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Making You My Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whore

He was one of those shy nerdy types. He didn’t know that soon he would be my anal sex whore. I invited him over to my place to watch some new Anime and smoke a fat bowl of the good Kush I just got. But this tranny whore had other ideas about how the night would go. I laced the Ganja with a little crack and as he got fucked up watching some hot hentai. I went and put on my little catholic school costume and surprised my nerdy man. It did not take long of me pumping my hips for him to find my big shemale phone sex cock under my pleated short skirt. I popped it in his mouth like a pacifier and told him to suck his mistress hard! My big fake breast bouncing joyfully as I face fucked my little bitch made quite the show. And all it took was me saying bend over and stick that beautiful ass in the air for me to have full access to a little ass pussy. I pumped and pumped until I blew my load. Bitch boy blew all over my loveseat, so I made him lick his own load up before we continued our naughty roleplay all night fucking long! Bet you wish you were my bitch boy right about now, huh baby?

Tight Tranny Phone Sex Ass Pussy

Tranny phone sexI do have the tightest ass pussy for a tranny phone sex whore. I am a two-way slut! I love to pop my ass right down on the biggest cock I can find. Shit rolling my bowl, smoking some tina as I am bouncing on a cock is the best night for me. I am a filthy chick with a big dick, And I always take turns. I fuck you; you fuck me. I blow you, you blow my cock. My mother is probably rolling over in her grave because she is the whole reason, I am this much of a drug-addicted slut. But wouldn’t you love to have a tranny with her big tits bouncing and he cock flopping as she rode you? Men pay good money for some nasty crack whore anal. Now don’t you call yourself a faggot that’s my job, straight men can enjoy some shemales pleasures and get fucked up with me. Shhh, I won’t tell that you love big fat Henrietta dick! Let me gap your ass and then fill me up with your hot creamy sperms!

From Henry To Henrietta A Tranny Phone Sex Story

tranny phone sexI was a disappointment to my mother and probably still am as I am a tranny phone sex whore now! Mommy never wanted a little boy that looked like my deadbeat daddy. She wanted a cute little girl to cuddle and dress up like her. Only she wanted me to be a sexy little brat to seduce p-men. I didn’t even know what was up back then. All I knew is that I had to be a girl and that after a certain age my cock would get hard and I would be beat for making my sheets sticky and not controlling my baby boy dick. I tried to hide it but she was the one having my ass fucked and wondered when a hot man would come over why my little skirt would tent up. I eventually ran away to hook on the streets in San Francisco and was appreciated by all the gay men who loved a drag queen shaking her ass and getting paid to fuck. The coke is good and my big shemale dick is always hard.  Now my attention is on the men who want to be like me, or have straight lives and just need a little cock pleasure! You know just a slut to be my anal cum dumpster.

Crack Whore Anal Is the Nastiest

crack whore anal

Trevor loves my lady stick! He also gives great crack whore anal. He is a new fuck buddy I have just acquired. He moved in down the street a few months ago and recently bought some crack off of me. He really had no clue what I was but was always telling me how pretty I was and that he loved smoking with me. I thought this 20-year-old dude knew all about my dick and when I gave him his first blow job the other night and said it was his turn and pulled my skirt up until he almost screamed. I said what’s the matter baby is it too big for you? He said he had never seen a girl with a dick. Well that didn’t stop my new high friend from attempting his first blow job. He did quite well and as I loaded our glass dicks again, I used his vulnerability to push him on the couch ass up to pull down his baggy pants and impaled him with my lady stick. That young guy came all over himself and bucked back like a stallion. I held on for dear life as I came deep in that anal cavity.

Making You My Cum Guzzling Slut

cum guzzling slut

My whole goal in life is to make you a cum guzzling slut. My nice shemale dick loves pumping cream down your greedy throat. It was a simple invite you to come and smoke some weed and chill with me. My tiny black dress had my dick and balls showing every time I slightly bent over. You had heard rumors about me being a tranny slut, but no one ever believes it until they see my cock. I noticed when I passed the pipe that your own dick was hard. I made some remark about the good shit we were smoking making you pop a tent. Your eyes glazed as I stood in front of you and hiked my dress up a little. “Suck my dick baby, I know you been staring.” I grabbed the back of your head and pulled you to the tip of my cock. “Normally I make men pay to have my dick, but your cute and I am going to fuck your ass raw.” I loved how good it felt to have your mouth suck and gag as I rimmed your throat. Somehow we were completely naked, smoking and I had your ass bent over as I popped your ass cherry. You moaned so loud and came all over yourself. Its okay because I was happy to clean your dick and thigh’s off. I do enjoy a good fuck and suck.

