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Teen Cum Dumpster

cum dumpsterA hot young teen slut like me always needs a healthy dose of hot creamy cum whenever I can get it! I am addicted to being a cum dumpster and I love getting fucked by multiple cocks a day. I have a whore reputation at school for being a skank and I am proud of it. It benefits me in so many ways. The only D’s I get are the dick kind. I can get away with whatever I want, my history teacher knows that he can count on me to make his cock rock hard and I can count on him to make sure there nothing but big red A’s on my report card. During lunch, he called me into his class room and told me he needed release. I knew exactly what he wanted while I bent over his desk exposing my tiny pink thong under my school girl skirt. He rubbed my ass gently and then started spanking me like the naughty school girl that I am. He spanked me until my tight teen ass cheeks were covered in his hand prints! He then took his rock hard cock out and had me get on my hands and knees to mouth worship that meat stick. I got that cock nice and juicy with my pink teen tongue. Deepthroating cock is one of my many talents! I got him so horny, he threw me back on that desk and he slid that cock deep inside my tight teen rosebud and filled my ass full of cum.

My Mouth Was Made To Be A Big Dick Sucker

Big dick suckerWithout fail seeing a cock gets my bald little pussy wet and I want to be bouncing up and down on it. Let’s be honest that isn’t much of a surprise coming from a big slut like me. However seeing a Big Dick standing hard up hard with big bulging veins makes my mouth begin to water. I crave the taste of salty droplets of precum being dribbled out onto my tongue. I want to feel my cheeks get puffy because I have a huge cock stuffing my mouth. Let’s be honest I have the perfect mouth for cock sucking. Soft and plump lips, and can open my mouth wide enough to fit my own fist inside. Honestly I’m feeling a bit hungry right now, and would love a big tasty snack! How about it you pump that hard dick of yours into this pretty little mouth of mine?

The Center Of Attention

Gangbang WhoreSo I went to a party the other night and it was about the normal of what you expect a bunch of young partiers to  be getting up too. Booze, and drugs circulating around and everyone was having a great time. I notice a group of guys all surrounding this one chick. Now I’m not the jealous type I could care less for the most part if another guy is attracted to a girl besides myself. However she looked so plain and I just could not understand how she was captivating their attention. So I pushed my way through the group to find she had been bragging about all the sex acts she had supposedly done and basically proclaiming herself the biggest and best fuck toy at the whole party. Before anyone could respond I just started laughing, nice and loud enough for them to all be staring at me. I looked at her and just smirk, as I started to strip out of my clothes. Deciding it was time to call her bluff. I walk naked into the middle of the group right next to her and slowly dipped down on my knees facing the boys. The excitingly closed in on me, I took turns undoing their pants and letting cock, after cock just fall out and slap my face. I worked my mouth over the several shafts, my hands jerking them off toward my face and tits. I would get one off and work on the others. I didn’t stop until I covered myself in cum loads over and over again. The girl had looked on in shock for a bit, but by the time I was done she had vanished, which brought on a even bigger smile on my cum covered face.

He Loves Hot Teen Sluts Like Me!

Hot teen phone sexI had the pleasure of playing with Victor for the first time last night. He said he was on the prowl for a Hot teen slut with a perfect bald little peach. He like what he saw on my profile and wanted to get have his way. Victor is very visual loves to know details especially about my cute little outfits, yeah they all in up on the floor but he enjoys picturing me in them. He was completely surprised when I told him I actually have outfits like the ones I shared with him. This made him really excited. To explain a bit more we had a naughty little roleplay of me being a scout that he turned into a cum guzzling slut! So of course he asked me if I had a outfit like that. I giggled at how happy the idea made him. I told him I did and that I actually had one of my shots put up on our instagram recently. Apparently the horny bastard never thought about checking out if us sexy girls where on instagram. I glad I did cause soon he was loading it up and checking out my sexy little outfits, and made our own little fantasy more real for him. I promised him to debut a bunch more of my pictures soon, there are so many of my outfits he wants to see me in. Of course I wouldn’t want to disappoint my new fan! Not to mention he has some many new ideas now that he’s gotten to see more of my adventurous style. I love the attention and being able to really bring our fantasy world to life for him. Soon I’ll be doing it with a lot more guys too! Don’t worry though Victor baby I’ll always have time for my number one daddy!

