Sexline Latex Gift!


I have a secret obsession with latex and leather that makes my pussy drip with excitement! I never thought of it before but one of the guys I talked to on my Sexline told me I would look hot in leather, the next time he came over to fuck he gifted me a sexy leather skirt, top and gloves. He told me to put them on and when I did I became someone else. I was taken over by the feel of the leather against my skin and filled with a new found confidence. My friend told me to grab the lube and start stroking his dick, the feel of the lube making his cock slippery in my hand was amazing! It was effortless for me to jerk him off, my hand slid so easily on his cock that I didn’t have to put any effort into the motion. His dick in my hands was shining so slickly that I when he started shooting cum it slipped right out of my gloved hand. I was sad that he finished so I gave him a little break before I started stroking him again, working his cock hard again so I could keep playing with him. Once he was hard I took two of my fingers that were shiny with lube and started playing with his tight asshole, one finger sunk in deeply with help from the slippery gloves. He moaned so helplessly when I hit his prostate with my two fingers and started stroking his cock again, in a quick-quick-slow rhythm, his cock was so hard with the additional play with his prostate. I wiggled my latex covered fingers deep into his asshole and felt his cock twitching with every stroke against his joy button. When I shoved a third finger in his ass and fucked him slowly his cock shot rope after rope of sticky thick cum all over his belly! I think I found my new hobby, prostate milking and latex gloves!

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