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Tempted By Sinful Sweetness

We had some bible thumpers knock on our door Saturday morning wanting to invite us to their church service the next day.

It had been a long shift the night before and I probably still smelled of booze and cum and as they peeked in the door of my Live Phone Sexdoublewide, they could see my little one passed out with her final cock of the night still hanging out of her little mouth!

I almost shut the door in their faces but the preacher pushed the door open as he passed through with his cock growing by the second!

He was fixated on my pre-whore and talking about how the sweet young thing needed saving!

I think the girl was still half a sleep when she reached up and latched on to his cock and started tearing through his pants to get to it. It was like she was a cum starved demon and she needed his load to survive!

He was trying to hold her away at first as he raised his crucifix to her forehead and then she wrapped her tiny little lips around his hard cock and began sucking the godly seed from his balls!

He held his bible in the air and was screaming to the heavens, “Bless this child, Oh Lord!”

But as soon as she climbed up on his throbbing cock, wrapped her tiny legs around him and lowered her pretty pink bald pussy down, consuming his cock is sinful sweetness, he gave into temptation and fucked that baby girl pussy like he was fucking the devil himself!

His holy cum blasted into her possessed pussy, mixing forces of good and evil to cultivate inside her tiny womb!

He was as weak as a lamb and  white as a ghost when he picked his balls and his bible up off the floor and headed out the door!


Thank You Easter Bunny!

I know it is Easter and most mommies are hiding eggs and handing out chocolate to their tiny little ones in pretty dresses.

Well, I am not most mommies and this deal was too good to pass up!

I made a deal with the devil last night at the club and he had some chocolate that he wanted to feed my young pre-whore!

So I cleanedLive Phone Sex her up and made sure that sweet little kitty was licked clean!

I dressed her in a pretty pink dress and told her we were going to get some thick dark chocolate from the Easter bunny!

He took one look at her in her baby girl ruffled panties and his big black cock jumped to attention!

He watched as she hugged my neck while stepping out of those frilly undies and I knew my little girls ass would never be the same as he stroked that dark chocolate!

I started licking her pretty pink rosebud and stretching it as much as possible to prepare the biggest ass stretching of her young life!

I gave that sweet fuck hole one last drizzle of mommies spit before he grabbed her by the hips with his giant black hands!

With his huge helmet head pressed firmly against her tight back door, he gave one long hard slow push!

My little one’s spine had never been so straight as it was with that cock of steel sliding through her body straight up her back bone!

He kept pulling her tiny body harder onto his big thick cock, fucking her until her gaping ass was larger than a Pringle can!

As her body slumped to the floor, dripping with cum, I realized I wasn’t such a bad mommy after all…I mean she got her pretty dress and more thick dark chocolate than any little girl could hope for!

Pretty Pink Pussy

Is there anything sexier than a sweet little one with barely there tits, just starting to puff out on that small frame!

The soft untouched skin begging to be covered in cum and piss!

I slide her pretty white cotton panties down and your eyes are pulled to that sweet smooth bald pussy!Live Phone Sex

Her pretty little young lips are so tight together, there is just the tiniest little line where that little kitty splits open.

She leans back against my chest, her pretty blonde curly pigtails nestled between my perky tits make my pussy drip as the baby fine hair tickles my nipples.

I spread those young tender thighs of hers far apart and slide my hands up to her tight virgin fuck hole!

Sliding my fingers between those soft lips, I spread them apart, exposing the moist pink tight opening!

Your cock is hard and starting to drip at the thought of it pressed against her tiny little pussy!

Go on! put the head of your cock right there….feel that warm sweet kitty!

Feel how your cock barely fits between her spread thighs!

Feel my hand gently stroking your cock as I ease it into that tiny young cunt!

Feel her lips wrapped around your cock as you push balls deep into her small body!

Go on!

Mommy’s got her!

Pump that hard cock into that tight pussy and fill her innocent cream pie fuck hole full of sticky sweet cum!

Strippers Revenge

It was one of those nights at the club…

I was busting my ass sliding down that hard pole and the tips were slim.

Then in walked these three guys, being all loud and rude, pawing at the waitresses and being total dicks!

They were even trying to slide fake monopoly money in our tits!

So I decided they needed to be taught a lesson!Live Phone Sex

I grabbed one of our regulars and took him in the Champagne room and told him this one was one me if he could fill my pussy and ass until it was overflowing with creamy warm spunk!

He had been trying to fuck us all for years so his cock was instantly hard for this once in a lifetime opportunity!

He didn’t waste any time pushing his hard cock in my tight wet pussy! He was going deep and hard and I swear his long schlong was about to puncture my lung!

He filled my stretched cunt with chunky thick cum and then flipped me over and started drilling my ass!

We walked out of the room and the three newbies jumped up for their turn!

Of course I eagerly took them in and told them that It would be $50 to eat my pussy and another $50 to lick my sweet juicy ass and the third is welcome to watch for free.

They were throwing money at me, more than I asked for just to make sure they got a spot!

So I gladly sat back and let the little hellions eat the chunky cum out of my stretched pussy and dirty ass!

At least those smart mouths were good for something!

Make Me Cum or Get Outta My Cunt

You think you have a magic cock, don’t you!

All of the girls you have ever been with tell you it is so big and you are so good!Live Phone Sex

And you know they mean it because they breathlessly scream and moan while you are pushing that bulging monster meat inside their tight pussies!

And you know you are a fucking God because they cum  so hard!

They would Never Fake It!


It’s not your fault…I hate to be the one to tell you this but…..brace yourself….Women Lie!

I have had a lot of giant juicy dicks pounding my sweet cunt so I know what makes me scream and moan…..

And I am not going to lay there with you poking and prodding at my pretty pussy and then fake moan for your ego!

