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bbc phone sexI have a secret love for bbc phone sex. I am not like an exclusive black cock whore. I love all kinds of cocks. Variety is the spice of life, but I fucked this black dealer last night to score some coke. O M G. His cock was huge. It was hard to swallow it all and I think I have some awesome cock sucking skills. He made me work for my weekend party supplies too. He said he had a thing for blonde whores who party. Before I tried to swallow his cock, I had to snort a line off his dick. Let us just say that was the longest line of coke I have ever snorted. His cock was almost 13 inches long. He was hard to swallow even for a big dick sucker like me. He took a few pictures of the blonde whore gagging on his anaconda and shared it on his snap chat. Before long he had friends coming over to share the party girl’s holes. I could not say no. I wanted that coke. I wanted those big black cocks too. I needed their cum. Sometimes, a girl just needs to be treated like a whore. And no one treats me more like the whore I am than a black man.

I am Full of Stripper Sex Stories

stripper sex storiesI am full of hot stripper sex stories. When the virus shut everything down, I started giving private dances. I had a big black book of patrons because I have been at the club for several years. I had phone numbers and emails. I got industrious. I sent some texts and emails about private lap dances and more. While my fellow strippers were trying to collect unemployment, I was whoring myself out for private dances and parties. So many horny men wanted someone, anyone to fuck. If they paid, I did whatever they wanted. My strip club is back upon now. I just dance with a mask on. I double dip. I work at the club a few days a week and the rest of the week, I am doing private parties. Last night, I helped a soon to be husband have a bachelor party. He paid me more than I make at the club in a week. Of course, I had to do a lot more, but I have no limits when it comes to making money. I got gang banged by 22 guys. Most of the men had a lot of cum to give me too because they had been stuck at home with their wives who would not put out. I let them run a train on my ass. Married men love to fuck my skanky ass. I do not know why I did not become a whore sooner. I could have been making so much more money.

Don’t cum in me

Blonde phone sex

I went out with a guy last night and ended up making out with him back at my apartment. He started reaching his hands under my skirt and working his way up to my breasts and then back down to my inner thighs before lingering on my pussy. He pulled my panties to the side and pushed me up against the wall and slid his cock into me. I wrapped my legs around his hips as he fucked me hard against the wall, slamming his cock into me, each thrust harder than the last. I warned him I wasn’t on the pill and he would need to pull out. He laughed and purred in my ear that he didn’t care, he wasn’t going to pull out. I tried to argue, but he just slapped one hand over my throat and kept fucking me. Despite myself, I was even more turned on. I loved that he wanted to cum in me so bad, secretly I wanted him to cum in me. My brain didn’t, but I did. I wanted him to claim me as his own by roughly fucking me and then filling me with his seed even though I begged him not to. My hands raked up and down his back, pulling him further into me. I wanted him so bad, all of him. I wanted him to breed me and then leave me panting and red faced from orgasm while his cum trickled out of me and down my thighs. I could feel his hot breath on my neck as he growled and thrust his cock as deep into me as it would go, and then fill me up with his cum. I could feel his cock throbbing as he squirted inside of me, and I fucking loved it. He made me love it.

Stripper gangbang

Stripper sex stories

I have a real kink for men in uniforms. Something about that just makes me fucking hot! A bunch of horny drunk soldiers came into the club where I was stripping at and I couldn’t keep my hands off of them. I was flirting with them and letting them get grabby and touch me all over. Normally I would make a guy pay to touch me, but I can’t help what a slut I am for a guy in camo and boots. I gave them a little treat, on me. I led the three of them into the private room where we have lapdances and started giving them a private show. I dropped to my knees and started unzipping their pants and took turns sucking their cocks to get them nice and hard. They were drunk and rowdy and out of control. One of them pushed me up against the wall and started fucking me hard from behind. As soon as he was done, one of his friends was there to take his place and shove his hard cock into my already well fucked pussy. He pounded me from behind while the third forced my head onto his cock and fucked my face. Once they had used me like a cum dumpster they walked out and left me dripping wet and well fucked.

