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I was so drunk last night, I don’t even remember who I fucked!

Drunk phone sexThat’s right, boys. I got so fucking wasted last night I don’t even remember who I went home with. I know I got good and fucked so hard though. I still have his wet cum dripping down my thighs. I lose all my inhibitions when I get drunk…I seem to remember getting started on his patio where his neighbors absolutely saw us. He bent me over the table and forced himself into my tight, wet cunt, and just pounded me till I came all over his thick, throbbing cock. Then he picked me up and fucked me against the wall. My legs were wrapped around his waste as he plowed me. I just bounced up and down on that thick ass cock. Finally he demanded I get on all fours in front of him so he could take advantage of my little asshole. I begged him not to, I’m not a fan of anal when I’m drunk. But he grabbed my hair and forced it inside me all the same. The pain was excruciating, even with my juices as lube. He came quick after that though. We passed out in his bed and now Im doing the cum dumpster walk of shame home, his wet cum still dripping out of my asshole. I feel fucking fantastic, honestly. Even with this nasty hangover. 

The family that hooks together, stays together

Hookers for hireI absolutely love selling myself. There’s nothing hotter than making some quick cash because some guy wants to pay to use my body. Really gives my ego a boost. And lately I’ve been mixing the brats into it as well. They wanna be just like momma, after all. Sometimes I have to hold them down if the cock is too big and they think it’s going to hurt, but they get used to it after awhile. Then the other sister will lay down in front of the sister being fucked, so that she can get her tiny, precious little cunt licked. See, both my little lolitas love to cum. And it’s so easy to get them off too. I’ve found men will pay thousands of dollars for a night with just the two of them. Mommy supervising of course. Who is else is going to hold them down when it’s time to get their tiny little assholes fucked? They hate it at first, but eventually really get into it! And the men, my god, do they love fucking the pair of them at the same time. It’s a quick couple grand for momma, and my little ones are learning how to be right and proper whores, just like their momma. I couldn’t be prouder! Now it’s time to give my two little cum dumpsters a bath so they can get ready for their next John! 

Gangbang at the strip club

Gangbang sex storiesEveryone at work knows I’m a complete and total whore. I’ll so anything if it means I get a load full of hot cum in my pussy every night, and a few extra dollars for my drugs when I get home from work. And I do mean anything! Tonight I proved that point, when a group of young college guys came in, and started downing shots. I came out in my sluttiest outfit, and started dancing the pole. They were visably aroused, their giant hard ons visable through their pants. After I was done dancing, I went to the floor to give them a few lap dances, when immediately the leader of the group pulled me aside and asked if there was a VIP room, so we could all party together, There must have been 7 of these guys, and just little ole me. I was in Heaven! I told him of course, and asked him to follow me into our private room. I started dancing for them when two of them stood up and grabbed my arms. Then the leader walked over to me and just stuck his fingers into my cunt, swirling them around. “Just what I thought…this little whore is already wet!” he said. He then slipped off my clothes, and started sucking my breasts. Before I knew it, I was pleasing two of them with my hands, and going down on a third, when two others claimed they wanted a piece of the action too! All of a sudden I was taking cocks in my pussy, asshole, mouth and hands all at the same time! It felt amazing! I was such a little cum dumpster! By the time they were all done with me, I had cum in every hole and all over my body. I looked like the filthy little trailer trash whore I truly am. 

Tonight I sold my (literal) ass for crack!

Crack whore anal



Tonight I sold my literal ass for crack. I guess there’s a first time for everything. You would think a dirty cum dumpster like me would be well versed in the art of selling anal for my fix, but you would be wrong. I won’t say I’m an anal virgin, but I’m definitely a novice. But my dealer showed up earlier, after my shift and told me if he could get inside my sweet, sweet ass, I wouldn’t have to pay for a fix tonight. I thought, deal! Boy would I regret that later. He turned out to be a solid 10″. It almost didn’t fit, and he wasn’t nice about it either, Barely used any lube. At one point I was in tears, but he kept pounding away at my tiny little asshole anyway. I didn’t care – anything for a fix, right? He didn’t even touch my pussy, although he did let me use two fingers and play with my tiny little cunt and clit while he was banging my poor asshole. When he shot his load into my ass, he was in ecstasy, I could tell. And afterwards he just threw my drugs on the bedside table and left, My makeup was a mess from all the crying. I truly looked like the little crack whore anal bitch I am.  


All I want is cocks and drugs!



Druggy phone sex


Look, I know what I’m about. I just want to fuck and smoke meth. That’s it. Fuck everything else. Let’s take a couple hits off your pipe in the hotel room, and then you can fuck my already sopping wet cunt for as long as you can stand it. Just look at me – how can you resist this party girl with such a tight, hot body. And a pussy to match. I’m so god damn tight and ready for action. You bring the meth, I’ll bring the grade A pussy baby. I want to ride your gigantic cock until you can’t see straight. I’ll rock my hips back and forth while I’m taking a hit, then lean down and blow it into your mouth. Share and share alike! Nothing turns me on like a party filled night of meth and absolutely balls to the wall hot, errotic, no taboo fucking. I want you to spread my ass apart and fuck my tiny little starfish like your life depended on it. Cum deep in that ass baby, and then come over so I can clean you off. Let’s just spend our entire night together high as hell and fucking like rabbits. I promise I’ll be the best, filthiest little whore you’ve ever cum on. 

