How to Thank a Teacher

With school well under way, now, Baby girl has had her hands full with homework, after school activities, and work. Her grades haven’t been what they should, especially so early in the year, but her teacher has been working with her so well, that I wanted to thank him. So, I hand-delivered a package to his room about 10 minutes before his typical arrival, according to the front desk.

When he walked in, all he saw was a giant apple that stood about 3.5 feet tall and about the same circumference around. I could hear the hesitation by the way he stayed near the door, not even setting his briefcase down. Well, rather than let the poor dear fear for his life, I went ahead and popped the top on that apple and shimmied my way ever so gracefully out of it. His jaw literally just dropped; I mean, there I was in my altogether, dancing in the classroom that would be filled inside of an hour. Given our time frame, I sashayed quickly over to him, told him what my gift was about, and proceeded to blow him hard and fast before wrapping my body around his still fully clothed frame and fucking his brains out in his chair. By the time the first student arrived, I was fully clothed and looked like I was just leaving a standard-issue conference. The smell in that room, though…unmistakable. 😉cum dumpster

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