Blossoms are by far the sweetest of all flowers. And I do think I live up to my name. Yes my name is Blossom, and that is what I want to do when I have a cock inside me. Not just in my cunt, in my mouth and in my ass. I become a whole new person! I become like a wild animal who cannot be contained! When I am being fucked hard and fast I lose myself and I will do just about anything to keep that burning ache alive. I don’t know about other sluts, but when I see a cock my mouth starts to water. I feel the fire burning in my pussy and I will drop to my knees like the family pet and open my mouth panting, begging, needing it to feed me it’s protein packed jizz. I am a greedy and aggressive cock worshiper. You wont even have to tell me twice, and once I get to know how you like to be fucked and sucked, you wont even have to ask once. My mission will be to explore and tantalize your cock like you never have had before. What ever you need, want, and crave will be my needs, wants, and cravings. I am Blossom, your one and only sex addicted whore.
~Sweet Nymphomaniac Blossom

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  1. KC

    Hi Blossom, I’d like to to do a fantasy rape call with you. Your nice mommy looks, Mrs. Little Home Maker, and those glasses gives me a hard on just thinking about it. I’d like to phone sex rape you in front of your phone sex year old virgin daughter. If you are interested in this call let me know and what days and times you are available.

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