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The other night, right after I finished my shift on the young slut phone sex line, I went out to my back
porch just to get some fresh air. I was so damned horny because of all my phone sex boyfriends, and
outside I saw a man who’d just moved into the next apartment over.
I was only wearing my tee-shirt because I always want my cunt accessible while I’m handling the cum
slut phone sex calls. The older man took one look at me in my tight, pink tee shirt and blonde pigtails
with a nice bare cunt just begging for attention and knew he wanted to fuck me.
He didn’t even talk. He just called me over by wiggling a finger. I climbed over the little fence between
our porches and he didn’t waste any time. He unzipped his pants with one hand and pushed me to my
knees with the other.
His cock was so big, and I choked on it as he shoved all ten inches into my throat. He grabbed my pigtails
and used them as handles as he fucked my throat. I loved it! I sucked as hard as I could and pushed
fingers into my hungry teen cunt as he fucked his young teen slut’s face.
After he forced me what seemed like a gallon of cum, he lifted me up, bent me over, and rammed his
thick man-meat into my tight, bare cunt. He fucked me so hard! I couldn’t believe how deep he got and I
must have cum five or six times before he pulled out.
I thought he wanted me to swallow more but when I tried to turn around, he pushed me back and
rammed into my tiny teen asshole to cum there. It hurt like hell but I was still cumming anyway! He
finally pulled out and just lifted me back over the railing.

the town whore!

creampie slut


One thing I notice all the time is how men of all ages look at a girl like me and can’t stop looking. Of
course, it doesn’t hurt that I’m horny all the time. Do you have any idea what it’s like to talk about sex all
day long on the phone? It feels like my pussy is always wet and my nipples are always so hard they
almost hurt!
Yesterday, I went to get a coffee in the afternoon, and the coffee shop is next to a bar. I’m too young to
go to the bar but I saw an older guy step out. I heard him say on his phone, “Man, they’re all used up
and they want to wine and dine before they’ll put out.”
Well, the guy was just what I like, an older man, and when he put his phone down, I walked right up to
him and said, “I’m not used up. I’m young, tight, and ready.”
I was horny as hell but I’m not sure I was really ready because he took my hand and pulled me into the
alley between the bar and the coffee shop and before I knew it, he was shoving his dick right into my
mouth. I wanted more but I’m enough of a cum slut that taking his nine inches in my throat felt great
He wasn’t done. After he held me right on his cock and gave me the cum I crave, he bent me right over
some crates in the alley and shoved that long dick of his right into my young little cunt.

Little teen slut!

big dick sucker


As far as I’m concerned, I’m going to enjoy all the sex I can get while I’m young and I have all this energy
and a body that men want. I don’t get girls my age who hold back. As far as I’m concerned, a bad day
where I get to make a dick or three cum is better than a good day doing anything else!
Last week, there was a construction crew on my street. They were doing something with a section of the
sidewalk, and right around lunchtime, I saw the three of them just leaning against the truck. Well, I
couldn’t waste an opportunity like that, and you should have seen how they looked at me when I
walked up wearing tight, tight shorts and a tee-shirt so small my young tits were practically on display!
It didn’t take any time at all for the men to stop leaning against their concrete mixer truck.
Let me tell you something. I’m glad I’m young. I don’t know if I could have handled a big dick in
my throat, a big dick in my pussy, and a big dick in my ass all at the same time if I wasn’t. Sure, I may be
a little teen slut but I’m a happy little teen slut, and I wouldn’t give up all the eight, nine, and ten-inch
cocks I get to play with for anything at all.

Anal loving slut!

Blonde fucking


It wasn’t until I had my first BBC boyfriend that I got into anal. He would stretch my asshole until it was a gaping hole and oh my fucking God I loved the feeling of his thick cock splitting me in half making me a new asshole! I was his favorite little anal whore, to the point he would invite his friends over after his tongue lubed up my tight little fuck hole so they could all shove their cocks in it seeing how many can fit at once! It was also a plus that anal couldn’t get you knocked up so they could cum in my ass all they wanted to with no worries! My new boyfriend is too much of a pussy to shove his shrimp dick into my ass so I still go out some nights just looking for a big dick that wants to rearrange my insides and fill my little hole up with his fat juicy load.

