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Pump My Ass Full

anal sex whoreYou had me pinned to your desk with my little skirt over top of my ass feeling my ass cheeks and my soaking wet pussy. I felt you squeeze my ass cheek and then push me on my knees. You took out your long hard cock and didn’t even let me take a breath. You grabbed my head and pushed your cock all the way into my throat, choking me. I choked and gagged on your cock as you held me down making sure it was dripping with my saliva. You stood me up and before I was able to catch my breath you bent me over your desk again. I felt a finger slide into my ass home making me gasp and then moan at how fucking good it felt. I felt you add 2 more and almost screamed at how fucking full it already felt. You pumped my ass with your fingers so fucking fast making me so fucking close to cuming. I felt you take them out and start to push the tip of your cock into me I screamed in pain and pleasure as you pushed it all the fucking way in. You fucked me so fucking hard and fast until you filled my little shit hole all the fucking way up.

Give Me What I Need

big dick suckerI love sucking big thick fucking cocks and that’s why I called you. I needed my daily dose of dick and you were just what I fucking wanted. You came in with your big thick black cock just for me and I got right on my knees. I started stroking your cock while I went down and sucked on your big full balls. God they tasked so fucking good in my mouth and I made sure to give them my full attention. I licked from your balls all the way up to the tip of your thick cock giving it a big kiss and started sucking. I swirled my tongue around the tip of your cock before I went all the way down. I made sure to go at a nice steady pace sucking and swirling my tongue while looking at you. I started going faster while cradling your balls in my hand while your cock goes all the way down my fucking throat. I could tell you were close and I sucked harder wanting a mouth full of your thick creamy cum. I sucked every last drop of you cum right out of your cock drinking every last fucking drop.

Fucking High

freaky phone sexI was high as a fucking kite right now and I watched as you slowly made your way over to me. You asked if I needed a ride and I said yes and the payment will be very, very nice. You walked me to your car with your hand on my ass and as I bent down to get in your hand slipped in between my pussy lips rubbing up and down on my clit. You continued ribbing my clit making my pussy so fucking wet, I stood up and took that big fucking cock out of your pants and started stoking it. I spit on your cock getting it nice and fucking wet while you lifted up my tiny fucking skirt. You bent me over and stuck your cock so deep inside of me, fucking me hard and fucking deep. You made me cum all over your cock but you didn’t stop there. You put some drugs on your long finger and shoved it into my mouth and then into my tight little asshole. You fucked me in both of my holes until you filled my pussy all the way up. You took me home and I remembered to call you for tonight.

Fuck Me Hard

big dick suckerYou already know I love a big black fucking cock. I love putting your hard thick cock in my mouth sucking and licking like my life fucking depends on it. I love the way it slides in and out of my mouth making sure it gets soaking fucking wet. You make sure to grab my head and push me all the way down making sure I get every fucking inch of your hard thick fucking cock. You pushed me so far down that I stuck my tongue out and started licking your balls making sure to give them lots of attention. When you were ready for my already soaking wet. I couldn’t fucking wait when you pushed my legs open and dipping 2 fingers in my wet little cunt and putting them in his mouth tasting my little pussy. You shoved your hard thick black cock into my cunt fucking me so hard and fast. You pulled my hair and fucked me harder and faster until you came inside of me filling my cunt all the way up.

Anal Whore

anal sex whoreYou know what really gets me off? When I meet a man who knows exactly what I want and when I want it. I fucking love when a man holds me down on the fucking bed and fucks my tight little bald pussy hard and fast like I fucking like. But he doesn’t cum yet. He lets me cum all over his cock making it so fucking wet before he pulls out and stretches my tight little fucking asshole. I love the feeling of a hard thick fucking cock pushing in and out of my tight little fucking asshole over and over again. You fuck me in my ass hole so fucking hard and fast while I rub my clit and it feels so fucking good. I beg you to keep fucking going and please don’t stop because it feels so fucking good and I can’t help but cum again while you fuck me. I feel you start going harder and harder and I tell you to fuck me faster and fill me all the way up to the fucking brim. You fill me up and about 5 minutes later we are ready for round 2.

