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Traveling lot lizard

lot lizard sexI love to get liquored up and head to my local truck stop to find some fun for the night. Tonight I scored some pretty good weed, a little coke and a whole lotta cock. I bounced from truck to truck with each of the drivers taking their turns fucking me in the ass and then making me clean their cocks after. Sometimes a driver would be sweet and he would start by putting in my pussy but would soon get animalistic and would end up pounding my ass and screaming out his release. I was soon down to tattered clothes, many a loan of cum dripping down my leg and a high that just wouldn’t quit. At my last truck of the night I found a driver who seemed very nice and he laid me down in his sleeper to talk and touch. He was stroking my face and my eyes were closed when he jumped on top of me and tied my arms to the bed, he made quick work of my ankles too and before I could process what was going on we were moving. He said that he was now going to be my lot lizard pimp and that we were going to make stops nightly and that I needed to fuck anyone and everyone he told me to. He was going to collect his fees and I was the product. What he didn’t know was that I was excited about the idea and even came a little when he laid out the plans. I can’t wait to serve my new master and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Trashy Little whore

trailer trash whoreI am the neighborhood tramp, everyone knows it! Well just about everyone. There is a new single dad and his son who just moved in down the street. I decided I was going to have them both. I dressed in my skankiest short leather skirt and halter top. I smeared lipstick on and headed down that way with a basket full of cookies my mom had made. I walked up and rang the doorbell. When that daddy saw me he was flustered and in my best little girl voice I introduced myself and gave him the basket of cookies. I asked for a drink since I had walked all the way down here in the heat. In the Kitchen I saw the son and I made it a point to bed over to straighten my sandals and show my smooth round cunt and ass off. I sucked on my fingers and blatantly said that I needed to be fucked very hard. I promise not to tell a soul! They couldn’t resist a bareback slut like me! I love that now I can claim to have fucked all the men on these streets and have had a daddy and son cock double penetrate me at the same time. It felt so good to be a trashy whore!

Truck Stop Tramp’s Druggy Porn

druggy pornThe only thing I love more than druggy porn is the real fucking deal. First and foremost I’m a slut of the highest variety. There’s no cock I won’t suck, no man I won’t fuck. I spend a lot of time lounging around the truck lots just to make some extra cash, and I don’t mind any of those nasty old truckers as long as that cash pads my pockets.
The best time I’ve ever had was with this really tall lumberjack looking mother fucker. He was so goddamn delicious just to look at, he made my mouth and my pussy drool. I spent an hour warming him up before he agreed to take me back to his truck. He seemed shy, but I don’t mind a quiet ride. The joke was on me; it would not be a quiet ride.
By the time I was sprawled on the bed, his cock was out! All twelve inches of his massive cock got slammed right into my mouth, into the back of my throat. That quiet shy guy throat fucked my slutty mouth until he came right down it! He wasn’t done with me, oh no! He flipped me around, face down, and slid that slick dick right into my tight little asshole! I was screaming it hurt so bad! His cock was stretching out my fuckholes, and driving me insane because damn it I needed more!
He destroyed my ass for over an hour before cumming deep inside of my guts. He turned me into an anal cum dumpster! He paid me well, too. Fuck, I hope he drives through here again soon. I love getting paid to get ruined.

Shitty Tits

I love our fucking nasty toilet play calls. There is nothing more kinky than when you piss your hot nasty yellow piss down my whore throat as I’m sucking and deep throating you big monstrous cock. It burns all the way down and feels so fucking hot. My favorite part though, is when you squat over me and relieve your bowels right over my huge fake tits. Shit on my tits, baby! Yes! The smell and heat turns me on so much. I love the way it feels when you slide your big cock between my tits and squish the hot shit until it completely covers your hard cock. Fuck my mouth with that shit covered cock! I can’t wait until I taste your cum mixed in with that huge dump you have covering your dick. Cum guzzling slut

