Cum dumpster like me need to be filled!

Cum dumpI pulled back as I felt his cock ready itself to unload on its Cum dumpster, lips open to catch the stream, but more than enough space freely available for it to go wherever it wanted on my hot young body. I wasn’t disappointed, it landed on my tits, it smeared my face, it dripped down my nipples and landed on my legs. To top it all off, I got to swallow an okay amount, a nice little tongue full of creamy treat to tell me I did a great fucking job. One guy down, I pulled away from him with a wink, and grabbed a second guy. His eyes widened as he saw me covered in cum and coming for his dick, but he wasn’t about to stop this Big dick sucker and I wasn’t about to let him. I engulfed his long hard shaft in seconds, beginning to bob heavily, happily, I’d made a point with the first guy and now it was reward time.

“Fu-!” He actually clapped a hand over his mouth, and gripped the table behind him to avoid facefucking me. I thought that was stupid, I want to be facefucked, love being punished using my throat, but his loss. His grateful rod straighted right up, giving me a harder time, I took advantage of that for my tongue’s exploration. This blowjob isn’t about him, it’s about me, and my lips tell that perfectly. Sealed so tight without even asking, sucking so hard, my cheeks squeezing him in lovely ways no other whore would ever give a guy like him.

“Oh god this is amazing, please don’t stop!”

Despite there being no reason to, I answered him. I shot him a thumbs up of all things while his hands found and twisted my teats a little. It was worth a giggle, I got a load. Cum eating phone sex is the best!

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