The Motel Room

Trailer trash whore

You open the door and you see a Trailer trash whore laying on the bed. Next to her is a mirror with lines of coke, Piles of money and drugs all around her. This whore’s legs are spread wide open and she is rubbing her dirty cum filled pussy looking at you through her cigarette smoke. That dirty trailer trash cum whore is me. My man set me up in this little motel. He put out the world to all of his high priced friends that I am open for business. When I finally crash out after a bender I wake up in need of my favorite little glass pipe. The first hit ran down to my pussy. Like a wild fire it woke me up and turned me on. When I get high, I can not control it. My burns for cock. I get so fucking I don’t who I have fucked, I just I was fucked because cum dripping out of my pussy. Fuck me, I want it. 

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