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I am in search of those phone sex sluts that come crawling to e and begging for a taste of sweet tranny cum! Ass Virgins Welcome! I love making you suck my cock for the first time and submerging you into the world of a Latina tranny hooker. Baby, I was turned out from a young age ad I ma passable as a full female. I know what men like you need. You need to be worshiping this tall dark eyes big titted beauty and her cock. I might not be super huge but for your first time, I think It is a fucking amazing baby! I want to keep up your ass after I fucked your mouth and show you how good your prostate feels as My cock massages it. I ended up in sex work because of men like you and I will forever love the fact that I can sling my ass and have tranny phone sex all night long. Come play on the wild shemale side! 

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I think its time for this shemale phone sex vixen to take you on a tour of my slutty life.  I was born a full-blown male but was groomed to be a sexy tranny and I just might have an addiction to illicit drugs and cock now. My big tits were bought by my sugar daddy Jerome and he had the biggest Black hanging dick this side of the state! All I ever wanted to do was worship his cock while having my cock cum for him. He took me to my very first glory hole when I was a ladyboy teen. I saw those cocks poking out and I was flying high! I felt so good and I dropped to my knees and gave those strangers the best blow job. Jerome pulled my skirt up and my panties down and began fucking my ass as I swallowed load after load. I became Jerome’s anal cum dumpster as he spurted his jizz in me. I got the balls up, (pardon the pun) to stick my tranny dick in a hole and was surprised when I started getting sucked off. That made sugar daddy hard again and  I was fucked and sucked with a wall between me and my cock sucking stranger!

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No taboo phone sex chick with a dick is about as freaky and no taboo as you can get. I love having my ass pounded by the men who pay me for sex. That’s right I am a certified shemale hooker and a big-time slut that loves it in her tranny butt! I love my ass pussy gaped open and cum dripping down my thighs right out of my tight little pussy back there. I suck cock better than any Genetic female and I know what makes you cum the hardest. I am a party girl whore who needs cock and coke to keep my pretty cock hard for you. Fuck my tight ass hard and deep I can take it baby! This chick with a dick needs your throbbing hard cock!

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I am a tranny phone sex whore who also makes a living selling my mouth. I love sucking dick and getting paid to do it as I walk the streets and on the phone lines makes my dick hard. I can gobble down the biggest dick like a fat girl eating cake after a three day diet. I didn’t choose this life, I just made do with what my mommy transformed me into. I was a small boy and she hated boys and men The only thing they were good for was buying her pussy and bringing her crack. I might sell y mouth and ass and suck cock, but I love it and I thank my momma every day that I became the hottest tranny this side of Mexico. My lips and throat are perfect for being a big dick sucker!


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I am a cocksucking Shemale phone sex whore. I spend most of the evening lightening the loads of Johns with nice meaty sausages. I know they pay for my whore mouth or sweet tight Tranny pussy. I enjoy the power game, taking the power from men and seducing them with my body. I loved it when I met Charlie in at breakfast one morning as I was just grabbing a bite to eat from the actual Hotel, I got to stay at with a businessman one night.  Now in my little skirt and open top and my hair a mess from all the fucking I got and gave, Charlie still flirted with me and as his hand went up my skirt under the table I saw his eyes wide with pleasure, not shock like I expected when a man finds a hard cock instead of a womanly slit.  I gave him my room number and said I would be alone as my acquaintance had left on an early flight this morning. And invited my new friend Charlie up for some dope ass weed and some tranny sucking and fucking. DO You think he had a great time at the end of my cock? A picture is worth a thousand words, wink wink.

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Just a  big dick sucker with a big dick. Well big enough to fuck your tight virgin ass. My boy Toy, Scott was at the drag show and he happened to be drinking and bragging about my dick sucking skills to what he assumed was another woman. But no, it was a dancer with a package. And she came right up to me and asked if I could suck her boyfriend off with her so she could see who had the better dick sucking skills. Well, My boy toy was highly upset, and I said that we would both blow both and then get them hard again and switch cocks. I then proceed to suck her man’s cock until his eyeballs sunk in his head and he splattered my tits and face while jacking my cock with my skirt pulled up. MY tranny friend was impressed at how fast I got the cum load and I grabbed my boy tot took a big hit of speed and fucked his pretty boy ass and gave him my load. Scott still hadn’t erupted so I gave up and pulled his cock away from her and sucked one, two, three times and my boy blew up down my throat. Never underestimate a tranny whore!

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I have a hard dick for men like you who love tranny phone sex. Because eventually men who explore hot trannys on the web or in a call get t the point where they need a T-girl to suck fuck and get fucked by. Some of my men even have already had a hot tranny girlfriend and just need to talk to me so I can understand why they miss that cock so much. I get it and my cock is hard writing and willing to be your proxy baby. I stroke myself as I party with you and play with my nipples thinking of the next time you get a hot T-girl fuck.  Right now, my asshole is sore from a John who used to have the hottest tranny girlfriend and just needed to fuck my ass real hard for half an hour in the Gas Station Bathroom. I still have his load deep in me and I returned the favor by fucking his big bear ass. Cum play with my cum dumpster ass hoe and tell me everything as we cum together baby.

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I make amateur druggy porn when My tranny ass gets really fucked up and fucked! I love to replay the men fucking my sweet tight ass pussy.  It might be the way the Bells ring in my head and make my pretty little t-girl cock stand straight up. Then I can’t help but suck cock and set my iPhone to record and film my ass pussy getting pounded. Stroking my lady dick as I get close, but getting told I should fucking hold my cum in because my John wants to drain my cum after he fills my shemale ass up with all of his creamy jizz and I am farting cum bubbles as I give my T-girl load to him. Then it’s light the lighters and pass the glass dicks so we can have round two and three. I know how to be a complete tranny cum bucket and enjoy making hot videos of my lovers so I can watch my ass be filled over and over. You know you want to fuck me and cum with me too. Lets party and phone fuck!

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I love being a cum dumpster for my Tricks. I get my ass filled up, my cock explodes, and I get paid by a stranger. They say to do what you love, and I love being a shemale hooker making my money one ass full at a time. Although I am sweet on my men who pretend they are not picking a Tranny cock off the street. I most certainly give them a panty surprise and force them to take my cock deep and be the dumpster of my cum. Nothing like a tight virgin ass to open and fill with my creamy load. Deeper and deeper until he cums all over his stomach.  I am a nasty Girl I will get right on that ass and wait for those cum farts for my mouth. And suck and lick his cock dry too! Never ever waste a good cum load.


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This druggy phone sex TS Girl knows what it is like to be rolling a bowl of that good “Tina” and your cock just will not go down. I can actually say I am part of the few girls who truly understand the fucked up, cock up syndrome. And I fucking love it! My Sexy Joe calls and wants to know what I am doing. I can be honest with him, My glass dick is loaded, my red satin panties are between my balls and m my hard cock and I feel amazing. Long slow strokes as I envision him lapping me from balls to the head of my shaft for fucking hours. Vaseline is my friend on nights I am rolling after coming back from turning a few shemale tricks for my dope. My cock lubricated as I will be hard and dripping precum! Joe and I have a real good time being spun out and hard all night long. Although I do wonder what his ass feels like and all that booty hole eating he talks about does get me to pop at times. Who is up for some partying with your sexy T-Girl Henrietta?