Halloween with the Bunnies

Halloween is always such a great holiday for druggy whores like me. Every bar has a party, and every party is full of horny men with money. Every year I dress as slutty as possible, and try to make more money than the year before. This year I went as a playboi bunny model. It was a big hit! I made more money in the first bar, letting any man, willing to pay, fill up any hole with his warm wet cum, then I made all of last year. Because I was doing so well, I decided to try higher end clubs. Those horny bastard were bound to have shit tons of cash! Of course, I made a stop on the way to score some coke, the backbone of every rich people party. When I arrived I noticed the club was full of actual playboi bunnies! They were all willing to pay insane amounts of money for just one line of my coke. I was high as a kite, and my pockets were full of cash. Yet, it still felt like there was something missing, but then I realized what I was really missing was good fuck. The club was full of small cocks with big money, not really great for needing a good fuck. Then, I remembered girls please girls better than guys do anyways. Me and the bunnies had an all girls orgy. Just soft wet pussy after soft wet pussy. Well at least that’s how I remember it, but then again it could have just been a really fucking awesome trip. Either way Halloween fucking rocks!!!

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