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Take it like you Own it

I am normally very careful leaving the strip club but I was a little fucked up Friday and was unaware that I was being followed home by a raging hard cock!

He said he thought I was hot and was just there to say hi but he got a little rough when I told him I had been fucked till I was full and need to clean the cum from my aching ass!Live Phone Sex

That is when he grabbed my arm and forced me up against the wall!

His body pressed hard against mine so that I could not move and was too tired to struggle as he lifted my skirt and ripped my panties off!

His cock was hot and hard against my ass cheeks as his head started to pry them apart!

As he pushed the swollen head of his throbbing dick past the rim of my dripping ass, I felt my cunt start to get warm and wet!

Was I liking this?!

I pretended to struggle and to scream but it was no use!

I was loving this guy taking me like he owned me…dominating my fuck holes like I was just a nasty cum dumpster!

I give it away all night long…I had never had someone Take it!

Then he pushed me down onto the floor and forced his meat down my throat!

The taste of my own ass filled my mouth as he skull fucked me and I loved it!

I choked on his load as he blasted it down my throat!

Then just like that….as my body slumped on the ground…choking and gasping for air….I watched him walk away!

I hope he follows me home again tomorrow!

BBC In The Champagne Room

Live Phone SexThe best part about being a stripper is the Champagne Room!

That is where a hot slut like me can get all the cock she wants drilling deep into that tight shaved pussy!

The best nights are the ones like last night when these two guys came in and bought some time!

A girl is always hoping to get both fuck holes pounded at the same time!

The first cock to slide inside of me was the biggest, fattest black cock I had ever seen!

My sweet wet pussy barely fit around that giant hard head and he kept pushing deeper and harder.

BBC Sex Stories

His friend was standing in the corner with his hard cock in his hand, just stroking and squeezing every inch!

He was getting off just watching this massive bbc plow my tight pink pussy!

But you know I am a cum guzzling slut and a cock in my mouth just sends me over the edge, so I reached out and pulled every inch of that dripping meat into my mouth and sucked him hard, draining his balls while his friend fucked my cum filled cunt!

The Tighter The Fuck, The Higher The bucks

Live Phone SexIt is just about time for the annual office party at my bosses house!

I remember last year when I brought my friend and we took turns fisting her virgin ass really hard!

We were all so fucked up and wasted!

But this year, my boss suggested we bring our brats!

Most people would think that is nice of him but he knows that my little pre-slut is a really hot fuck and he has used that tiny bald hole to dump his load more than once!

I know how much he enjoys watching me slide my tongue between those tight velvet soft pussy lips…getting that mini fuck hole ready to stretch around a giant hard cock!

I have seen his cock rise when he watches her wiggle her tight little ass on stage and I know he is thinking about how snug it would be to force his meat in her pretty pink puckered hole!

But he is not fucking my pre-whore for free!

I mean, the tighter the fuck the higher the bucks!

Well, unless I get wasted again and then anything goes!


My Pretty Pink Pussy Is Jonesing For A BBC

Live Phone Sex

Sometimes, a cum slut like me just needs a tiny little snack….a small ordinary plain fast food slider will do the trick.

But sometimes…a girl needs more than a mouthful and my tight wet cunt craves a giant thick juicy steak!

It has been a while since I have had this pretty pink pussy ripped open by a big black cock and I am jonesing bad!

Cum Filled Cunt

When I get my hands on one, I am going to wrap both hands wrapped around that cream filled cock and swallow every inch of that extra large fat meat as it slides over my tongue and down the back of my throat!

My shaved pussy is starting to drip just thinking about it and my clit is getting that uncontrollable twitchy feeling!

I need a big black fat one to fill me up and satisfy my ‘aching to be over stuffed’ craving! and make my gaping cum filled cunt drip for days!


Drip Wiggle Walk

Live Phone Sex FreidaI get a lot of horny men in the club that want to fuck me inside out but I love the kinky fetish guys the best!

I love getting my tight cocked fucked silly by a thick hard cock and if a man wants to rip my ass open with his massive meat, who am I to say no!

He gets enough of that from his wife!

But the best nights are when a man comes in with a dirty secret…something he can’t tell his wife…like how he loves the feeling of a twelve inch hard strap on sliding deep into that back door!

I am only too happy to slide my tongue from his full bursting balls to his sweet ass cheeks and sliding it deep into that yummy ass!

I love feeling him start to rock back as I am tongue fucking him while stroking his hard cock!

Once I feel it start to throb in my hands, I know it is time to slide this giant strap on into his tight man hole!

I love sucking his cock dry, draining his big balls and dumping that load into his over stretched gaping ass!

And I love the smile he gets when he feels it dripping back out and that cut little wiggle in his walk!

Every oozing drip is a happy memory!

Aching For A Gangbang

Gangbang WhoreEveryone knows that my little pre-whore is my best money maker but sometimes a mom would just like to have a thick hard stiff one all to herself!

So I got dressed in my sluttiest heels, fishnet thigh highs, my shortest black vinyl skirt and a sheer tank top! I was ready to get spit roasted!

Imagine how lucky I felt when I stumbled on a bachelor party at my local bar!

We didn’t even make it back to the hotel room!

My pussy was being pounded with cock right in the back of their van!

