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Crack whore anal

crack whore analI love being a dirty little fuck slut. I have a guy over that has so much that I could bathe in it. I of course do some and get super horny. I take his cock out and tell him that I want him to fuck my ass open but first he needs to make my ass hole numb. He takes a bunch of powder and coats the lining of my ass hole. He makes sure to cake it in me! I can feel my ass hole getting tingly. I beg him to come and penetrate me and stroke himself in and out of me hard and fast.

He pushes that fat cock inside of me and all I can feel is how high I am as I bounce back and forth on that thick shaft. He takes his cock out of me and I open my mouth. I take that cock and start sucking it down my throat. I can taste my ass juice and that left over blow. God I love being such a druggy whore.

Creampie phone sex

creampie phone sex

I have been walking around all day in a little skirt with no panties, just feeling my sloppy wet pussy glide against my thighs. I am literally drooling down my legs feeling the need to be penetrated and fucked hard and deep. My guy friend told me to come over tonight because they are having a kick back and had some treats that he was wanting to share. I show up looking like a done up little slut. I have a tight tank top on and a tiny skirt with heels. I want to provoke those cocks and make them swell up! I get there and there are about five guys. They tell me more of their friends will be showing up.

We drink and do some blow and we are having a blast. I of course mention how horny I have been all day and they offer to rid my sloppy pussy of all the aching I have been going through. I get naked for them and wait for all of their clothes to come off. When I see those fat cocks hanging in front of me, I drop to my knees and take turns sucking them, making them slippery and wet. They are throbbing hard the more I tug on those shafts to the back of my throat. I bend over and let the most slobbered on one go right into my pussy. He slides in me and starts beating my pussy, giving me a hard deep fuck.

I can not help cumming over and over again on his cock. Another guy goes ahead and rams his cock into my tight pink ass hole. I can feel it twitching inside of me. They take turns creaming my holes. I am going to get so much cum.

Cum dumpster

 cum dumpsterI went to a random hotel to meet up with a bunch of dudes with throbbing hard cocks. I put an add on Craigslist and offered up my whore services. I put my room number on there and told them to all cum and join me for a fun cock fest. I get there and there is already a line of guys coming out of my room. I get inside and lay down on a couch with my head hanging off the edge. I open my mouth and invite the first big fat cock of the night to come and pound away at my mouth. I open my pussy and ass and tell others to come and dig their cocks into me. I bounce up and down on those cocks, yanking and tugging all the cum out of them. I am nothing but a cum puddle.

I want everyone to discard of their cum right on me. I want to be sticky and wet and saturated in sperm. I beg for more cock once those ones are done. I look around and see other guys jerking their cocks while they are pointed at me. Locked and loaded. I am going to get hundreds of loads of cum. My ass and pussy are getting gaped open by the minute and stuffed with so much cum that it is pouring out of me. My face and white smooth skin is not moisturized with gallons of cum. I am going to need to snort some lines of cum up my nostrils. I love all this hot wet cum.

I am staying up all night and all day bathing in this warm cum juice. I am not going to wipe any of it off of me.

Crack whore anal

crack whore anal

I am having so much fun tonight. I invited my dealer over because I am needing some blow. He comes over and I open my door completely naked and invite him in. Did I mention I am out of cash? I guess my method of pay will have to be my holes. He comes in and we line up a couple of lines. Fuck, it hits the spot so fucking good. I am not even talking about his cock just yet.

I get my fix and drop to knees and unleash his cock and suck it right into my throat. I make sure to pump him deep and hard into my throat. I am going to fuck his cock so deep down my throat until my throat is raw. I can taste his ropy pre cum and it is salty but still delicious. I take my mouth off of his cock and turn around on my hands and knees. I wiggle my ass from side to side offering whatever hole he wants.

He takes his cock and grabs my ass back. He fucks his cock into my ass hole. He pushes every inch of him inside of me. I line up some more lines and suck them through my nostrils as his cock is ramming in and out of my pink tight fuck hole. I love feeling his cum filled fat balls slapping up against my pussy lips. I can not help cumming over and over again.

