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Daddy’s Whore

live phone sexI think the reason I became a crack loving, cum guzzling stripper is because of what my daddy and his friends used to do to me. Daddy wasn’t rich and didn’t really want to work so of course he did what any daddy would do, use his daughter to get what he wanted. It started out with just daddy coming in while mommy wasn’t home and making me feel good in all different ways, by taking my clothes off and telling me how much he loves my tight young body and that he cant wait to make me a woman. I loved being daddy’s little girl and I would do anything for him, like getting on my knees and letting him fuck my pretty face until it was red because I couldn’t breathe. Daddy came in for the last time and said he had a surprise for me, he told me he was going to make me a woman so of course I opened up my tiny little legs for him and begged him for it. Daddy made me feel so fucking good the way he just slammed his hard thick cock into my tight virgin pussy made me scream out in pleasure. Daddy is the reason I love to be fucked hard and fast and just wait until I tell you about his friends.

I Need You

sloppy wet pussyHe walked in not even 10 minutes after I called and told him I was soaking wet. I didn’t waste anytime and pulled his pants down; I could already see his huge bulge. I got down on my knees like the good little slut I am and kissed the tip of his cock before putting him all in my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down on his cock taking him deeper and deeper each time before he grabbed my head and started forcing his cock all the way down my slutty throat. He threw me off of his cock and bent me over the arm of my couch. He started rubbing his hard thick cock between my pussy lips before shoving it inside filling my tight wet hole with his huge fucking cock. His cock felt so good in my tight cunt stretching me out for his thick cock. He fucked my soaking wet pussy hard and fast making me scream out in pleasure while he pounds my pussy like the good fucking slut I am. I love being called his dirty cum whore while he cums inside my tight cunt.

Daddy’s Cum Dumpster

Anal Cum dumpster I love being a slutty cum dumpster for my daddy. He loves when I come up to him after he’s had a long day to make him feel all better. I love to walk up to him and pull down his pants and ask for his permission to suck on his huge cock. He loves when I give the tip of his huge cock a big wet kiss and then lick from his filled balls all the way around his tip. Daddy doesn’t like when I tease him, so he grabs my hair and shoves my fucking head all the way down on his fat cock. He loves to make me gag and choke on his cock before he takes it out of my mouth and shoves it in my tight little wet pussy. Daddy loves to fuck my tight cunt hard and fast while I scream for him to cum inside of me. Daddy loves to cum inside of his daughters tight fucking cunt making her his little breeding whore. I love being daddy’s breeding whore his hard cock makes my pussy so fucking wet.

White Whore

White Trash Phone SexI love being a trailer trash whore who begs for any cock I can get. I beg for any man to use and abuse my tight fucking cunt like a fucking cum slut. I want as many cocks as I can have in my body. I beg for them to stretch out my tight fucking cunt with their big cock and let me cum all over their cock. I love when they fuck my tight shithole with their fat cock slapping my ass making me scream for more while they use me like a little fuck doll. They let me clean their cock with my whore mouth cleaning off all of my shit and cum letting them fuck my face until they cum all over my whore face. I love when they cum all over me while I beg for more of their warm sweet cum. I love the taste of warm salty sweet cum all over my tongue swallowing every single fucking drop that enters my cum guzzling mouth.

Paint my Body

I am such a fucking cum slut, and I would do anything for a hard thick cock. I love being invited to a party that was just for guys and when I show up, they all take turns making me take each of their cocks. I love doing a little dance for them bending over in my little skirt to where they can see my pretty pussy lips and take off all of my clothes. I love when one of them can’t take it any longer and comes over, grabs me by hair and takes me to their couch. He lays me on the couch and shoves his hard fucking cock deep into my pussy while his friends come over so I can take turns jerking and sucking their huge cocks. They each take turns cuming in my pussy until I can’t take anymore. I beg for the rest of them to cum all over my body so everyone can see how much of a cum slut I really am. I love being a dirty fucking cum whore.