Cum Eating Whore

cum eating phone sexI love worshiping your cock. I know that I am a dirty fucking cum whore who drinks your cum for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Please let me get down in just my panties and suck your cock while I rub my already wet pussy. I get on my knees and take your huge fucking cock all the way down my throat bobbing my head up and down. You grab my head and push me down further making sure I get your cock all fucking wet. You pull me off and make me get on my hands and knees while you get behind me and rub your cock up and down my pussy lips. I am so fucking wet I’m basically dripping down my fucking thighs. You take your cock and push deep inside of my cunt as far as your fucking can while I push back against you. You start fucking me hard and fast, just the way I like while I grind back making you go deeper and deeper every fucking time. It felt so fucking good baby I love the feeling of your cock going deep inside of me as hard as your fucking can. You fill my pussy all the way up with your big fucking load until it’s dripping out.

High Fucking

druggy porn I was shooting up in the bathroom of a bar with you right beside me snorting some powder. We are both so fucking high right now and it feels so fucking good. We start kissing and I slide my hands down to your pants unbuttoning them while you start taking my bra and panties off. I get on my knees and take our your huge fucking cock wanting to have it in my mouth. I shove your cock in my mouth bobbing my head up and down making it soaking fucking wet. I start stroking your cock while sucking on your full balls before getting up and turning around pressing my ass against your cock until you push your cock through my fat fucking pussy lips. You pound my pussy so fucking hard and fast while I do a line off of the fucking counter. You fuck me for what feels like fucking hours until you fill my fucking little cunt all the way up.

Great Night to Fuck

cum filled cuntI decided that on our date last night that I was going to take you home and give you a really good time. You walked into the house and I took you to my room, I pushed you down on my bed and started to strip down to my black lacey thong and bra set. I started crawling up to you giving you a big fucking kiss on your lips before I go down and start unbuttoning your pants, releasing that big fucking cock. I suck on your balls for a minute before licking from your balls all the way up to the tip of your cock giving it a big fucking kiss. I went all the way down on your cock sucking and licking as much as I can fit into my mouth and using my hand for the rest. I feel your hand make its way up to my hair and let you fuck my face until I can’t breath and there is spit all the way down your fucking cock. You got up and pushed my fucking face all the way into the fucking bed while I feel your cock thrust hard as fuck into my tight little cunt. I let you fuck me as hard and fast as you fucking can before letting you cum deep inside of my pretty fucking pussy.

Pretty Little Mouth Full

cum eating phone sexYou have me pinned up against the fucking wall slamming your hard thick cock in and out of my tight fucking cunt. I throw my head back “Mmm don’t stop baby it feels so fucking good!” when you start slowing down. You throw me on the fucking bed telling me to put my tight fucking ass in the air so you can fuck my pussy while fingering my tight little asshole. You pound your rock hard cock into my tight fucking cunt so fucking hard making me scream out your fucking name. You start smacking my ass and pulling my hair telling me how you’re gonna fill up my pretty little mouth with your big load. I can’t fucking wait to taste that delicious cum loud and have it fill up my fucking mouth. I cum all over your cock and that makes you pull out and make me get on my fucking knees. You shove your cock deep in my fucking whore throat letting me suck off all of my sweet fucking cum while you shoot your huge cum load down the back of my fucking throat.

Rough Sex is so Fun!

creampie slutYou were fucking me just like I asked, hard and rough. I want to be fucked so hard that I cant walk for days after. I love anal sex and you were giving me just that. You were fucking my mouth hard making me gag as you hit the back of my throat and for a second I thought you were going to cum but instead you pulled out and flipped me over and shoved your long thick cock into my tight fucking asshole. I screamed in pain and that only made you go harder pumping in and out of me as hard as you fucking can. I was screaming out in pain and pleasure while you used me as your personal fuck doll. You grabbed my hair and slapped my ass while you fucked me faster. You pulled out and flipped me around to cum all over my fucking titties while slapping me in the face calling me a dirty fucking whore. I fucking loved it! I watched as you bent down to lick up all of your salty sweet cum cleaning me off. You saved some on your tongue for me because you know just how much of a fucking whore I am for your cum.