Tonight I sold my (literal) ass for crack!

Crack whore anal



Tonight I sold my literal ass for crack. I guess there’s a first time for everything. You would think a dirty cum dumpster like me would be well versed in the art of selling anal for my fix, but you would be wrong. I won’t say I’m an anal virgin, but I’m definitely a novice. But my dealer showed up earlier, after my shift and told me if he could get inside my sweet, sweet ass, I wouldn’t have to pay for a fix tonight. I thought, deal! Boy would I regret that later. He turned out to be a solid 10″. It almost didn’t fit, and he wasn’t nice about it either, Barely used any lube. At one point I was in tears, but he kept pounding away at my tiny little asshole anyway. I didn’t care – anything for a fix, right? He didn’t even touch my pussy, although he did let me use two fingers and play with my tiny little cunt and clit while he was banging my poor asshole. When he shot his load into my ass, he was in ecstasy, I could tell. And afterwards he just threw my drugs on the bedside table and left, My makeup was a mess from all the crying. I truly looked like the little crack whore anal bitch I am.  


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