I Love Teen Hookers for Hire

hookers for hireI was out of town this past weekend to meet an old friend. She is a good friend, but rather boring and plain Jane, unlike me. I stayed in a hotel so I could have some fun at night. On Friday, I was partying, checked out the Back Pages for hookers for hire and ordered myself an escort to party and play with. I got the surprise of a life time when my Lolita for hire knocked on my room door. It was my friend’s daughter. She was mortified, but I assured her that I would keep her dirty little secret. I insisted she stay and earn her money.

She had a kick ass body that I never could see hidden under her frumpy school outfit. She had a fake ID, which is how she got the job with the escort company. According to her, her mother’s new husband won’t pay for her college, so she is saving up. Very entrepreneurial of her. I was impressed. Nothing wrong with selling your body. Sex sells. It is profitable and doesn’t hurt anyone. I informed her that as long as she kept me company for the night, I could send her some extra business. I know lots of perverts who love a sexy little Lolita to fuck.

phone sex slutsTonight however, she was mine to fuck. We did some lines, drank some wine and ate pussy and ass. I had her in the shower too for some shower massage fun. That pulsating water directly on a cunt will make any girl explode. My fingers massaged her womb tickling her G-spot, giving her the first earth shattering orgasm of her life. She had never eaten pussy before, but after a night with me she was a muff diving champion. Her cunt was so sweet and yummy. Reminded me of my daughter’s pussy. I rimmed that girl’s ass, tossed her salad until she was screaming and squirting. She said most of the johns she hooks up with don’t care about her pleasure. Silly hedonistic men. Why do you guys think so many chicks are bisexual? Because we know how to give and take.

I paid my daughter’s friend handsomely for the weekend so she could stash some money away for her college fund. Her mom is sweet, but stupid and clueless. Puts all her time and energy into a deadbeat new hubby when she could be playing with and spoiling her sweet teen daughter instead. Well, if she won’t play with her hot daughter and treat her like a princess, I sure will. I love hot teen pussy, do you?

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