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I’m just an all-around teen whore who will stop at nothing to get your hot sticky load deep inside of my tight little body! Today I gave my new neighbor a welcome present by stripping in front of him and getting down on my fucking knees like the good little whore that I am! His cock immediately got hard as a rock begging to be sucked! I took every last fucking inch of his massive cock down my fucking teen whore throat until his balls were suffocating me, Making my cum hungry pussy soaking wet I just couldn’t help but to shove my fingers inside of my tight shaved cunt as he forced my head to stay down on his cock! Before I knew it I was being bent over a pool chair and getting my tight ass cheeks spread apart by his thick cock ramming deep inside of me as he blew his hot sticky load deep inside of my ass!

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I swear it’s hotter than hell outside! So a few of my friends wanted to wash cars for money and maybe even find some thick cocks for our wet little holes! It felt so fucking good to get all wet and soapy! Men couldn’t help but stare at our rock-hard nipples! It was so fucking hot watching them get hard as they took off their wedding rings! It wasn’t long until lI was being stripped out of my soaking wet clothes and thrown across the backseat of one of the cars to get my tight little holes fucked and filled with hot sticky cum!  MMM fuck! It felt so good being used as the fucking cum dumpster that I am that I just couldn’t help but to squirt all over the big thick cock fucking my tight little pussy! I love getting my holes used and abused and filled with yummy cum! All of my holes were used multiple times!

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I love being the dirtiest little cunt I can be! I got auctioned off today at my local sex party my friends were throwing. Guys just had to pay a small fee to line up to fill me up with their hot sticky loads. It felt so good being used by all of these men just to milk their big thick cocks. I had a cock in every single hole of mine just getting stretched to the max and gapped open! I love being a gangbang whore and letting anyone and everyone get their turn with my tight little holes! I can’t wait to go back next week and see how many cocks will show up ready to be milked by my tight little fuck holes! I was used as a little cum rag for hours today and I’m so fucking sore but it was so worth it to be filled completely up I’m still leaking out cum all over my legs!

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I love having a tight young body and being the center of attention! I know your wives are getting old and boring, sure you love her but you have needs after all and I would love to be your worthless little cum whore who will stop at nothing to get your hot sticky load! Today my next-door neighbor Jason was home all alone after his boring old hag left to run errands I knew his thick cock needed to burst since he basically drools over my hot teen body every day as I sit out and tan naked outside. I dressed all up for him and made sure my tight little pussy was bald for him and he didn’t even use it! He spent hours going back and forth from my tight little teen ass to my hot little mouth. My pussy got so fucking wet as he rammed my tight ass with his huge cock as he told me he wished I was his little daughter! He came all over my ass while moaning her name!

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I love being a street whore and always having my tight little body filled with cum! I don’t care if you are married I know that cock is being neglected so slide that big thick cock in between my pussy lips and let me milk out every last drop of cum you have in your balls! You can use any hole I have as long as you give me that yummy cum of yours. Today my neighbor was caught spying on me fucking myself with a 9-inch dildo while rubbing my little clitty! I just pretend I didn’t see him until my dildo wasn’t enough anymore and I needed the real thing! So I invited him in and pushed him on my bed climbing on top of his massive thick cock lowering myself slowly until he was all the way inside of me! I could feel his cock throb as I bounced up and down and that sent me over the edge as I squirted all over his huge cock making him cum deep inside of me!

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Nothing gets my tight teen cunt more ready to fuck and soaking wet faster than an older guy who needs to blow his load since his wife can’t get him up anymore! I love being a dirty little whore for them and just worshipping that sad negleted cock after they get done fucking me they are sucked and fucked dry! Today was a retired firefighter he was still in shape and built, silly young me caused my kitchen to go up in flames everything is fine just a quick little oil fire. I saw him just tagging along in his normal everyday clothes and started flirting away with my next target, I needed his cock and cum deep inside of me! while everyone else was putting out the fire we took a little tour of my car. He was fucking my little pussy so fucking hard and I was about to squirt all over his cock, but my big fucking ass landed on the God damn horn!! It was soo loud and just as the fire was out so Everyone circled the car and saw what was going on. Next thing I know I was being ganged bang outside!

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I love being filled with a cock in every hole! one dick is never enough for this teen slut. today I was at my boyfriend’s party he threw since his parents were out of town. nothing big just a guy’s night full of beer and drugs and of course I was the only girl there! I don’t remember much the first part was so boring! I almost left to get some cock from the neighbor but the beer I was drinking tasted weird and a few minutes went by and I blacked out. when I woke up all of my holes were so fucking sore and sticky and all the guys were passed out around me with their pants around their ankles! I searched through their phones trying to see what happened however I was already piecing it together, then I saw pics and videos of them slipping something in my beer and a cock in my ass was the next pic! what the fuck! fucking assholes drugged and fucked me.. I wish I was awake for it that is kind of hot.

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This morning, one of my little sissies was particularly well behaved. He wore the corset and the stockings
just like I told him to, and he knelt where I told him, repeating, “I’m a good little girl who obeys her
Queen.” His cock was so hard as he obeyed me, and I knew he deserved a reward. My sissy doesn’t need
a whimpering little kitty when he can have a lioness! I decided to invite a big black cock over to fuck my ass and fill it up with cum!
his little worthless eyes lit up thinking he was about to get to suck this massive cock instead I bent over by his face so he could smell this guy fucking my ass and cumming deep inside of it making cum drip down my leg! I told my little sissy to get busy cleaning up but don’t dare to cum without my permission and the answer will always be no!

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My best friend Tiffany lives next door and she’s a totally innocent teen so when she came by after her
cheer practice, she told me how the football coach couldn’t help but stare at her! She shrieked with
laughter and I played along.
Of course, I didn’t tell her that while she was gone, her boyfriend was busy slamming his thick dick
into my hot teen cunt, or that he fucks me when he sneaks over at night. I
didn’t tell her how he filled up my pussy and I cleaned all the cum off his cock.
Her boyfriend loves my little teen slut body, and when his cock was clean, he decided he wanted my ass, too,
so I ended up reverse cowgirl, bouncing up and down on his nine-inch cock! I hope he doesn’t knock me up like how he did with her sister

it would be so funny telling her that her so-called soul mate is my baby daddy. maybe I’ll scoop up his cum off of my belly and finger fuck myself hoping I get pregnant

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There’s nothing I like better than cum in my mouth and cum filling up my hot little cunt. I’m a cum
whore, through and through, so it probably isn’t any surprise I love answering the teen cum slut phone
sex line.
The truth is, one cock isn’t nearly enough to satisfy me usually. I need two guys a least but it’s better
when I have three or more. I have neighbors just a few doors down that do the trick nicely. There are
four big guys, and whenever I can I drop by to get some action.
They’re all big guys, and their cocks are just delicious. Just this morning, I went by and only one of them
was home. I was disappointed because a cum whore like me needs more than one but I still climbed on
top of him and moved like crazy on his big, nine-inch cock.
While I fucked him right there on the living room floor, his roommates came home, and they knew
exactly what to do. I was so busy fucking him, I didn’t hear them come in but when a ten-inch cock
slammed right into my little teen asshole, I figured it out.
Soon, I had one cock in my cunt, one in my back door, and two switching off in my mouth!

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