The family that hooks together, stays together

Hookers for hireI absolutely love selling myself. There’s nothing hotter than making some quick cash because some guy wants to pay to use my body. Really gives my ego a boost. And lately I’ve been mixing the brats into it as well. They wanna be just like momma, after all. Sometimes I have to hold them down if the cock is too big and they think it’s going to hurt, but they get used to it after awhile. Then the other sister will lay down in front of the sister being fucked, so that she can get her tiny, precious little cunt licked. See, both my little lolitas love to cum. And it’s so easy to get them off too. I’ve found men will pay thousands of dollars for a night with just the two of them. Mommy supervising of course. Who is else is going to hold them down when it’s time to get their tiny little assholes fucked? They hate it at first, but eventually really get into it! And the men, my god, do they love fucking the pair of them at the same time. It’s a quick couple grand for momma, and my little ones are learning how to be right and proper whores, just like their momma. I couldn’t be prouder! Now it’s time to give my two little cum dumpsters a bath so they can get ready for their next John! 

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