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Dirty Education

I got a call from my little pre-whores teacher the other day so in I went for a one on one.

He was telling me that there was this group of boys that kept pulling my little rug rats pigtails. I knew my girl could take care of herself so I asked the hot teacher what the problem was…and that is when he explained that every time they pulled her hair she either bent over and stuck her ass in their little crotches or dropped to her knees and buried her face there!

My little angel! I was so proud!

But I wanted to have a little fun so I played dumb and said that I had no idea what he means and said maybe he should show me.

I could tell he was getting uncomfortable. I love watching men squirm!Live phone sex

I stood up and turned around and pushed my ass against his crotch! “You mean like this?’

His voice was shaking but I could feel his bulging cock start to stiffen. So I pushed harder and started rotating my tight ass in circles, rubbing his cock through his khakis.

I laughed as I flipped my skirt up and pulled my thongs to the side so he could see my cute little rosebud!

And there it was, the precum dark spot that khakis just can’t hide! Ha Ha Ha!

Come on baby! Teach me something!

I need a little dirty education!

Maybe if teachers taught with their cocks out, girls would pay more attention!

I knew he didn’t like my teasing when he grabbed my hips in his strong hands and with one hard fast thrust, he forced his throbbing dick deep in my dripping glitter covered cunt!

It has been a while since I felt a big fat one fucking me with purpose!

He was slamming that meat in me like he had something to prove!

My pussy was begging him for more with each thrust! I actually wanted him to fill my snatch with all that cock cream!

But he pulled out and pulled my hair and forced me down and slammed his pussy juice covered pecker in my mouth!

He came so hard and so fast that I almost choked on the gushes that were flooding my mouth!

Then he pulled my mouth off his meat and looked down and said that was way better than my daughter does it!

BBC Slut Maker

Gangbang whoreMy profile says “Mommy Slut Maker”.

That doesn’t just refer to my own little brat!

Some girls don’t know how lucky they are to have a nice thick cock at home that wants to fuck them all the time. They use their cunts as secret weapons to get what they want.

After weeks of nothing and then a minute vanilla session, they think they are good for another week and their poor men are left with blue balls and needing to get fucked hard!

So they call me and we gangbang her ass until she submits!

I have a whole group of whores that love to help hold her down, strap on an extra large long one and slam her barely used cunt!

If she is a real prude, my pimp joins in and loves stretching her ass out with his big black cock!

But last week I had a guy who was watching that big black cock pump his girl full of cum and I saw the bulge in his pants start to grow!

I nudged my pimp and within seconds he was sliding his cock down the boyfriends throat!

I think he even came while getting face fucked by that giant piece of meat!

He is coming back again for more…let’s see where this goes!



Hot Stripper Shemale Sex

Live phone sexBeing a stripper exposes you to a lot of kinky stuff but yesterday was a first for me!

I was all greased up and grinding on the pole when this cute little slut started dropping twenties in my panties!

If a guy gives me more than ten, he automatically gets special attention!

So when I get off the pole I head over to her table!

I start touching her tits and backing my ass up to her and that is when I felt it! This girl was a guy!

How could that be! She had the most perfect tits! And they were real!

So she slips me a wad full of cash and a card with her address. i am no idiot and I am very curious so I head over to her place.

When I get there, we started making out and I am thinking, this is definitely a girl. and a hot slut as well!

Then she slips her skirt off and there was this hard cock all wrapped up in pretty lingerie!

I don’t mind telling you, I was more than turned on!

My juicy pussy hole was dripping and begging to be fucked!

It was the best of both worlds! I had a hard thick cock pounding my cunt and the softest most beautiful tits in my face!

She fucked my cunt and then started on my ass and slammed that shemale meat in me until I squirted all over her nuts!

She generously let me clean all of my cunt cream off her cock and balls, licking from her ass, to her nuts until I reached the tip of her dick.

I sucked her as hard as any man and I was rewarded with the sweetest blast of cum overflowing my mouth!

It was like warm glaze on a cinnamon roll! I think I am addicted!

Volunteers Needed For Pre-Whore Training

Live phone sexI am looking for volunteers. It is about time my little pre-whore learned to take care of a man properly.

This would involve serious deep throat blow jobs, extreme pussy pounding and hard core anal probing.

I need a man with a huge cock. It doesn’t do any good to learn with a tiny prick when she is going to be performing all these skills on giant fuck rods.

