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Hooker Phone Sex Bobbie

I saw the same sexy bitches walking the corner of Bourbon Street strutting those 6 inch red heels ready for the next cock that drives by and decided to join them. I love the mystery of not knowing who’s going to pull up to fuck and deceit their wives. I really couldn’t give a fuck either- their money is good and their cock is better. I always crave a juicy thick cock but even the small ones need a good suckle. Most men just want me to ride their cocks, but this one- he preferred I fuck his ass harder than his mistress ever could. I guess you could say I was his new whore, but baby if you saw the way his ass gapped for me you’d wish it was yours too! He took my cock so deep while my girls stuck one down his throat. Fuck was his dick rock solid and ready to fuck, so I flipped him over and gave him one hell of a ride. See a slut like me will do whatever it takes to get my next fix, whether is means I get a good fuck or get my bills paid. All I care about in the end is getting that cum shot out as hot as I can babe.

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