A Cuntful of Candy Canes for you.

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The truckstop was dead tonight. I needed a fix and a good hard dick. I was bored of the same old trucker trash and their crusty cocks, sucked by too many lot lizards. I hoped the bar rush would be good tonight.
Sure enough, 2 am and a group of men walked in. They asked for our private room. They had just come from a Christmas party and were trying to sober up with some chow and coffee. I saw the way they checked out my tits and I decided to work them for some good tips. I was wearing my elf costume complete with jingle bells. “Hey, baby, won’t you jingle those bells for us?” one asked. I joyfully shook my titties while they hooted. They were nasty boys, drunk and horny. They kept touching my ass and tits, and one even dared to slide his hand up my skirt, and found that I wasn’t wearing panties. “Commando!!!” he roared. “Give us a show.” I pulled a candy cane from my cleavage, hiked my leg unto the table and began to fuck my bald pussy with the sweet stick. “More.” they demanded. I gave each of them a candy cane and bent over. Sticking the canes into their mouths, they took turns shoving candy into my sticky cunt until it was leaking red juice.
I noticed then that they all had their cocks in hand, jerking, as they candy-fucked my eager beaver. We were a moaning mass of Christmas cheer. I felt cum raining down on me in a total bukkake orgy. I opened my mouth to catch it as my pussy pulsated around my candy crusted fuckhole. We partied all night as they bent me over the table and took turns pounding my sticky cunt and shoving their big candy canes down my throat. You could hear my bells jingling through the entire restaurant.
Merry Christmas from your favorite truckstop whore.

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