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Phone sex Line Ladyboy Surprise

phone sex lineThe stories I have on the phone sex line will make you lose your load and take mine! I was staying at the Hilton and having breakfast I saw a very hot older man. It didn’t take him long to come over and start flirting with me. I asked him if he smoked because I still had a little ganja from a sexy party I had the night before. I invited him back to my room and we started fooling around. Kissing and sucking on my tits, I knew he didn’t know about my  surprise between my legs, but I decided to keep that a secret for now. I felt him getting hard and when he reached down to finger me I pushed him away and grabbed a banana from the fruit bowl. I pulled out a scarf to blind fold him and giggles as he sucked my cock, I took a picture right as he figured out a warm cock was in his throat. Blindfold off he was pissed, but I showed him my picture and threatened to black mail him if he wasn’t my little but slut for the rest of the day. Some men need cock and have to be persuaded, because that man was in desperate need of a sore ass hole and lots of lady boy dick cum in his stomach.

Cock In Your Mouth: Henriettas’ Tranny Phone Sex

tranny phone sex

You don’t fool me I know you want my cock in your mouth. I know why you call my tranny phone sex. Because you need a dose of my hot creamy cum. I tell my clients all the time Don’t be shy that you want to suck me off. I want to suck you off too. I can give you that hot 69 that your wife can’t, my cock down your throat as I’m slurping you down like you’re the last to meal I’ve ever had.

I might just put some coke on the end of your cock so I can suck it longer before you come and you can get high and ride the waves with me. hey I’m a dirty switch I’ll take it up my asshole and you can have a fudge covered cock and I’ll lick it clean. But the best part is when my cock’s been up your ass and you have to clean off my dirty shit covered cock too. If we’re going to get nasty would only get nasty all the way and be the filthy sluts that we are meant to be?


Tranny Whores Live phone sex

live phone sex

Sometimes you need fucked by a good tranny whore. Maybe you just need to be hypnotized for some live phone sex so I can eventually fuck that tight sweet little ass of yours. I’ve had men coming to me curious about my cock and what it can do to them. They even pay me to suck my pretty dick. I guess you just can’t ask your wife if you can suck a cock. She might start thinking things, Like that you’re really deep down either Sissy or straight up gay man. But I know curiosity it’s completely normal and natural. 

You know how good it feels to have your own dick sucked and you want to know what’s on the other side. Like how does it feel and taste to suck a cock? And it’s only natural that your ass starts throbbing as you think about that cock going in and out of your mouth. How good it would be to open up that ass and hit that pretty little prostate. Now that’s some deep ass fucking. and I’ve been in a few gangs before and I know that once you get just a little you need a lot of cock. I would love to turn you out and make you my whore. Don’t be shy baby you only live once and I know you have just been waiting for it. You are swept away by my voice telling you how much you need my cock inside of you and how I would love to use you as a gangbang hole for my own pleasure.


Tranny Cock on the phone sex line Fathers Day Edition

Fathers day is a day where this phone sex line can really spoil the men who come to me. I know your wife will give the pussy up today as a pity fuck. But this whore wants you and about three to five other daddies to really use me. I know you need my sweet tight ass hole. And you know what, I want you to fuck me! I have this beautiful clit stick that so aching to be sucked. I never had a father figure, so I do my best to spoil the older gentlemen and I get to know all the nasty secrets! Like I have a caller who professed when he eats his wife’s pussy he pretended that her large clit is a mini dick and he just fucking loves it. She does too, but he really just wants something else. They have pegged and she gets all weird when he cleans that strap on dildo off with his mouth after she fucks him. Well daddy, I have a real dick and you can clean your shit and cum off any day of the week. Bring your friends for this gangbang whore shemale slut!

I’m A Ladyboy Cum Dumpster

Cum Dumpster

My cock gets so hard when a man uses me for a cum dumpster. Mark had no idea how to handle me that humid night. He was looking for a fast blowjob and to score a little rock.  I had on barely anything, my tits out to show I was for sale that night. Skin tight romper and fishnets and heels made my tranny prostitute outfit up. I’m not embarrassed that my cock gets hard and bulges. I am quite proud of it, I’m on hormones and I thought it would shrink, but it is the perfect size, For tight little virgin ass boys.

He looked me up and down his eyes fixated on my bulge. In my sassy way I bumped my cock bulge into his hand and asked him to take me somewhere private. You should have seen how nervous he was! He stammered and said he had never.. I knew that. But the look in his eyes said he wanted too. He wanted to experience sucking me and at the very least filling me up. I laughed and said think of it as a big clit and you can have my ass for a pussy. I am a woman, I just have a dick, and if you want t pretend its not well, I can make that happen. He wanted to see my lady dick and he was drooling a little. I kissed Marks lips and knew he wanted it to be a cock, he needed to suck it and release his load deep in my anal cunt! I bet you are just like Mark, Scared a little confused and oh, so, curious. I don’t bite… Unless you want me too!

