Give Me What I Need

big dick suckerI love sucking big thick fucking cocks and that’s why I called you. I needed my daily dose of dick and you were just what I fucking wanted. You came in with your big thick black cock just for me and I got right on my knees. I started stroking your cock while I went down and sucked on your big full balls. God they tasked so fucking good in my mouth and I made sure to give them my full attention. I licked from your balls all the way up to the tip of your thick cock giving it a big kiss and started sucking. I swirled my tongue around the tip of your cock before I went all the way down. I made sure to go at a nice steady pace sucking and swirling my tongue while looking at you. I started going faster while cradling your balls in my hand while your cock goes all the way down my fucking throat. I could tell you were close and I sucked harder wanting a mouth full of your thick creamy cum. I sucked every last drop of you cum right out of your cock drinking every last fucking drop.

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