Anal cum dumpster like me deserve all the reaming!

Anal cum dumpsterThe best part about being an anal cum dumpster is getting reamed in all my dripping holes while high on life, and a little extra something I’m not even sure about. I love guessing if the dick inside me is that worm or if I’m really just that out of it. No matter what the case, I always feel immense gratitude to the stud slapping my ass while he ruts and drives my tits into the bear rug underneath me. I’ll never understand why people get such expensive floor toppings, they’re just gonna get coated and covered in layers of jizz! The best place to fuck is on top of them after-all! It helps that the huge black dick in front of me is stuffing my lips and keeping my focus off the potential rug burn this brutal and beautiful fucking is going to cause. The rutting an jackhammering behind me pushes me to the base of the monster shaft in my face, and I’m grateful for them both for working together to turn me into a blissful art piece because I am a big dick sucker and proud of it. When the world blurs like this, it’s not easy to work myself up and move the right way, so being used always feels so much better than trying. These gentlemen are doing almost all the work filling my holes while others watch, ooh, and awe at the display. The best part of a night is when I remember nothing but a flurry of motion and orgasm. I’m a bit of a squirter and that can be embarrassing. Nothing’s embarrassing when you can’t even really remember who’s dick was who’s or why you were taking it from both ends. The truth is I don’t really care why, the ‘it did’ is good enough for me to celebrate. That and the white covering all over my body when I wake up in the morning cheek deep in a pool of jizz. I’m a great a cum dumpster.


    • Daddy Frank on March 7, 2023 at 4:24 am
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    WHat a sexy doll baby for daddy

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