The little slut needs to learn to take every inch of your cock to the depths of her young tight sugar hole with out any crying or whimpering. She needs to learn to take it and grind down on it as if her little kitty is starving for more!

She needs her plump round semi-virgin ass stretched so that she can learn to unleash the squirting orgasm that comes with the erotic anal stimulation!Phone sex line



And she needs to learn to suck that big fat mushroom head and slide it down her throat without gagging! She will practice jacking that juicy cock off and smile sweetly as you unload cum on her face again and again and again!

It is a mothers job to make sure she raises and adequate pre-whore so I will be assisting in guiding your cock in her tiny fuck wholes and restraining as needed. If this sounds like it may be too much for you, back up is perfectly acceptable.

Her young cunny could learn a lot from a gangbang fuck session!

All Women Are Whores

Live phone sexI learned a lot as a stripper…money is power but sex trumps everything!

People may look down on me for taking my clothes off and people my think I am a whore for sucking and fucking in the back room but i think I made a good choice!

All those sluts out there that will only let one man fuck their wet pussy…what makes that cunt so special? Is it lined in gold? They are denying themselves what they really want!

All the house wives, they are fucking for money, it’s just that they don’t even have control in how it’s spent! Now That is dumb!

I love a big fat hard cock stretching my cunt and I consider it a party if there is another in my ass!

I love what I do and I get paid for it!

And I don’t split that with anyone!

Men love me! I have repeat clients, most of them have wives or girlfriends that also use sex as a weapon, but they don’t know how to play the game!

You don’t deny a man to get what you want, you reward him! Isn’t that right, boys!

Give him what he needs! Give him that deep throat blowjob!

Fuck that thick hard cock every chance you get!

Cus if she doesn’t, I will.

Sometimes I wish I could tell them…

Think about it…I fuck your man, I get his meaty cock, his money and his attention, you give him the cold cunt and you’re home alone while we are drinking, smoking, partying, fucking and having a good old time!

We are all whores, I am just better at it!

Pre-Whore Cum Dumpster

My young pre-whore and I finally found a place to rent. But the cost of the rent was more than we bargained for, at least for my short little cum dumpster!

The man that showed it to us said there were no brats allowed, that this was an adults only community. I could see the way he was looking at her as she twirled around, raising her dress high enough to see her panties. That was a look I was very familiar with and so I told him that I think we could work something out, that we were willing to do anythLive phone sexing! Then I watched his eyes as I suggestively ran my fingers down my girls neck and across her young body.

I could see his perv prick growing as he took us into his office. He locked the door and pulled the shades as he pulled out his thick hairy cock and started yanking it!

I slowly undressed her small body, lifting her ruffly dress up over her head and sliding down her white cotton panties,

He was jerking his meat so hard, I thought he was going to yank it right off!

I sat my little slut on the edge of his filthy desk and spread her legs so he could see her tiny puffy bald kitty. He buried his nose against her tiny lips and inhaled her young girl smell before he flipped her over and started tongue fucking her tight shit hole!

His cock was getting fatter and fatter and I knew that meat was going to tear my girls ass apart!

He was not even gentle when he tore the petals off that tight rose bud, forcing his dirty munchkin fucker cock in my lil’ ones ass!

He was still pounding as he burst wide open, filling her stretched, tyke sized booty.

He fell back in the chair, gasping for air as he handed me the keys. He said rent is due on the first and suggested it would be in my best interest to send the princess down to pay!




Gangbang Whore

Everyone knows what goes on in the private rooms at the club.

It can get pretty rough sometimes but that’s where a little crack can go a long way!

Normally I am not the Gangbang whore type and only do one on one but last week there were these two guys that came in and they wanted to tag team! What can I say…money makes the rules!

I barely had time to finish my line before they were pawing at my tits and ass with their big black cocks out!

They were so big and strong! They bent me in half like a tooth pick, forcing my face down on ones cock as the other lifted my ass in the air!

He spread my cheeks with his fingers and was kind enough to spit on my tight brown eye before ramming that massive black cock inside!

I let out a scream and that is when the other guy shoved his meat in my mouth! I gagged as he fucked my face, pulling my hair so he could see my lips tightly wrapped around it!

Every time that back door man slammed his meat in my ass, my face was forced against the mouth fucker, burying his cock deeper in my throat!