BBC sex stories of a Tranny Whore

BBC sex stories

I have been a very bad shemale slut! I have a few BBC sex stories but my most recent is a doozy! I am working down in the red light district. I guess you can say I’m an essential worker helping my blue-collar boys get those dicks off with a tranny crack whore. I really love burly men who never knew they needed a chick with a dick before they got a hold of my fine ass! Now Jerald is a pimp down here and the only time I associate with him is when he has some of that good go-go juice. I sell my ass just fine on my own! But tonight I just needed his big Black dick and told him as much as I smoke my glass dick in the back of his Trap house. I wanted him to ream my ass out. All this stay at home bullshit cramping my style. I needed a white boy ass to pop his cherry or to be used like the druggy lady boy I am. It took no time for that nigger to get his big trouser snake out and test my dick sucking skills, I would have thought I was auditioning for his whore squad. I did show him that I have a deep throat set of skills that will make even the blacked and biggest cock give me a big cum load. I don’t remember how I got on top all I remember is him tearing my ass open and me squealing like a little pig as he fucked my tight tranny ass and filled me with so much cum, it was leaking down my legs as I walked home. I would love to know how I could bring BBC into our shemale phone sex roleplays tonight baby!  

Just Another Big dick sucker Tranny Hooker

big dick suckerEverybody knows my momma was a druggy whore who turned her baby boy into a big dick sucker tranny. My whore mother did me a favor when she turned me out. I fucking love cock so much and I am not social distancing at all. I am still pimping my mouth and ass out daily! Not that I mind, I have loved sucking big grown men cock since I was just a little one trying to hid my penis and make mommies “friends” happy. Now that I make my own money servicing the big dicks on the boulevard I can appreciate how great my tranny whoredom is. I love to play with my big fat tranny cock as I gulp and gag on a paying man’s cock. But here in my live phone sex world, I will be your sexy Mistress, your shemale fetish and so much more. SO, load that bowl and bring your fat cock and party with a chick with a dick!

Tranny Sloppy wet pussy

sloppy wet pussyMy sloppy wet pussy is a tight tranny ass hole. I ride cock with the best of them. Dan knows all about this tight ladyboy ass. He came over to bring me some crystal no clue that I am a tranny until tonight. I answered the door with my tits out and my black panties. I don’t tuck and I had been hitting the pipe so the tip of my lady dick was peeking up over my panties. Almost fully hard as I exchanged money and went to load my bowl, I let my dealers stay a few minutes not to attract attention to my illegal drug habit. Dan couldn’t keep his eyes off the tip of my cock. As I blew my dragon smoke I laughed and asked if he didn’t know I had a dick? I got up and pulled the rest of my uncircumcised cock out and rubbed it in his face. That boy took to sucking my cock like a fish in the water. It wasn’t long before we were in a hot sixty-nine and he was giving good head and getting my golf ball through a garden hose skills. I sat up and stroked his cock as I impaled my tranny pussy and rode him until he gave me a hot creamy load up my shit hole. Now that’s a good time and I bet you need a good shemale fuck as well baby. I am such a cum dumpster for you!

Make you my big dick sucker Twink!

big dick suckerI can make you my Twink Tink and big dick sucker! This lady boy knows a pretty mouth when I see one. I am no stranger to a bi-curious man who thinks he can handle a whore like me. I use my keen wit to seduce any man who is even thinking about how a cock would feel and taste in his hands and mouth. My ultimate goal is to open up that virgin ass and show you how good a cum load feels as I massage your prostate with my lady dick. You will feel my big tits on you back and my large pretty hands wrapped around your shaft as my dick slides effortlessly into that pretty pink pucker pussy that used to be your ass. By the end of the night, you will be holding your legs in the air and saying fuck me, momma! You know like a good femme bitch! If you need some party favors to help you, I won’t judge feeling good is all about the cock, cum and being high as fuck.

What My Trashy Milf Mommy Did to A young Ladyboy…

I remember the day I got my first erection. My trashy milf mother took her flip flop and beat it until it became flaccid. She would seek out to make my penis a worthless elongated clit. I remember crying as I jacked myself off to sleep saying I just want to be a pretty girl. I hated my cock. I wanted mommy to love me. Then her drug habit spun out of control and she would offer me to these men in exchange for drugs. She would spit evilly in my ear not to let them see my peter. I knew she would beat me to death if the men she sold me to knew I had a boy cock between my legs. The jokes on her. Her men Knew I was a tranny in the making. They would fuck my ass and suck my little dick off and tell me not to say a word. They knew I wouldn’t because the men were supposed to know I was born with a dick. It was a boy loving P-daddy paradise for many years.trashy milf

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