Frat House Hoe

I just love being passed around from frat boy to frat boy, and feeling all of their cocks fill up whatever hole they want with their warm yummy cum! Being the gangbang star at frat parties is not new to me, and, quite frankly, I don’t ever plan on that changing. Take a few cocks in every hole and those trust fund babies will practically be throwing money at you just for another hit of that sloppy wet pussy. There is always plenty of free booze to get me drunk enough to not care that it smells like they shower in axe body spray, and there is always so kind of drug. I am into anything from pot to heroine, and I will put out for my fix. I truly enjoy get high and obliterated, and then fucking any and every guy or girl that wants to fuck. I mean trains are the absolute best because with having sex that many times you are almost guaranteed to have at least one orgasm. One man just doesn’t do the trick for me! What I really need is multiple cocks filling up my tight little teen holes. 

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