’t leaving yet. When everyone left but us, I asked why, and he told me it was his event and his cars. I stared in shock, and he laughed. He asked how else he would afford a night with me, and now was my chance to ask what I had been wondering all night. So, I asked how much exactly he was paying for a night with me, and he said $500,000. My jaw hit the floor, and he laughed. He then told me it was time to get his moneys worth, and bent me over a car more expensive than anything I had ever even touched. I can’t believe someone could make so much for something that easy. I need to reconsider this whole escort thing, but I feel bad for the girl he confused me for.

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