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There has always been something different about me. I bet you would never guess that I am hiding a big fat secret. My mother always told me how special I was. She told me every day and every chance she could get. She was also special. You could see her every night from 10 pm till 7 am at the strip club and on her days off you could find her on a corner looking for some dick. She wasn’t your average hooker. She would bring them home and have them act like they were my daddy. Every weekend for a few hours a day I’d have a new daddy to come cuddle me in bed and give me sweet kisses. I used to sneak into the hallway and watch my mommy fucking one of my daddies. Some guys would catch me and run out the door, and when they did that mommy would get so angry. She would hit me, then cuddle me, then she would start sucking on my cock. She would get me nice and hard then fuck me till I came inside her hairy and saggy pussy. After that she would start to hit me again. She would start calling me Henrietta instead of my given name Henry. That turned into her dressing me like a girl and putting me on the streets to make my own money. I turned into this beautiful cum guzzling slut whore that you see before yourself.
Growing up with a cum whore like my mother I have noticed I have turned into her. I love snorting a line of white powder off a cock. I fuck for anything. Ill suck a dick for food, money, drugs or just to have some yummy cum in my belly. I don’t care where you want to fuck either. I just want to be the best girl my mommy taught me to be. My titties are so fun fuck and they aren’t saggy titties like the cum whore I crawled out of. I take good care of my soft luscious skin. I stay clean shaved and I make sure my nails are done at all times. I want to make sure The nasty men who like to fuck me are happy enough to want to cover me with their cum. I am always waiting to have a fuck session. Are you?

If you like your tranny phone sex extra slutty and crave REAL no taboo phone sex with someone who has literally “been there done that” then I am your girl!

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