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Frieda’s Fuck House

Live Phone SexI have this dream of having my own little whore house.

But at Freida’s Fuck House, I will be the only whore to get fucked!

I want all the cocks of steel to myself!

Just imagine walking in and there is actually blow pumped through the ventilation system so every breath gets you higher and higher!

Your cock starts to rise as the the tall dark muscular man leads you to my room.

I am laying there on a bed built big enough for 6 people, wearing the sluttiest leather lingerie you have ever seen!

The room is filled with the sweet smell of sex!

You have heard stories of my tight wet cunt being able to jack a hard thick cock off just by pushing it deep in side me.

And as you see my cock eating cunt start to constrict, your hard meat starts to drip, know now, that the stories are probably true!

Sure you have fucked other girls before, but nothing could have prepared you for this!

Your bulging head starts to shake as you press it against my warm smooth velvet pussy lips and you start to push in my tight fuck hole!

Then my cunt latches on to your throbbing meat and sucks you in completely as if there was something inside me that was snatching you up!

You feel the walls of my slippery tight pussy start to pulse and stroke your rock hard cock!

It is mere seconds before you know you are going to drop that load but my pussy is wrapped around your cock stroking and clenching every ounce of your hefty meat!

You can’t hold back and massive amounts of sweet warm spunk blast from your cock!

But my possessed pussy is still stroking until

every last drop is sucked from your deflated Balls!


Four Legged Tag Team Gang Bang

Gangbang WhoreI found a note taped to my door saying that he wants to destroy the tight fuck holes of me and my little pre-whore.

I normally get very excited but something seemed a little off about this one!

But I thought, what the hell. I need the money and I have not met a cock yet that did the stretching he thought it would!

I was already so fucked up by the time we got there so I didn’t notice the straps on the side of the plank walls until my little one and I were bound and gagged!

My legs were spread far and the cock that was pushing its way in was wet and fat!

I knew by the grunting and snorting that it wasn’t human and I knew I was in for a hardcore fucking!

The extra long cock seemed like it would never end and it felt like he was fucking my entire body off the wall as he bucked violently into my torn cunt!

My bodies natural reaction was to push back into the massive cock that was fucking me until my high started to where off and I heard my little slut whimper through her gag!

I could only imagine what was tearing her tiny little cunny apart!

The monstrous cock pulled out and a never ending supply of spunk drained from my cum filled cunt!

I thought I had survived until I heard a man whistle for the next four legged hooved monster!

So I just tightened up my sloppy wet pussy and prepared for an all night four legged tag team gangbang!

Paying My Debt

Gangbang WhoreMy tight pussy has never been  so full of cum before!

I am dripping from my ass and my cum filled cunt!

My tits are caked with crusted cum and my hair is drenched in piss!

I got a little crazy the other night…I don’t know what the hell that stuff was that I took but I was giving away free fucks like they were Canadian pennies!

I was teasing men with my dripping pussy, grinding my ass on their laps and loving the feeling of them growing harder and harder!

I brought every man I could find into the private room and fucked and sucked every damn one of them!

I couldn’t get enough!

But I was so fucked up, I forgot to charge them and so my boss was pissed!

He said I was going to pay for it one way or another!

So he locked me in this damn hotel room and turned me into a gangbang whore until I worked off my debt!

I have dirty men riding my ass all night long!

Long fat fuck sticks pumping my stretched cunt full of cum, thick throbbing cocks dropping their load in my gapping ass, I even had a skanky slut sit on my face while I eat spunk out of her crack whore ass!

A few golden showers later and I only $1100 more to go!

Merry Cum Filled Christmas!

Gangbang WhoreThis has been the best Christmas ever!

There were big fat cocks as far as I could see!

My boss threw us girls the most amazing party last night and instead of us grinding our asses in men’s laps and feeling those hard cocks rise, they were stroking for us!

There were at least six men with their cocks hanging out all thick and hard and we didn’t even have to work for it!

They were so eager to stuff that meat in any fuck hole we would offer!

