Hookers for Hire are Not Just for Men Anymore: Women Want Cunt Lickers Too.

hookers for hireHookers for hire come in all shapes and sizes. I have a new girl in my home brothel who I do not share DNA with. She will be a Lolita hooker for women only. A few months ago, a woman hired me as a way to circumvent the terms of her prenuptial agreement. I had a naughty threesome with her and her teenage daughter. I taught the girl to be a good cunt licker so she could service her mother whenever mommy got horny. Mommy is a trophy wife like me, but what I did not know was that the husband knew about what I did. When he called me up to confront me, I denied everything. I thought he was going to have me arrested, but as it turns out he was pleased that I turned his angel into an expert cunt licker. That surprised me. When spouses find out that their partners have hired some sexy prostitutes, it does not usually go well for the madams or pimps. Daddy was tickled pink. He was impressed with his wife’s ingenuity and my talent for turning young girls into mommy pleasing machines. We came to an agreement. I could add his daughter to my roster of whores, with one rule only. His little angel would be a whore for mature women like me and his wife. Women need good cunt lickers too, right? And this angel is a natural. I think I harnessed all her natural raw energy and turned it into a marketable skill. Her daddy does not need the money. Honestly, I do not either, but natural talent is nothing to waste. I am happy to keep working on this girl’s natural talents. I can market a cunt licker to all the bored trophy wives with prenuptial agreements forbidding them from outside cock. This is an ingenious idea because in California there are plenty of trashy milf women like me who can benefit from a young, hot cunt licker. The fun is just beginning with this lesbian whore.

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