I’m A Ladyboy Cum Dumpster

Cum Dumpster

My cock gets so hard when a man uses me for a cum dumpster. Mark had no idea how to handle me that humid night. He was looking for a fast blowjob and to score a little rock.  I had on barely anything, my tits out to show I was for sale that night. Skin tight romper and fishnets and heels made my tranny prostitute outfit up. I’m not embarrassed that my cock gets hard and bulges. I am quite proud of it, I’m on hormones and I thought it would shrink, but it is the perfect size, For tight little virgin ass boys.

He looked me up and down his eyes fixated on my bulge. In my sassy way I bumped my cock bulge into his hand and asked him to take me somewhere private. You should have seen how nervous he was! He stammered and said he had never.. I knew that. But the look in his eyes said he wanted too. He wanted to experience sucking me and at the very least filling me up. I laughed and said think of it as a big clit and you can have my ass for a pussy. I am a woman, I just have a dick, and if you want t pretend its not well, I can make that happen. He wanted to see my lady dick and he was drooling a little. I kissed Marks lips and knew he wanted it to be a cock, he needed to suck it and release his load deep in my anal cunt! I bet you are just like Mark, Scared a little confused and oh, so, curious. I don’t bite… Unless you want me too!

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