Well word must have gotten out that I am a big dick sucker!

I love a nice meaty cock filling my mouth and sliding down my throat!

So when the first guy came up to me and put that meat on my lips, how could I not just grab right a hold and start licking that dripping head!

But I must have been very good this year because his friend was nice enough to slide his big dark snake into my tight ass while I was getting fucked in the face!

My ass was so tight that he was only two strokes in before I drained every drop of cum from his ball sack!

But the best was when they all lined up, and one by one, pumped and dumped their warm creamy load in my tight bald cunt!

I was the happiest little creampie pie slut in the joint, dripping from mouth to ass and tits to cunt!

Merry Cum filled Christmas to me!



Training A Whore To Eat Cum

Live Phone SexMy boss loves the way I can get a guy to take me to a private room and I know he gets off from watching the video tapes!

So when there is a new slut in town, he likes me to show her the ropes a bit.

I take her in the room where all the magic happens and she was whining about her time slot on stage.

She wouldn’t shut up and so I told her…see that camera up there? Play along and you can have what ever time slot you want!

Then I pushed her down and shoved her face in my wet pussy and told her to lick every dripping inch, from the clit to the sweet little rim of my ass!

My cunt was overflowing with the cum that had been pumped into it just a few minutes before and she was gagging like a brat eating spinach!

How can you be a stripper whore and gag on cum!

I think it is time for me to show her a thing or two, so I called in a few of the guys from the bar to tag team this whore!

They fucked her uptight little cunt until she was gaping! The slammed their cocks deep in her pussy and then in her ass at the same time until both fuck holes were stretched and drenched in thick hot cum!

As she laid there on the floor, oozing cum out of her cunt and ass, I got down between her legs and started licking that yummy load out of her cream pie and then slurping every last drop out of her pretty little ass!

See bitch, that’s how we do it!

BBC Cum Shots

Gangbang WhoreI had go to California last year for the annual stripper competition.

I love going to these and checking out the local clubs and seeing all that fresh hard thick meat!

We went to this one club and the UCLA basketball team had just won a big game so they had come to club to blow off a little steam and celebrate!

Seeing the room filled with all those hot hard young black cocks made me cream my panties instantly!

I knew I just had to have one of those stuffing my tight cunt…or using my ass as their team anal cum dumpster!

I guess I probably pissed off some of the local whores when I started offering free lap dances just so I could wiggle my ass in their laps and feel their long thick fuck sticks grow between my cheeks!

It didn’t take long and they were buying my drinks and doing body shots from my firm round tits!

We had a blast in the party room where I was taking cum shots from those big black cocks!

BBC Phone SexI think they caught on that I was an experienced gangbang whore when I took two of those big black cocks in my sloppy wet cum filled cunt!

You could tell they were a good team and played well together when one would spread my sweet ass cheeks apart, opening up my tight ass so the rest of the team could do a slam dunk in my hot shit hole!

It was the best fuck filled night ever!

They even gave me a signed ball saying that I was the honorary team cum guzzling slut!


Mommies Little Crack Whore

Gangbamg WhoreSometimes the little ones say the cutest things!

It was amateur night at the club and that always brings in the nastiest little sluts that think they can make a buck by shaking their ass.

They always let the men take them into the private room and fuck them for candy then it never fails…you find one passed out it the room, face down in piss with a gallon of cum oozing out of her gaping ass.

It’s crack whores like that that give us hard working sluts a bad name!

Well my little pre-whore got an eye full the other night when a group of guys were gangbanging this girls ass really hard!

She was so out of it that she had no idea how many cocks were being stuffed in her at one time!

Cock after hard cock was using her as their own personal cum dumpster, urging each other on about fucking a crack whore!

Then my little slut comes running up to me and yanks my g-string and says “Mommy! Mommy! I am a crack whore!”

She said that one of the gangbangers gave her five dollars to be his little crack whore fuck doll!

I explained that she can not be a crack whore and she pouted and said, “But Mommy, I am really good at taking big dicks in my tiny tight ass crack!”