Speaking of blow, he is going to blow a fat creamy thick load right into my gaped ass hole. That thick cock is twitching inside of me as it sprays cum all inside of me. Fuck, I hope since I let him get anal and cream me that I can score some extra powder.


Drunk sex porn

drunk sex pornI met up with a bunch of guys in a parking lot. They had a bunch of booze and I decided I wanted to have a good time hanging out with them. I opened up all my holes for them. They pumped their cocks into me while I guzzled drinks down my throat. I would even chaise the strong drinks with a wad of cum that I sucked out of a fat cock.

They took out their cameras and began to video tape me being a sick and twisted whore. I was fucking those cocks down my throat and in my ass and pussy while that camera taped me. I was going to take all their cum and their booze tonight. I crave to be such a naughty little walking fuck whole for fat cum filled men.

Cum guzzling slut

cum guzzling slutI decided to be a nasty little slut. I am at a party and there are a lot of people sucking on the keg upside down. A bunch of others are lined up doing a beer bong. I got so horny being in an environment with so many dicks around. I got an idea that I had to act on. I went and stole the beer bong and gathered a bunch of hot guys. I told them to all take off their pants and start jerking their cocks.

I held that beer bong above my head as I laid on the floor. I watched over fifty guys nut into the funnel. My mouth was filling up with so much hot cum. I was getting cum drunk being the cum guzzling whore that I am. I am not going to stop whoring myself out. My holes are begging to guzzle some cum inside of them also.

Dirty phone sex

dirty phone sex

 I am so fucking horny. I just took off my dress and exposed my pussy that has been bare in panty hoses all day long. I reach inside and start rubbing my pussy. My door bell rings and it is my neighbor. He tells me he saw me through my window and wanted to help out. He came in and I dropped to my hands and knees and forced his cock down my throat. I sucked on his cock, letting him swell up towards the roof of my mouth.

I deep throated that cock and sucked it up and down fast and hard. He pushed me down and spread my holes wide and shoved his cock inside my pussy. He rammed himself in and out of my pussy hole. He then took it out and started to shove it in my ass. He pounded harder and deeper until I got his sticky cum inside of me.

Dirty phone sex

dirty phone sex

I have become an item with this really fun and sexy guy. He is okay with me fucking as much as cock as I can. He is at work right now and we recently just put cameras up all around the house that can be accessed from his phone. I know he is checking up on me, and watching what I am doing.

I walk around the house naked and rub my cunt every chance I get. I am a chronic masturbater. I have to fuck my pussy. The doorbell ring and I see it is my neighbor. I invite him in, and he is ready to fuck as much as I want to once he sees how wet my pussy is. I position myself right in front of a camera and let my man see how I am going to take this other guys cock.

He gapes my pussy open around his cock and gets to ramming himself deep and hard into me. Watch me get this cum babe!

Anal cum dumpster

anal cum dumpster

 I am wanting to have a snowy white Christmas! It does not snow where I am at, at all. So, I will have to make due with what I have! I have a bunch of guys with a bunch of cum inside of them. I am going to make it snow with cream cum flurries! I put my ass in the air and beg for those cocks to get to pumping.

The first cock slides in me and starts ramming in and out. I tighten my butt hole around his dick and beg for him to make me into a dumpster full of hot jizz. I want so much cum inside of me that I look like a snow man. He pours his cum load inside of me and the next cock lines up to spit out the blizzard he has in his cock!

Merry mother fucking Christmas to me!

Sloppy wet pussy

sloppy wet pussy

I am such a slippery wet mess! My pussy is aching to be pounded. I have a hot guy that was at my neighbors house fixing her internet and I thought he could be fixing something else. He came into my room and spread my thighs so wide so that his cock could go balls deep inside of me. I took every inch of him ramming himself into me.

His big fat balls were banging on my ass. I was making him a soaking wet mess. My pussy was leaking all down his cock and balls. I made him so wet that his cock was slipping from inside my pussy to inside my ass. I am going to milk that fat cock inside of my pussy while i squirt all over that dick.

He really is a handyman, well a handsy man if nothing else.

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