Pump My Ass Full

anal sex whoreYou had me pinned to your desk with my little skirt over top of my ass feeling my ass cheeks and my soaking wet pussy. I felt you squeeze my ass cheek and then push me on my knees. You took out your long hard cock and didn’t even let me take a breath. You grabbed my head and pushed your cock all the way into my throat, choking me. I choked and gagged on your cock as you held me down making sure it was dripping with my saliva. You stood me up and before I was able to catch my breath you bent me over your desk again. I felt a finger slide into my ass home making me gasp and then moan at how fucking good it felt. I felt you add 2 more and almost screamed at how fucking full it already felt. You pumped my ass with your fingers so fucking fast making me so fucking close to cuming. I felt you take them out and start to push the tip of your cock into me I screamed in pain and pleasure as you pushed it all the fucking way in. You fucked me so fucking hard and fast until you filled my little shit hole all the fucking way up.

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