This slut needs BBC allll the time!!!!

BBC sex stories


You would not believe the fucking night I had last night. I started dancing for a gigantic black man at work; he had sought me out and I sure as fuck wasn’t going to let him down. I was wearing my sexiest pair of red lacey g-strings, no bra, my natural tits bouncing up and down as I slowly worked over his body and cock, when I noticed how hard he was through his jeans. He must have easily been 11″!!! I was shocked. God damn I love big black cocks! Anyway, he whispered to me that this was nice, but was there a vip room we could go play in. Of course, I said, while smiling coyly. I got up, took his hand and led him to the back where we’re allowed to fuck our clients, provided the house keeps a cut. He got right down to business, too. I had already made him hot and full of desire, and when he pulled down his pants I saw just how much! God damn! I was right, easily 11″! He bent me over the chair and drove himself into my cunt, just pounding away. “Fuck, that’s some good white girl pussy”. I was so tight, it hurt just a little, so he sat on the chair and had me sit on him and ride him on top. Fuck yeah! My favorite thing to do. My boobs were in his face so he started sucking on my nipples. I felt his incredibly strong hands on my back and hips, pushing me down further and further. When he came, he gave me a creampie from Heaven! I could feel him splurt inside me over and over again. Didn’t take long either, but he got my number, and I told him the next time was on me. Fuck I love big black cocks, I really do. Ain’t no guy bigger than a man with a BBC! 


No Taboo Phone sex Mommy

No taboo phone sex After a long, long night of getting high and working the pole, you know what I love to come home to most? My little ones begging me to see their special someone! You know who you are. You come over, see me high as a kite. We smoke a little more meth, and then it’s on. You tell the little ones to come in and watch as Mommy goes down on your rock hard dick. You feel me gag on it and watch me smile as I please you, because nothing gets me off like being treated like the little whore I am. Then you tell my youngest to come over because you have a special surprise just for her. You have me ride you reverse cowgirl just so my little lolita can lick my clit at the same time. OMFG, I cum so fast and so hard, my juices get all over your dick and inside my daughter’s mouth. I can tell she loves the taste as she pouts at me and says “Mommy, my turn!”. So I get off to smoke a little more, and the last thing I see as I close the door is you pounding my littlest one in the same manner, while my other daughter licks and tongue fucks her sister’s tiny hairless clit. We love to keep it in the family, you see.

Teaching my girls to Strip

dirty phone sexEarlier today my little brats ran at me as soon as I got into the house after a long, long shift. See, I work the pole (and the VIP room), so mommy’s tight wet cunt was dripping with juices, and my muscles ached after giving so many men so many delightful lap dances. I love my job, I really do. So you can imagine how little I wanted to deal with them – I just wanted to get high and see my next John. But they persisted, and begged me to teach them how to strip. Like mommy like daughter, I guess. So I taught them what I know, and by the end of our session, they were flinging their clothes and prancing around like women twice their age. That’s gonna come in handy real soon, because my next John has a fantasy about mommy and daughter. I can’t wait to show him what I’ve taught my little ones!

Lot Lizard Sex Family

lot lizard sexI want to show my girls how to sell their most prized possession. It is not often you get a family deal when you look for some lizard whores. I’m proud to have twin girls that can make me so much money. We get high together and scout all kinds of men. We like the ones that will be able to supply our insatiable appetite. Cock and crack are what we all need. You can say this is a family tradition. Her momma pimped out my mom, and I, of course, was pimped out by my mother, and now I am doing the honors and giving my girls the lesson of life. Life is short to be a stuck-up brat. We are here for a good time, not a long time. Our cunts get pleasure from cock, and being treated like a stupid hooker is hot. Whenever I am high and drunk and servicing a john, I feel the most alive. My daughters are yearning to be like their momma, and now we are about to make some good money and terrible decisions. No one will get us to change our minds. Selling our pussies pays the bills and keeps us living the dream.

I Crave Cock

anal sex whoreYou would think the best thing about working at the club would be the hot ass men with deep wallets. However, for a horny slut like me it all the available cock at my disposal. I love giving them lap dances and grinding my tight ass against their crotches. The feel of their cock twitching and rising against my ass always makes me gape. I whisper in their ear that we should take it back to the VIP lounge. Most willingly agree but every once in a while, they get a little shy and need that extra incentive. I just smile as I bend over and let them see my gaped ass. Nobody can refuse that, and they can’t get that cash into my hands fast enough. I tell them to invite their friend. They are rock hard, and I am horny and wet. I bend over as they push their cock deep inside my tight cum filled ass. I then tell their friend to come closer, and I open my mouth and give him a wet sloppy deep throated blow job. With my ass and throat full of cum I pull out those little blue pills and hand them out so we can go for another round. There is not enough cock in this place to appease me. Think you can help a whore out tonight baby?