BBC Gangbang

Trashy milf

I escort on the side when I’m not stripping to make some extra money. One of my clients has a very particular fetish. I’ve never even fucked him, but he’s hired me to watch me get fucked multiple times. I get paid per guy and per fuck, so with one session with him I make a ton of money. He likes to stand in the corner jacking his dick or next to the bed filming me getting my pussy fucked by multiple men. His fetish is to watch me get bangbanged by as many big black cocks as he can afford. I’ve been with as many as 5 at a time while he watched and got himself off. He just loves watching a white pussy get used and filled with cum by a bunch of huge black dicks. And if I’m being honest, I have fun too. There’s nothing hotter than being used as a cum dumpster for a bunch of thick black cocks. I get to cum and get paid too.

Get high with me

Druggy phone sex

Sex while you’re fucked up and high as hell is the best sex. When I’m on something, it’s like my body feels all tingly and my pussy and nipples are more sensitive than ever before. I don’t care what it is, weed, coke, pills, I love it all. I especially love it when I can blaze up on a call or do a line at the same time as you and then get really nasty. We’ll use your drug of choice and once we’re nice and fucked up, I want to hear about all the hot and dirty things you want to do to me while I rub my wet pussy and let that euphoric and relaxing feeling from the drugs wash over me. The best orgasms of my life have been when I’m blitzed and too faded to think straight. That sounds like a lot of fun to me. What do you think?

Milfs have more fun

Blonde phone sex

I could never be like the other moms who are uptight and never suck dick. I love being a whore too much. Having a brat didn’t change a thing for me. I still love to party and get fucked and fucked up all weekend long. That’s why being a stripper and a phone sex whore is much fun, I get to be as slutty and nasty as I want, and I get paid for it! I love dancing on stage and strutting my stuff and knowing all the guys in the audience think I’m the hottest mom they’ve ever seen. I’m not all work though. After my shift ends, I like to do a line of coke and pick out a guy or two to take home with me and really have some fun. Then we spend the rest of the night fucking and sucking until I’m covered in cum and we both pass out from drinking too much.

Cum on my face

Cum guzzling slut

I am what you would call a cum guzzling slut. The sight, smell, and taste of cum makes my pussy drip. I love to swallow it, have it fill my ass and pussy, and be covered in it. My fantasy is to be gang banged by so many men, that I’m covered in their cum, and all of my holes are so full of their cum that they’re dripping with it. I want to be used like a complete and total whore, let them pass me around like a piece of candy and do whatever they want to me, as long as they’re filling my holes or cumming on my face. I don’t shy away from letting a man give me a facial. I feel so sexy and turned on when I’m drenched in cum and there’s so much of it that it’s dripping down onto my tits. I want you to cum on my face tonight. Think you could do that for me?

Trashy Milf

Trashy milf

I might have a couple brats, but I don’t let that stop me from having fun. I love to party, get fucked, and get fucked up. I can tell it’s rubbing off on my teen daughter too. She’s starting to emulate her mommy. I dress like a whore because I like it. I love showing off my tits and ass. Now my daughter is starting to steal my clothes and show off her ample tits and ass too. And you know what? I love it! I’m fucking happy my girl is flaunting her body. It’s giving me naughty thoughts and ideas though. I think the idea of a naughty mother-daughter three way would be really hot. The thought of sharing a cock with my hot blonde daughter makes my pussy tingle. Maybe next time I bring home a guy from the club, I should invite her into bed with us…or is that too nasty? I just want to see my daughter’s tight little pussy filled with cum and her perky little ass get fucked until it gapes.

Stripper Sex

Blonde phone sex

At the strip club I work at, guys can pay a little extra to get a hot girl on girl show from the strippers in a private room. A guy came in and dropped a stack of cash in front of me and arranged a little show between me and another blonde hottie who worked there. We led him to the back room and climbed into the bed and started the show. He didn’t want to join, he just wanted to watch and stroke his hard cock. He directed us on exactly how he wanted us to fuck each other. He had me lick her yummy cum filled cunt from where she’d been creampied earlier by two other clients. I lapped up all the delicious jizz and made her squirt on my face. Then he had me bend over with my ass in the air and head down and had her lube up her hand and wrist and start fisting and finger fucking my drippy wet pussy. She made me cum so fucking hard! Besides a thick cock, I like nothing more than having my cunt stretched by a fist. He tipped us a $20 to let him cum on our faces and tits. We held our mouths open so we could get a taste and then licked each other’s tits clean before heading back out onto the dance floor.

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