Just about that time, the crack kicked in and I was ready to go!

I was begging for both of those big fat cocks in my ass! I needed to feel them stretch my shit hole like it had never been stretched before!

They were happy to accommodate my need for  a double ass fuck just before unloading all their thick gooey wads all over my cheeks!

Ah, sometimes you just need a good gangbang ass fucking to set things right!

Girls Fisting Weekend

Live phone sexThis weekend is my favorite holiday!

I know I will be spending the weekend getting fucked and fucked up with all my girls! This time I brought my friend Hadley. I just know she is going to love all my girls!

My boss has his annual stripper relief party and we have such a blast at his house! We are slamming shots and snorting coke and that’s when things start getting good!

I am always the first one to lose my clothes but this time it was Hadley! She just couldn’t wait to get things started! Nothing taste better than a strippers pussy and this girl is hungry!

We spend a lot of time with big cocks in our fuck holes so some stupid little dildo will never be enough! We need a big fist, something with some girth, to fill our cunts! And Hadley was the first to volunteer! She is such a perfect little white trash whore!Phone sex line

She was already sloppy wet when I slid my fist deep in her cunt! She took every bit of it like the dirty little whore she is! It is so hot and so tight! And she is just loving getting fucked as the other girls are slapping her tits riding her face with their cunts!

Her back is arching and her ass comes off the floor as her cunt just begs to be slammed over and over again! Soon, she is dripping wet and about to squirt and then all of us are fight for a spot around that cum shooting whore! We all want to lap up our share of cream!

She is the perfect fuck for our little stripper party! I will definitely bring her back next year!


Pimpin’ Out Lolita

Live phone sexThe brat and I still have not found a place to live in our new town so we’ve been staying at the local dive hotel where all the hookers turn their tricks.
I had just finished a night on the pole when there was a knock on our motel door. It was those damn door to door religious rats! Two young boys in suits were going to try to save us!
My angel sat on the bed and listened for a minute and then became bored and started playing with her little cunny.
She was rubbing  her young cunt right through her panties. And watching her was making me so proud, I couldn’t help but get a little moist myself!
It was clearly making the boys uncomfortable because they kept shifting from side to side trying to hide their growing cocks behind their Bible’s!
I think the little fuck doll was enjoying it because she pulled her “day of the week” panties off and started slipping her fingers in her kitty.
The poor boys started salivating as they watched that sweet young thing finger fuck herself!
I asked them if they wanted a taste and my girl held up her glistening hands to offer a lick!
The tiny cock rockers couldn’t help them selves and they crawled in the bed with her, taking turns eating her hairless young snatch! You should have heard her squeal as they held her legs and forced their meat deep in her tight young cunt!
Her tiny body looked like a doll as she bounced on one cock and sucked the other and I couldn’t help playing with my clit as I watched!
When she was done, there was not a spot on her body that wasn’t splattered with Bible thumping pussy loving cock spit!
I held out my hand and said that will be fifty bucks!
They looked at me with disbelief.
Come on now, Mama’s gotta pay rent!

Cum Guzzling Welcome Party

Phone sex line

People think that I fuck everyone just because I am a stripper. That is not true! I would fuck every one even if I wasn’t a stripper!

Hot stripper sex is just better because we know how to work it! We got the bod and we got the moves!

But we have to workout a lot! So when I am not on the pole, I am at the gym.

I am new in town so I was trying to find a good place to work out. I came across this hole in the wall gym and the second I walked in, I knew I was in trouble! There were all these muscle bound guys working out in front of the mirror. They all stopped to watch me but I ignored them and when I was finished I went to the showers.

Next thing I know, they are all following me in. I was cornered in the locker room and all these guys started getting the dicks out! Talk about a girls dream come true!

A couple of them grabbed my arms and forced me down while another shoved his sweaty cock in my mouth! I pretended to struggle ( they like it better when you put up a fight) and I thought I was going to choke to death every time he slammed that head against the back of my throat!

I thought that was all I was going to get…force fed a couple of cocks, and I was a bit disappointed. But then a couple guys pried my legs apart and I felt someone punch my cunt until their fist was deep inside!

They each took turns fucking my face and pounding my ass as another fist fucked me! My body was torn and stretched but I loved it!

I took everything they gave me and guzzled of drop of cum there dicks could spit!

I guess that was my welcoming party! So much better than a plate of cookies and house plant!

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