Make me cum!

Make my mean it!

Use that hard cock the way it was intended and fuck my pussy until it squirts all over your tight nuts!

Kiss my neck, suck on my large hard nipples, lick my clit until my thighs shake and fuck my tight hard ass!

Show me what you got and I will tell you if you have a magic cock!

Just keeping it real, babe!

Virgin Vortex

Nothing tastes as sweet as baby girl pussy!Live Phone Sex

Nothing feels as good on your tongue as fluffy soft pussy lips that are as smooth as a babies bottom!

Your mouth is watering right now, isn’t it!

Are you nervous? Don’t be scared…she likes it!

Maybe I can do it for you…you can watch as mommy eats that sweet tasty cream filled treat!

And now you are wondering how tight that virgin fuck hole is, aren’t you?

Maybe it is sooo tight, your cock will cum the second you push it deep inside her slippery wet kitty!

Well, that is if you can force it into that tiny vice at all!

Imagine, that tight tender, silky smooth, slippery wet, pussy seducing the cum out of you hard throbbing, dripping cock!

Imagine stretching that tight, untouched hole, being the first to pry that young cunt apart……fucking a sweet wet hole where no man has fucked before….

She is all yours…all you have to do is let go of that delicious cock long enough to push a few buttons!

Don’t worry, I will be slurping that juicy smooth young cunny…and she will be ready and waiting for you to squeeze your cock into her virgin vortex!

Need a Good Lickin’

Gangbang WhoreI may have partied a little too hard last night!

It was two for one night at the club and those giant big black cocks were taking it seriously!

My tight white has was being stretched beyond maximum capacity last night with two big black cocks fucking my back door!

A giant cock in my ass makes me squirt every time but this was not about my pleasure!

I was just another whole to unload all that creamy cum into!

But I was so wasted, I have to admit, it felt good at the time!

I loved having a long train of giant big black cocks gangbanging my hot tight ass and slamming my sweet pussy!

I had pumped and dumped in every fuckable hole!

But now it’s the next day and I am laying here with a bruised as and pussy and covered in crusty cum!

And all I want is for a soft wet tongue to lick my wounds!

What I wouldn’t do for a good lickin on a Sunday morning!

Sweet Young Kitty

Everyone loves  a sweet young innocent kitty!Live Phone Sex Freida

And my little pre-whore loves the attention!

I was practicing my moves at the club the other day and she had wondered off again!

I couldn’t find her anywhere and then I heard her tiny young voice giggling from my bosses office!

I walked in and she was completely naked, laying sprawled out on his desk with his face buried between her young thighs!

He looked up from his meal, his cheeks covered in young pussy cream and started trying to make excuses!

My little slut turned her head and grinned at me! “Hey Mommy!”, she giggled.

Then she pushed my bosses face back down into her smooth dripping cunt!

Her tiny tits were peaked with the hardest little pink nipples and her back arched off the desk like a little mini porn star!

My sweet young slut just made my boss her bitch!

I guess the girl knows what she likes!


Bong Fucking Munchies

Last night was a bit of a slow night at the club so us slut were kinda just hanging out and getting high and horny as fuck!

We got more than a little messed up and were dripping for a good hard fuck but all we had was a tiny little but vibe!

But that wasn’t going to satisfy our hungry twitching pussies!

So we thought we would try the bong!Live Phone Sex

My sloppy wet pussy ready to swallow anything that wasn’t nailed down so I volunteered for the first fuck!

The base was more massive than we thought and the girls pried my pussy apart trying to force it past my clit!

It was so tight and so thick that that huge round bong barely squeezed in my aching fuck hole!

But once the girls pounded it past my smooth shaved lips, I couldn’t help but start to move my hips!

I wanted more!

I wanted to be fucked harder and deeper!

The girls were trying to take a hit but I was raising my hips up so much that the water was sloshing everywhere!

I couldn’t help it! I loved having something so big and hard stuffed in my hot little pussy!

I was out of control and about to cum and I knew they were all going to be pissed but I couldn’t hold back any more!

I squirted so hard that the bong came bursting out just as a slut was going in for the suck!

I ended up splattering her face with so much hot and sweet cum but she was so wasted it just made her munchies even worse!

I was the only one to get my cunt stuffed that night but we still loved munching each others sweet cunts!


Mommies Slutty Tax Exemption

Live Phone Sex My little one has made me so much money with that smooth young kitty but this time we are in a lot of trouble!

Taxes are coming due and normally I can suck my way out of any penalties or punishments but I still haven’t paid last years yet!

I was hoping my little pre-whore could pull me out of this one!.

I covered her tiny little mouth with red lipstick and layered on the eyeshadow!

I dressed her tiny little pussy in thongs that were barely big enough to cover her dolly and then put on a innocent little training bra.

She answered the door wearing nothing else and then batted her pretty little eyes as she took his hand and pulled him in.

His eyes were almost as big as the bulge in his pants as he followed her plump little ass to her room!

She squatted down right in front of him and wrapped those pouty red lips around his hard cock!

I could tell he was fighting the growing urge to push her tiny body on the bed and fuck her young sweet pussy!

But I needed him to pound that pussy if I was going to stay out of jail!

I laid her tiny body down and held her legs open while he watched me pry her pussy with two fingers.

I knew he couldn’t resist fucking her as long as I was holding those legs apart!

And when he laid on top of her, fucking her deep and hard with that giant cock, you could hardly hear her whimpers as she lay half smothered underneath him!

Her lip stick was smeared, her mascara was running in streaks down her tear soaked cheeks and her tiny cunt was red and raw when he finally dumped his load in her swollen pussy!

But he gave me the extension so she has a few more months before that little pussy needs to be torn open again!


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