Puke Lube

Choking and gagging on your huge thick cock was really fun earlier. At first, I begged you to stop slamming your cock to the back of my throat, but you had no mercy for me. You used my mouth like the cocksucking whore I am. You kept forcefully fucking my mouth and throat, tickling my tonsils with the head of your meat stick. I kept gagging and trying to hold down the vomit, but at some point, I just couldn’t hold it back any longer. I spewed my lunch all over your cock and balls and you still didn’t stop! I didn’t think you could get harder than you did, but I feel like you grew another inch in my mouth when you saw the vomit fill my mouth around your cock and chunks drop on the floor in a loud splat. You told me then you knew exactly what to do with that puke. You spun me around and used my vomit as lube for my tight dry asshole. You forced your throbbing cock in me deep, sending chunks of my lunch deep in my ass with it. Feeling my asshole fill up and feeling nauseous from vomiting, I couldn’t hold it anymore and let my shit loose from my asshole, and shit all over your cock. But that didn’t slow you down at all.Dirty phone sex

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