Cum All Over Me

Creampie Slut Bobbie

You have to admit you don’t meet a cum whore like me every day. A bitch that wants to suck your cock and have your friends join in with no repercussions? Sounds like a fuck weekend night to me! Why don’t you tell me what positions you like most sweetie-better yet who’s cock do y’all want me to suck on first? I can fit about three in my mouth at once thanks to daddy’s years of practice while two get shoved deep up my ass. Daddy taught me to please every fucking cock I find, especially the juicy ones with big balls like yours baby. I think I had the most fun when he invited the whole football team over and filmed us while I was half dozed out from the devils juice. Every high I get is better than the last and having your cocks spraying all over me just makes it all the better. I want to be smothered and covered in a blanket of all your cum until I wake up from this high in the morning.

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