cum whore

lot lizard sex


I love getting pissed in! the first time it happened I was with my ex and he just wanted to fake that he got off so we could stop having sex and he could go back to playing his stupid game. so he pissed in me and it was so much! I instantly knew what he did from the amount but instead of getting pissed at him because most girls would be like ew I got so fucking turned on. I came so hard from it that I passed out afterwards with his little furry friend trying to fuck my ass from the scent. I was tempted because I was still so fucking horny but I didn’t let him. now since we have broken up I go to the local truck stop and beg and plead for guys to piss in my tight wet cunt. it feels so fucking good whenever they agree I can’t wait for it to happen again

daddy’s princess

creampie slut

I love being the best little slut I can be! especially for daddy. he caught me skipping school to get gangbanged and was very unhappy with his little girl! when we got home he cracked open the only beer left in the 12pack on the floor and took off his belt. my little cunnie got so fucking wet! “bend over you fucking slut” he demanded. “mmm yes daddy” I bent over his knee and my little schoolgirl skirt slid up I felt a poke in my little kitty I could feel the heat from his hard cock already! with a whip of his belt I whimpered ” harder daddy” and he lost all control he threw me over the armrest of his chair and took out his massively thick cock. ” daddy is going to have to punish you. you fucking slut!” my pussy was already dripping cum with just the sight of his thick meat! he shoved his 11-inch cock in tight little pussy and just went to thrusting into me like a dog in heat! it wasn’t long before my dad who hadn’t had sex in over a year came in his little girl’s pussy!

little slut in the making!

lot lizard sex

Ever since I can remember I’ve been playing with my little whore pussy. My babysitter Ashley would come over and shove her fingers in my tight cunnie and show me how to play with myself making me a good little obedient whore! She would invite whoever she was fucking that week to come watch and fuck me. This week she was with a BBC male and omg he was huge. I felt my asshole splitting from his thick meat pounding it I couldn’t help but scream for him to stop, But every time I cried he thrust harder and deeper into me! At one point Ashley held a pillow to my face to lower my screams. I don’t remember much I woke up to a very sore and raw asshole and my little cunt oozing thick creamy white stuff. last night hurt but my whore cunt is soaking just thinking about what guy she is going to have fuck me next!

your little slut

Blonde fuckingSince I was a little girl I have loved getting my pussy fucked by a big, thick cock. The bigger the better I want to be destroyed. If I am screaming too loud from your massive cock just shove my face down into the pillows and fuck me harder. I want to be begging for you to stop but don’t you dare! I’m such a horny little bitch and I need punishment. So bend me over your lap master and give me the hardest spanking you can. Then do it again and again until my tight little cunt juices run down your leg and only then shove your cock down my throat until I can’t breath and I’m choking as tears stream down my checks as you call me a dirty fucking whore. So what are you waiting for? I’m waiting to be used master.

Lot Lizard Sex Fetish Whore

lot lizard sexThere’s no shame in being a lot lizard slut; we all have a habit, and some of us would do anything to fuel it. For example, I get my slutty cunt stuffed after a popper or two. Yeah, especially if his cock is huge, I’ll slip a Lucy or some liquid gold in my tight fuck holes just to loosen them up enough so that I can get completely and totally fucked. I like to party it up; smoke, or sniff, or shoot. It don’t matter to me. The higher I get, the more my cunt drips.
These habits of mine, while they keep me soaked and ready to take thick cocks and hot loads, are expensive as fuck. I have to strut the streets and fuck the truckers just to be able to make rent, let alone my little party habit. I make extra money on the side dealing with the kinky and unusual fetishes these freaky pervs beg for. From erotic asphyxiation to cock and ball torture, to branding and piercing, and even castration, I’m your druggy whore fuck toy. I can handle any fucked up fetish you have, and I can almost even guarantee that I’ll be cumming right along with you in no time at all. Lay out a line, and lets get fucked up.

Gangbang Party Whore

I woke up covered in cum and my clothes were no were to be found! I should have known better to do that much blow but all the other cheerleaders seemed ok! Last thing I remember was sitting on the couch between these two hot guys. One of them was sliding his tongue down my throat and groping my tits and the other was slipping his hands up my thigh and into my panties! I remember the tongue guy bending my neck over the back of the couch and forcing his cock deep in my mouth. All I could see was his hairy nuts resting on my face and I knew I was in trouble! I felt a few guys holding each leg open as a huge cock starting slamming my tight shave pussy! Any other girl would have put up a fight but that huge throbbing cock that was fucking my skull was all but suffocating me and besides, every one knows that I love a nice gangbang fuck! I must have passed out and who knows how many fuck sticks I had pounding my cum filled cunt! All I know is my ass is torn and dripping and my pussy is red and swollen! I have dried cum in my hair and the sheets are crusty! But they did leave a sweet little thank you note on the mirror! Who doesn’t love a good party!

Gangbang whore

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