Strip Club

I loved our hot dirty phone sex call today. You left the strip club and those nasty whores just weren’t enough for you, were they? You needed your dirty nasty cum whore to take care of you. Let me blow you, and stick my fingers in your asshole. I’m going to put my ass on the end of the stage like your stripper hoes and let each of your friends bury their cocks inside me from behind. Come tear this nasty whore pussy up. When you’ve given me all the creampies I can take, get ready and open wide, because I have a huge load of shit to feed you. You know those strippers can’t get nasty like me, baby. Bury that cock in my shitty nasty asshole and fuck me til you come over and over again!Cum filled cunt


We had a Valentine’s Day special at the diner last night. It included an expensive item – a night having a ganging with me! We emptied the restaurant early, only allowing ticket payers inside. They paid big money to have a shot filling up this nasty cum whore’s cunt! I sat on my knees in the middle of the room with a circle of 25 hot and horny guys, truckers, dirty and ready to fuck. They had their cocks out and each of them had me in tears gagging on their big hard meaty cocks! My throat was force fucked over and over! My hair was pulled, some of it on the ground, but I didn’t care. My makeup running down my face, and I was covered in salty sweat and cum. I took their loads, happily. I had a full cunt and a full pocketbook after!
Cum guzzling slut

Toilet Whore Part 2

Cum filled cuntThats when you decided to squat down, right on my gorgeous blonde face, so that your asshole was right over my red lips.  I opened them wide, and stuck my slutty filthy tongue as far up your asshole as possible. You say, “Yes bitch! Clean out my asshole with your fucking tongue, you stupid cunt-faced bitch! Open wife you stupid whore!.I am going to make you eat shit, you pathetic, worthless, fucking slut!” I immediately comply, as you shit out a gigantic turd right between my lips.  You then turn around, grab that fucking turd and fuck my mouth with it over and over again screaming at me “Swallow that fucking shit, you pathetic shit-eating slut!” forcing that shit as far down my throat as it will go. Fuck!

Toilet Whore Part 1


It didn’t matter we were in the middle of the diner – I licked my lips slowly and seductively, and then proceeded to crawl under the table, as you unzip your pants, and whip out your long, hard, throbbing cock.  I open my luscious filthy fucking mouth and wrap it around your huge cock and start sucking.  That’s when you violently grabbed my blonde hair with both hands, pull me closer then thrust your cock forward, choking me as you shoot out a stream of very pungent, tangy, putrid, stinging piss, right down my throat. You started screaming at me, “Drink that fucking stinking PISS, YOU STUPID, WORTHLESS, PISS GUZZLING WHORE! I don’t care if you drown to death in it, YOU DUMB BITCH!” I was so turned on being your nasty toilet whore.

Golden showers sex

Cock, Cash and Coke

Anal sex whoreYour nasty filthy phone sex is always such a fucking delicious time! There’s no one out there that loves being used like I do for your pleasure – well, the pleasure of anyone really. I’m your dirty nasty toilet whore. I don’t care what you’re into, I’ll do whatever you want as long as I get my fix of cock, cash and coke. You can be rough with me. You can force fuck all of my holes. You can take me wherever, whenever. You can even have your friends or strangers use my whore holes. I’m your property. Fill up this nasty dirty cunt. Don’t use protection, I like it real dirty and dangerous. Sell my body and mouth for a profit. Tie me up and shit on my face. I love being used. 

Spread For You

You love seeing me use my freshly manicured hands to spread those pussy lips wide open, don’t you? Those bright red finger nails stretching my pussy lips wide, showing you every bit of my beautiful cum filled cunt. It gets used all day everyday, but I still keep it nice and tight. Do you think you can fill it up? Do you have enough nasty spunk to fill my holes? When you’re done filling my cunt, you can move on to my asshole. It’s even tighter and dirtier. Don’t let any drip out. Shove it back in. When you’re done filling that tight little asshole up, move to my mouth. Force fuck my whore mouth. You want to cum where every other man has gone before. Wasn’t a big step for any man. I love being a nasty cum whore.Cheap phone sex

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