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Live Phone Sex with a Druggy Whore

I fancy myself a druggy porn star. I tell men they can make a movie of me doing anything they want. They just need to pay me in coke. I hooked up with this group of guys I met at this hole in the wall bar last night. College boys. They were kind of yuppie looking. They were slumming. Looking for a skanky whore to fuck. They were in the right place for that. Preppy looking guys always have good blow and weed. I let them buy me drinks. I can out drink anyone. I may have acted drunker than I was so I could see if they were the kind of guys who take advantage of intoxicated women. I was not looking for gentlemen. I was looking for guys who would take advantage of a situation. I quickly found out they were my kind of guys. I made a deal. I said share your blow and weed with me, and you can gang bang me and even film it for spank bank use later. They were all in. We went back to my trailer and I showed them what a druggy whore does for a fix. They ran a train on me. They skull fucked me. They ass fucked me. And they coated me head to toe in jizz like I was a bukkake star. They got to use a dirty skank and I got high. Win win in my book.

Trashy MILF

Trashy Milf I am a trashy milf. Born and raised in a trailer park. The reason I am the nasty whore I am right now is because my mom pimped me out to her drug dealer when I was just a cute schoolgirl. Mom was a crackhead. No one wanted to trade her old used up fuck holes for drugs. Something tight and taboo like me, well that was a different story. It was not like she set out to pimp me out. She was jonesing bad one time for a fix. She had to take me with her because it was late, and I was too young to be left alone. Her dealer laughed at her. He said she was not tight enough for Godzilla’s dick. He was looking at me like a wild animal and mom offered me right up for some crack. I remember he was not nice or gentle. He fucked me like I was a whore. I was just a virgin schoolgirl. After that night, I became my mom’s drug ticket. Flash forward a few decades, and I am the dirtiest hooker you will ever meet. Just now, I fuck men much younger than me. You would be surprised how much a boy’s allowance will get him with a dirty old whore like me.

Gangbang Whore Trucker Heaven

gangbang whoreEvery dirty man craves a naughty gangbang whore for a mom. It’s true! My son loved to drug me and get me banged by a group of men he invited over. He works with truckers as a dispatch and is always sending over a special fleet. They will be big and burly and in need of a trashy cunt like mine. I may be old but I sure have the fuck holes that these dirty bastards love. I love to be their road fuck stop over. It’s often that they come by without having had a shower and all high on crack. My son provides the crack for these filthy bastard trucker types and I provide the pussy. I was breeding until I could not and have a good bit of young pussy available for them too. This was a goldmine during the pandemic and I know it will stay in the ranks of the best little whore house in the Southern region for truckers and cab drivers for longer still. Swing on down when you are driving those long hours and need a trashy tramp to bust a load in. I am always waiting for the next dirty phone sex fuck squad.

Stripper sex stories for all

stripper sex stories

I have a lot of stripper sex stories but there are a couple that really stick out in my mind. I was working in a cheap, run down club where you were lucky if there wasn’t pocket change on the stage at the end of your set. I had just left the stage and the owner told me that he had a friend here waiting in his office to see me. I went in and there sat the biggest guy that I had ever seen. He must have weighed close to 400lbs and he was already breathing heavy. He gave me a leering look and told me to come crawl to him on my knees, I wasn’t going to until he showed me the wad of cash and the pile of coke in front of him. That changed my tune pretty quick and I did the sexiest crawl I could to him and his cock. It was small and shriveled up but that didn’t stop me from inhaling it and working my magic. It slowly grew in size and girth and when it was fully erect he had me sit backwards in his lap so I could do some line while he fucked me. It wasn’t the best fuck but I got some coke and made 50 bucks from it. He is coming back through town soon and I hope he stops by to visit!

Fun by all

orgy phone sex

Who is in for some orgy phone sex? I mean some good, hard, dirty multi-person sex. I love having multiple cocks filling my holes at the same time. Of course I am also partial to licking and finger fucking a wet snatch as well. The moans and groans when I am in a room with others just enjoying the carnal ability to fuck and suck anyone we want is music to my ears. I will crawl up to another couple fucking and start licking her clit, suck his balls or bury my face into his asshole. I love to hear the sounds of slapping, sucking and screaming. Sucking a cock to hardness and tasting someone else’s pussy already on there. Licking a cunt that has just been filled with cum, cleaning out an asshole that was just fucked. I don’t care if it is a man or woman I am into pleasure both giving and receiving. I have been known to bring my strap-ons and give some pleasure of my own if we are a man or two short but most of the time we have enough cock to fill us all. My birthday is cumming up and my friends have been hinting towards a fun all-nighter and I am hoping that it includes some drinking, dancing and fucking! Who wants to join the guest list?