Phone Sex Sluts With Dicks Take Your Chick

Phone sex sluts

That’s right, phone sex sluts will take your chick because they have a bigger cock than you. . As much as you try to fight it chicks with dicks are magnets to other men’s wives and girlfriends.  Now my lady dick isn’t huge, but I do know how to fuck like a porn star. I know that women need that motion in the ocean to be treated like a cum slut.  And maybe they know something about you that you personally have no clue about. If your wife all of a sudden says she had a tranny friend, you just might be a cock lover in denial.  I had a couple who I go out to the clubs with and after a few weeks his wife was spinning on my dick and cheating on her husband. We were in the shower together one morning thinking he was already at the office, when we got busted. But one look at my soapy cock and he was a fan. His mouth sucked me like a golf ball through a garden hose and his ass was my pin cushion. The moved far away but the still cum to get some of this tranny cock on vacations! Shit His wife loves to bring a couple of her male buddies with them so we can alol pull a sexy train on her and he gets his ass pussy drilled along with me. From swinging to a full gangbang feast! This is the fucking hottest couple I have ever had the pleasure of sharing my lady dick with! I really turned them out! Cum talk to Henrietta I will turn your ass and mouth out too!


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Cum Eating Phone Sex With A Tranny Twist

Cum eating Phone sex

Cum eating phone sex is one of my favorites. Forcing Men like Ed to eat his own huge cum load after he inserts a d-cell flashlight or bud light bottle up his ass pretending like I am ass fucking him. In my own life having men eat my cum comes naturally as can be. The red-light district has always been the place for men to pick me up and bring me back to their place to party and experience a real shemale cock.

I love putting on my sexy skirt so my cock can hang free and boosting my tits nice and high. My height often gives away that I am a tranny whore, but still, I put on my stilettos and fishnets and go on the prowl. The night air feels good on my free-swinging lady dick as I light a joint and lean into the lamppost looking for men who need a good ass fucking and can be taught how to suck cock.

I just wouldn’t know what to do if at least one man in a black Lexus didn’t stop me every night looking me in the eyes and telling me he just needs one hour. I am the reason these men are home late for those wives and brats. Men who as soon as we pull in the alley are greedily sucking my cock. They know, they need me. Most of the time they get me within 15 minutes, and I spew my load down greedy gobbling mouths.

Some of the men gargle and spit as they count out a couple of 20’s. And some men do not. My cock is hard thinking about them kissing wives and family with my hot cum on their breath.

Take My Cock During Shemale Phone Sex

shemale phone sex

I really like taking control of your body. You came to me with questions about if you were gay for wanting shemale phone sex with me. I laughed and wondered if you really knew what I could do to you. I had you take out that beer bottle you were saving and put a condom over the top. We couldn’t have you getting it stuck in your ass with the suction. The neck would be going first all the way until the fat part slide effortlessly into your tight sphincter!  I pumped so coconut oil and my hand and began describing my cock as I slowly stroked it and knew you were an ass virgin. At times like these, I wish I could service every man who was curious about cock on a whore with big tits and lots of experience. I would make your ass a new sloppy wet pussy after I had come down your throat and squirted my tranny cock a few times in your ass. You would be obsessed and never go back to women again! My cock belongs down a good whores throat and deep in a shit cavity for some ass to mouth play!

An Anal Sex Whore With A Cock

Anal Sex Whore

Johnny knows what I am.  An anal sex whore with a cock that loves giving and receiving. A man who can share a blunt with me and be on his knees worshiping my cock while staring into my chocolate eyes! Although I do love to surprise him with the fact that his girlfriend is an equally big cock whore as he is. I had him over and surprise him with his sexy big totted girlfriend popping into the living room after he had all my cock in his mouth. I made him lick my cum out of her pussy and ass. Yes, I had fucked Johnnys’ girlfriend for hours and let him know what a freak she was for me. Then I plowed that ass so damn hard and deep he won’t be taking a shit for a week. I even taught his beautiful sexy girlfriend how to use a pegging strap on so he could get the anal fucking not just from this live phone sex bitch. And I promised to make my callers all know what a cum slut and anal whore he really is for me!

Cum Dump Shemale Phone Sex

shemale phone sex

I do what a trashy shemale phone sex whore does. I look for cock in every place I can. I look for ways to give my cock to men. Tonight, I spent some time on the corner looking for men who might pay for a blow job or to get a nice tight ass hole reamed. Shawn pulled up in a nice black Lincoln and asked if I wanted a ride. I was wearing my sunflower daisy dukes and my yellow halter top making sure I showed off my big fake tits. I am always cautious of a man who might not know that I have a dick. I leaned in and said baby I have a little extra than most women, is that okay? A smile lit up his face and he said I was counting on it. I jumped in waved to the other girls selling their wares and took off straight towards downtown. We didn’t make it that far we stopped at the Cavern a pay per hour place I knew well. In minutes I was sticking my tongue down his throat and he was grabbing for my tranny dick in my shorts. I was hard and he whispered in my ear that he was going to be my cum dumpster tonight and he would pay men big bucks to fuck him over and over. As I felt his cock rise My only response was for him to fuck me back just as hard with the thick dick he had.