I laughed so hard!

“Yes my little angel, you are the best little anal crack whore in town!”

Free Ride

Live phone sexI have not fucked so hard in a car since I was much younger!

I had just finished a night with my legs wrapped around the pool and was too tired to walk home.

I went outside and saw an Uber waiting for someone.

He asked if I was his client and of course I said no. I did not have an account.

He motioned to the seat next to him and told me to hop in!

We drove for a minute and then he stopped.

I saw the bulging cock in his pants and I knew what he wanted!

He pushed his seat back to make room for my head and pulled his massive cock out!

He had a raging hard on and I couldn’t wait to pounce on it!

I was on my knees, ass in the air just sucking that fat fuck stick like his cum was liquid gold!

Then I heard my door open and felt this man grab my hips and start rubbing his cock on my ass.

In my profession, you get to know the feeling of a hot hairy cock poking around your fuck holes!

I tried to maneuver away but I was trapped by cocks on each side!

Then I thought, my tight pussy is already starting to crust over from my boss filling it with cum, might as well relube!

So I continued to yank on that Uber cock as I backed my sloppy wet cunt into side car willy.

I don’t mind saying, both of those mighty meats were more than a mouthful and I loved the way backdoor man started filling my ass!

Within minutes I was taking loads in unison, drowning my fucked face and exploding in my tight whore ass!

Guess we all had a free ride that night!

Little Mini Gangbang Whore

Gangbang whoreThis could be it! Our big break!

I was filming a porn movie and I did not have a sitter so I brought the pre-whore with me!

I was in the middle of a nice gang bang, taking a cock in my tight snatch and another sliding down my throat when I saw little mini me mimicking everything I did!

That little over actress was on all fours sticking her young bottom in the air and her tongue sticking out, acting as if she had the hugest of giant cocks in her mouth!

That is when the producer came up and asked if the little creampie slut had ever done porn before!

Well not on film!

He said that he would let her try out and picked up her little frame and pushed her down onto his lap. I knew she would copy everything I did so I started rubbing my clit and those little finger wasted no time fingering her tiny little bald pussy!

I grabbed the closest cock I could find and started slurping it like it was my last meal and her little mouth started bobbing up and down on the producers chubby thick prick!

I could tell he was about to unload all that cock cream in her mouth and i did not want her to spoil her dinner so a jumped on the hard fuck stick next to me and started grinding my cunt until he was balls deep!

Damn if that little slut didn’t do just the same, and to watch her bounce and ride that chubby fat weasel was so hot! That cock was half as thick as her tiny body and she was taking every inch in her mini pussy!

I am so proud of my little mini cum dumpster!


Virgin College Cock

Live phone sexThe young boys are my favorite.

They are still so full of fun and energy and can fuck for hours!

I was going to help my nephew get settled in to his dorm and there were all these young guys checking me out.

I am used to men drooling over me but it is still very flattering when I can make a young cock jump!

Then one of them comes up and hands us a flyer, inviting us to a party that night.

My nephew is a little shy and was not going to go but I decided to go with him and break him out of his shell!

I was just about to do another body shot when I saw him!

Yes! He was going to be my “I am drunk and want to fuck” hot as hell hook up!

He was this young 20 something  guy that clearly worked out and his hard chiseled body made my tight pussy wet just looking at him!

I could almost feel my hands wrapping around his hard cock and I knew I had to have him!

He took me back to his room and I sucked his tender young dick like I was sucking meat of a chicken wing!

That is when he told me he was a virgin!

Most women my age would have stopped there, thinking he should be in love his first time and all that crap, but not me!

That just made me want to ride him long and hard! Show him everything! Do everything.

By the time we were done, there was not a whole in my body that was not dripping with sweet young cum!

My tight pussy had been drilled with that thick hard meat and filled with years of pent up jizz!

Even my ass had a little squish when I walked!

I think I may be making a trip or two back here, you know, to see my nephew 🙂

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