My ass is bleeding!

hardcore anal sex

I am still walking funny from the hardcore anal sex we had a few nights ago. After a few shots and a couple of lines I was game for anything. You grabbed me by the hair and forced my mouth onto your cock. You shoved it in and out for a few minutes until it was dripping wet and you then picked me up and slammed your cock into my ass with nothing but my own spit as lube. You held onto my hips so that I couldn’t get away as you slid that man meat in and out of my pucker. Pretty soon it was starting to hurt and I was screaming to try to get away. You were having none of that though and just continued plowing into me. Your cock was getting harder and started swelling more the closer you came to cumming in my asshole. I was doing my best to try to get loose but you didn’t care about anything but getting your nut off. Your fingers left bruises on my hips as you finally came in my ass. The cum was mixing with the shit and was starting to leak out. The mix causing the tearing I had on my rosebud to sting and bleed more. I passed out a short time later and woke up to a big mess, you were also out cold and covered in shit and cum. What a fucking night and I can’t wait to do it again!

This was a surprise!


shemale phone sex

I’m gonna tell you about some shemale phone sex I had yesterday. My favorite trucker came by to find me at my trailer park and on his walk over he found a baggie that he picked up and brought with him. He found me a short time later and after a quick hug I invited him into my trailer. As soon as he was in I slammed the door closed with his back and climbed my lumberjack like a tree. He produced the baggie and I got my lighter, spoon and syringe out. As we waited for it to liquefy we made out and started getting naked. He took the syringe and sucked up that liquid high and gave me my taste first. Oh god it was great to fly high. As I was reaching my peak he picked me up and sat me down on his cock. My asshole stretched and I felt the head slide in followed by the rest a short time later. As he was fucking me I heard the door open and my neighbor walked in, she is A beautiful woman and I was all for it. What my guy didn’t know was that she also was packing a 9” cock that she loves to have sucked. She could tell that I was too far gone and so she presented it to him. He opened his mouth and sucked that cock like a paid whore. It didn’t take too much more pumping from either cock before I had one exploding in my ass and the other in his mouth. He grabbed my head and we fed the cum back and forth for a while until there was no more left. I can’t wait for my trucker to roll through again

Coke whore

I was in real need of some coke last night and so my dealer sent me over to a friend he knew. When I showed up there were a couple of guys standing around watching prostitution porn. I was told that I was to be in a similar situation soon. They brought me to a room filled with cameras, threw some slutty clothes at me and told me the boss would be in soon.  I was dressed and waiting when the door opened and in walked the boss. He was already hard and was ready to go. He sat down, grabbed my hair and stuck his cock deep in my throat. He kept me there until I started struggling and he let me up enough to breathe and then shoved it in again. He did it a few more times before he decided to fuck me in the ass, he shoved it in using my spit as lube and fucked hard and fast. Before too long he pulled out, came all over my tits and face and used my hair to clean his cock off with. He then threw some money and a baggie at me and told me to go. I hope I run out of coke again soon as I am in need of a big, hard cock fucking me again.  

Are you in?

white trash phone sex

The name is Aurora and white trash phone sex is my game. You see this piece in front of you is open to anything and everything. I will drink, smoke, gamble away money and my pussy, will do any form of drugs and still want to fuck anything with a prick. In fact I had a party the other night and after doing some weed and vodka first we then brought out the coke. Each of the people there took a couple of hits and then it was on. I specifically ensured that I would be the only woman there and it played into my favor. I had a hard cock in each hand and one going to town in my mouth. Soon I was layed onto the floor and had a cock worming its way into my asshole and another into my pussy. I was in fuck heaven. As soon as one pulled out another was there to take its place. After I had gotten a load from each they took me out front, pushed me onto my knees and then circle pissed all over me. What a great way to end the night but covered in hot piss and high as fuck! Next time we party are you in?

Don’t mind if I do

toilet sex

I really enjoy a good night of going out and looking for toilet sex. For me there is nothing better than having someone drop a hot load onto my tongue or down my throat. I love that rich, earthy flavor that will coat my tongue and teeth so that I will taste it all night. I search for that guy that looks like he just finished a good, filling meal so that he will have a lot to release. I like to squat down and get a good smell of his asshole as it’s opening and closing getting ready to release that thick, chewy waste. I will usually spend a few nights a week down at the local steak restaurant knowing that I will have my pick of the shits to eat. If I go on a football night then I can usually enjoy both the beer farts and the wing shits. If I do a really good job cleaning their asses afterwards I will usually get repeat customers. I also enjoy a good swig of the beer piss when it comes time to drain the lizards. I will lean back, open my mouth and swallow down all of that hot pee as it runs down my tongue into the back of my throat. I can get up to 20 guys a night using my mouth instead of the urinal. I will stagger home at the end of the night feeling full and listening to my stomach slosh around until I get home, bring myself to a quick orgasm and go to bed dreaming of the next time I go for a “meal”  

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