Embarrassing Hot stripper sex

Hot stripper sex

“You’re really going to make me do something that embarrassing?” I asked, eying the prized bag of goods he’d brought with him and readying myself for Hot stripper sex. The order to strip wasn’t surprising, but giving him a strip tease was a little embarrassing. With a blush on my cheeks and a finger to my lips, I couldn’t help a girly titter followed by my skin-tight shirt being slowly pulled up my flat stomach and over my thick tits. My lacy red bra underneath is a little too small, making them overflow, and I couldn’t help but sweat a little at the look of a predator coming from him when he saw them. I took a breath and gave him a sultry gaze, licking my lips just as the shirt hit the floor and the clasp of my bra came undone, revealing my Trailer trash whore tits in their true sweat glazed glory. A little odd, maybe, but I couldn’t help but be excited by this new prospect. He wanted me to please him not just with my pussy, and was willing to pay me for it, I couldn’t resist – even if I damn well hoped my pussy would get plugged before the end of this. I rocked my hips a little, showing off how bouncy my juicy mounds are, before undoing the button of my torn jeans and letting them fall off my ass and slim long legs. I stepped out of them, bare in all except for my velvet red panties, reached up to undo my hair’s tie so it all fells down almost angelically down my curvy frame, and gave him the trashiest ‘fuck me now’ demand I could manage with a beckon of my hand. So maybe I’m not some graceful masterpiece crafted to belong in a strip club, I’m a begging whore with a drug problem, and I kind of like myself that way. I was already wet now that I was done withhis request, and ready for the Druggy phone sex fucking of a lifetime.

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