Not so Innocent

Cum Guzzling SlutHis pants land around his ankles and she’s grasping his heavy cock in her hands before he can so much as breath. She dips her head, kisses the tip, then places a few more on the way down until she can wildly stroke him and suck his fat balls into her mouth. She massages them with her cheeks, hands wildly flowing over his shaft and gratefully working his tip. She told him this was her first time, and she wonders if he believes her. Her heart’s fluttering too hard and she needs him to believe her innocence is being sullied right this very moment. She’s just a cute catholic school girl, how could she know any better? She’s soaked just thinking about how much cum he’s gonna shoot up in her cunt later tonight, but for now she sucks his heavy sack and works his meat like her life depends on it. her lips pop as she pulls back, licking up the bottom of his length again while getting ready to finally suck his massive dick. “Am I doing this right?” She teases, giving him the most innocent gaze and tilt of her head she can manage.

You First or Me?

Stripper Sex StoriesShe’s already stripping the moment he closes the door. Her head is fuzzy, her heart’s pounding, she doesn’t remember what she told her parents she was doing tonight but she knows she lied and that’s good enough. She’s slow about it, rocking her hips while her pink skirt slides down her thin long legs. She takes her panties off even slower, keeping eye contact and rolling her tongue over her lips while pushing them down and revealing her naughty bald pussy. She’s her uncle’s girl tonight, and she can already feel his balls slapping against her clit before he’s even ready to fuck her from behind. He’s not, not yet, he wouldn’t neglect her of the privilege of stripping him herself first. He also wouldn’t forget to let her stroke him full and suck the cum right out of his dirty cock. For now, she takes off her schoolgirl top, unbuttons her catholic uniform one tight knit button at a time, tosses her undershirt and reveals her round tits and perky nipples for what they are. “Do you want to suck them first or should I get sucking?” She can’t help but ask. Her heart is beating so fast.

Fill my Mouth Please

Big Dick SuckerI love sucking big fat cocks. Just the thought of having this man pull down his pants and order me on the floor to suck his fucking cock has my pussy wet for him. I love having my face fucked hard enough to make my eyes water and have me gagging. I’m always looking for a good time with Kyle he knows exactly what i like. He took me into the back and told me to get on the fucking floor like the slut I am, he pulled down his pants and grabbed my hair in his hand and shoved his cock all the way down my fucking throat. I let him fuck my face while gagging and choking on his hard cock until he wanted to fuck my already wet cunt. I let him fuck my tight pussy until he was about to cum and then I begged to have him cum in my mouth. I love the taste of cum, I crave it. He let me suck on his cock and I begged him to let me taste his cum. When he finally shot his big fucking load in my mouth I swallowed every last drop of his delicious juice. I can’t wait till he lets me have more.

Prostitute Sex

Prostitution PornI love getting fucked. I love it so much that I turned it into my career. I am a prostitute I get fucked all day and night everyday all the while getting paid for it. The only bad side to this is when I’m on my period. Some men don’t appreciate the mess, but I need to be fucked, my pussy needs a hard thick cock inside of it. I know what I’m going to do to get what I want too. My next client pulled up and I could tell he was a junkie. I got in the car with him, and we pulled to an alley while I was sucking his thick cock. We both did a few lines and I climbed onto of him. I didn’t say anything until he asked, and I had to confess. I thought he was going to kick me out but instead he fucked my tight bloody hole harder than ever. God, I love the feeling of getting fucked like the little whore I am. He came inside of my little whole which I don’t have to worry about because I’m on my period.

The Exchange

Crack Whore AnalI will do anything for crack. I love the way it makes me feel especially at work. I love stripping but sometimes I need a pick me up for the long hours I work. My favorite regular comes in today and thank God because I just did the last of my stash. we have a little exchange in the private rooms on the days that he comes in. When we got back there, I did a little more with him and got straight to work. I stripped for him and did a little dance until his dick was painfully hard and then I got on my knees and pulled his hard cock out of his pants. I spit and sucked his cock really good to make it all wet for my tight little asshole. He specifically loves the way my asshole feels on his hard thick cock. He loves to fuck my tight little hole hard and fast to cum inside of me. He loves to watch his sweet cum drip out of my asshole.

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