Henrietta the nasty Lot lizard sex worker

Lot lizard sex

Being a Lot lizard sex whore is hard work. Labor day has come and gone. Every trucker that stopped in this big truck stop was lined up to fuck me. Labor Day is a day where all the hard working men and women need to relax. Those truckers work hard, they drive 10 plus hours a day, they sleep in a small area and are away from their wives for days at a time. So of course they want to bust a nut, so why not take money for that nut? I went into the bathroom dressed like a slut. Every man who walked in stopped and looked at me. The ones who knew what was up just grabbed my hand and pulled me into the toilet stall. They know I am a chick with a fat cock, some of them want to touch it, suck it even sit on it. I made so much cash this labor day weekend from all those hard working truckers. I am still shitting out cum! 

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