The Center Of Attention

Gangbang WhoreSo I went to a party the other night and it was about the normal of what you expect a bunch of young partiers to  be getting up too. Booze, and drugs circulating around and everyone was having a great time. I notice a group of guys all surrounding this one chick. Now I’m not the jealous type I could care less for the most part if another guy is attracted to a girl besides myself. However she looked so plain and I just could not understand how she was captivating their attention. So I pushed my way through the group to find she had been bragging about all the sex acts she had supposedly done and basically proclaiming herself the biggest and best fuck toy at the whole party. Before anyone could respond I just started laughing, nice and loud enough for them to all be staring at me. I looked at her and just smirk, as I started to strip out of my clothes. Deciding it was time to call her bluff. I walk naked into the middle of the group right next to her and slowly dipped down on my knees facing the boys. The excitingly closed in on me, I took turns undoing their pants and letting cock, after cock just fall out and slap my face. I worked my mouth over the several shafts, my hands jerking them off toward my face and tits. I would get one off and work on the others. I didn’t stop until I covered myself in cum loads over and over again. The girl had looked on in shock for a bit, but by the time I was done she had vanished, which brought on a even bigger smile on my cum covered face.

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