Cum guzzling slut

Fun With A Young Dirty Whore

Dirty phone sexI’m all about having fun and just letting go. In my little world there is absolutely no judgements I could give a fuck less about how much of a pervert you are. All I care about is us both getting off and getting what we want. I trade sex for things I want all the time, which often leaves me with a lot of dirty nasty stories. For me spreading my legs if just as good as swiping my credit card. Although I don’t know any drug dealers taking cards so my system really pays off. Daddy did tell me to learn to work for things or he would cut me off. I bet he didn’t know I would be riding other mens dick for “work”.

I Love A Good Creampie!

Creampie phone sexI’m waiting in front of you mostly naked your cock is throbbing ready to be thrusted into my bald wet little cunnie. I see you hand reach for a condom and I smack it out of you hand. I don’t think so when you fuck me, you better not grab a rubber. I want to feel you inside me warm and raw. I want you to fuck me hard until you blow your big hot fucking load. I want to feel your cum leaking out of me when you pull your cock out. I want to be able to look down and see that big creampie you left inside me. I certainly hope you can agree on how incredible hot that would be.

Eat This Sloppy Wet Pussy

Sloppy wet pussyLet’s be honest I’m the kind of girl that gets around. If you met me through a friend or just a acquaintance it would probably be a safe assumption that I’ve fucked them. Most people I met have seen me naked and much more. I mean who can blame them, when I look at myself I feel like touching myself all over. I know when I’m sucking your cock the thought may cross your mind of how many other cocks have I sucked today. When I’m pushing you face first into my pussy I don’t think you’re really going to care. The idea of eating my dirty Sloppy Wet Pussy makes your cock throb. A part of you likes the idea of taking part of someone’s leftovers doesn’t it?

Pass Me Around

Gangbang whoreA lot of times I like to do favors in exchange for some drugs especially if I find myself a bit to short. Which how I ended up being the nightly entertainment for a guys night out this weekend. Not sure what they were celebrating but it was a big group of guys who wanted more than just the average stripper. My dealer who set it up told them to do whatever they wanted to me. When the party starter they offered me a few lines to get started and my pussy was already getting really wet. They had their hands all over me, ripping off my clothes. I could hear them talking about who would fuck me first so I said why not have me take care of more at one time. Before I knew it I had a fat dick in my mouth, my hands wrapped around two more jerking them toward my face. While my pussy was getting rammed, a big black cock forced its way into my ass. Each time they would bust a nut I would just get passed to the next guy until I was soaked all over with cum dripping out of my holes. Turns out I make a great Gangbang whore.

Be Nasty With Me

Nasty phonesexNasty phonesex is what I want. I don’t want to be sweet and talk about loving sex can be. Fuck that shit! I want to be a dirty little fuck whore. I want all my holes fucked and filled until I’m stuffed like a creme doughnut with the icing leaking out. Make me drink from you, and be a little potty princess I don’t fucking care. I’m not your girlfriend or wife no need to care, just treat me like a filthy whore off the street. All I care about is what makes the dick blast its jizz over and over again until those balls are drained. My young cunts ready and wet for all those throbbing hard cocks that need a tight young bitch like me!

Yummy, Yummy!

Cum guzzling slutSo at this party the other night I was having a blast! I love dance up on guys and teasing them. However at the end of the night I’m really looking to finish off with some dirty fun. So I spotted a few guys who seemed to be in some sort of group and invited them to the bathroom with me. I had the three of them whip their dicks out for me to suck and stroke at the same time. Nothing excites me more then to have a bunch of cocks in my face. I love licking off all the precum and getting a sample taste before the real thing. I told them I was thirsty and really didn’t something that would hit the right spot. I had them all cumming into my mouth in now time, I love being a Cum Guzzling Slut!

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