They had me bent over sucking a giant cock while another was losing his load deep in my tight pink ass!

I loved getting my tight wet shaved pussy pounded like a gangbang whore with more meat than a vegetarians wet dream!

I took over a hundred inches in my cum filled ass and dripped a quart of cum from my used stretched cunt!

But I saved the best for last!

And let me tell you, I came so hard all over that groom that he will still be smelling like my sweet pussy juices when he gets married tomorrow!


Like Mother Like Daughter

The only thing better than having my sweet fuckable cunt ripped open by a massive thick big black cock, is getting paidLive Phone Sex by one to ruin my pre-whores itty bitty kitty!

I had just got done taking all fourteen inches and my cunt was dripping but he wasn’t done!

He saw my rug rat peek around the corner and I swear that mighty fuck stick jumped and grew five more inches!

Normally I get the chance to lick her soft puffy lips, sliding my tongue deep inside to get her dripping wet first but he was about to nut the second those pretty little cotton panties slipped past her knobby little knees!

That tiny minnie snatch was beyond max capacity when he pushed that giant thick black snake inside her pretty pink bald pussy!

She whimpered just a little when forced his thick fat mushroom head in that tight micro fuck hole!

But I squeezed her little face between my thighs to muffle the sound!

Then he slammed the rest of his long dark schlong deep and hard inside her, forcing her face into my wet cum filled cunt!

But that young slut took every inch of that thick hard BBC!

What can I say…she is her mothers daughter!

Million Dollar Joystick

Live Phone Sex It was a slow night at the club and most of us girls were playing with each other to keep our smooth shaved pussies wet and ready for the next client!

The only girl that really had any action was the new bitch and she was only giving it away for free to her boyfriend!

She thought she was all that cus she had a cock to go home to….so we had to go mean girl on her ass!

I started dancing and teasing him with my tits in his face and sliding my almost bare ass in his lap until he was rock hard and dripping!

I told him that we needed to do a private session and he just looked at his girl like a puppy asking permission!

I laughed and said she could come to…after all…it’s only fun if she is watching me fuck her man into mind blowing bliss!

I worked his cock like it was a million dollar joy stick, sucking it and worshipping it like it was fruit from a god!

And that bitch’s eyes got so big as she stood there and watched her mans mighty meat disappear into my tight ass!

I shook my puckered fuck hole all over that beefy cock and let him marinate my juicy rump with all his creamy cum!

As she watched that cock spit drip from my gaping shit hole, I couldn’t resist looking over my shoulder and smiling as I asked her if she wanted a taste!


Tempted By Sinful Sweetness

We had some bible thumpers knock on our door Saturday morning wanting to invite us to their church service the next day.

It had been a long shift the night before and I probably still smelled of booze and cum and as they peeked in the door of my Live Phone Sexdoublewide, they could see my little one passed out with her final cock of the night still hanging out of her little mouth!

I almost shut the door in their faces but the preacher pushed the door open as he passed through with his cock growing by the second!

He was fixated on my pre-whore and talking about how the sweet young thing needed saving!

I think the girl was still half a sleep when she reached up and latched on to his cock and started tearing through his pants to get to it. It was like she was a cum starved demon and she needed his load to survive!

He was trying to hold her away at first as he raised his crucifix to her forehead and then she wrapped her tiny little lips around his hard cock and began sucking the godly seed from his balls!

He held his bible in the air and was screaming to the heavens, “Bless this child, Oh Lord!”

But as soon as she climbed up on his throbbing cock, wrapped her tiny legs around him and lowered her pretty pink bald pussy down, consuming his cock is sinful sweetness, he gave into temptation and fucked that baby girl pussy like he was fucking the devil himself!

His holy cum blasted into her possessed pussy, mixing forces of good and evil to cultivate inside her tiny womb!

He was as weak as a lamb and  white as a ghost when he picked his balls and his bible up off the floor and headed out the door!


Thank You Easter Bunny!

I know it is Easter and most mommies are hiding eggs and handing out chocolate to their tiny little ones in pretty dresses.

Well, I am not most mommies and this deal was too good to pass up!

I made a deal with the devil last night at the club and he had some chocolate that he wanted to feed my young pre-whore!

So I cleanedLive Phone Sex her up and made sure that sweet little kitty was licked clean!

I dressed her in a pretty pink dress and told her we were going to get some thick dark chocolate from the Easter bunny!

He took one look at her in her baby girl ruffled panties and his big black cock jumped to attention!

He watched as she hugged my neck while stepping out of those frilly undies and I knew my little girls ass would never be the same as he stroked that dark chocolate!

I started licking her pretty pink rosebud and stretching it as much as possible to prepare the biggest ass stretching of her young life!

I gave that sweet fuck hole one last drizzle of mommies spit before he grabbed her by the hips with his giant black hands!

With his huge helmet head pressed firmly against her tight back door, he gave one long hard slow push!

My little one’s spine had never been so straight as it was with that cock of steel sliding through her body straight up her back bone!

He kept pulling her tiny body harder onto his big thick cock, fucking her until her gaping ass was larger than a Pringle can!

As her body slumped to the floor, dripping with cum, I realized I wasn’t such a bad mommy after all…I mean she got her pretty dress and more thick dark chocolate than any little girl could hope for!

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