Hookers for Hire


Hookers for HireThere are always hookers for hire down at your local Truckstop. That’s where I spend most of my time – being the nasty cumguzzling trucker trash that I am. It’s like I was born to satisfy cock. And I’m fucking good at it. Nothing turns me on more than having all of my holes filled and being absolutely used by men. Preferably multiple at a time. Last night, I was finishing up my shift at the diner. I waitress and then moonlight out in the parking lot once I finish up. A girl’s got bills, you know? There was one burly, greasy trucker sitting at the end of the bar. I took one look at him and knew that he wanted to fuck. He settled up his tab and I took him to the back of the Truckstop in the bathroom. I got on my knees to please him as he squatted on the toilet. He took a nasty, fat shit right as I was working his meat. I kept going until I was able to gargle his hot, sticky cum. Scat phone sex always satisfies my nasty desires.

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