My Best High

There is nothing more sensual than sharing a needle. It is such a strong bond you form when you do heroin together. It truly is a feeling like no other, like flying. The fact that you are in a completely empty house covered in only used needles doesn’t even matter. The bruises covering our arms seem so beautiful, like proof we went through such an amazing experience together. The feeling of that tight belt around my are gives me a rush like nothing else in this world can. In my opinion the biggest turn on is when you help me find my vein. And after we shoot up, you have the most beautiful clear blue eyes. I could focus on your face all day. The feeling of your lips on m neck is like being kissed by a rose, and everything is in slow motion. I feel everything so intensely while you strip me naked. The head of your cock pressed against my little wet slit is like my own slice of heaven. The sex is better than words could ever explain, better than flying, better than heaven, it is something else entirely. Your cum filling my pussy makes me feel complete, like it is what I have been missing my whole life. That is my best high.

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