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Ghost Fuck On Halloween!

Cheap Phone Sex

I’m really excited to go out for Halloween this year, I’m going to trick-or-treat and flash my titties for cash at the strip club! On Halloween at my bar all of us strippers and staff have to wear slutty costume while we work our shift. My little costume got me in some serious trouble this year, I went to the back for another bottle of rum, while I was bent over a keg someone walked right up behind me and started fingering me through my fishnets. I tried to look behind me but I was met with a blindfold. The stranger finger fucked my cunt until I was moaning into his hand, I was about to squirt when he pushed his fat dick head inside me. I screamed because it was a huge cock, I felt my insides being rearranged as he rammed me and muffled my screams. He came inside me and removed the blindfold, somehow managing to get back out the door before I could see him. I was left there with a cum filled cunt, stunned and wondering if I just got fucked by a ghost.

Stripper Sex Stories Peep show

Stripper Sex Stories

It’s been a long time fantasy of mine to do a peep show and get cum all over me as my payment for the performance! I saw a sign at my bar for a peepshow at a theater downtown, I instantly got wet thinking about signing up to do a strip tease that is very seductive and classy. I always thought the idea of stripper sex stories was very sexy so I put my name on the list and showed up downtown a week later in my classiest slut costume. When I took the stage I looked out at the audience and saw a few men with their cocks out already beginning to stroke themselves, It was then that I knew what kind of peepshow this would turn out to be. The music began and I let my body do the work, I danced seductively and felt all their eyes on me, My cunt was pulsating with the rhythm of the music. When I opened my eyes I was surrounded, various men from the audience were jerking themselves while coming closer to me, I couldn’t help it, I took off my bra and exposed my sensitive nipples to the cold harsh air of the theater. My pussy was soaking through my panties now and all I wanted was to be penetrated deeply right there on the stage for anyone and everyone to see. I knelt, surrendering completely to whatever came next; I was delighted when that thing was a cock in my mouth, and one in each hand. I looked around and saw that I wasn’t the only one taken over by the sexiness of the peepshow theater, about eight guys gathered all waiting for their turn to fuck me, the dancing slut with her tits exposed to the world. I sucked cock like a good little throat slut, they took turns force fucking my mouth before brutalizing my twat and asshole, I could only tell when I stopped cumming when they filled me, each one of their dicks pulsating hard inside me releasing a spray of delicious cum that I will always be craving.

Toilet Sex Adventure!

Toilet Sex

My Toilet Sex Playtime ends up with four guys taking huge dumps on my chest before I jerk them off in my latex gloves and leather outfit! I knew I would get into so much sexy fun if I went to take my position behind the glory-hole at work wearing my new sexy leather outfit with the matching gloves. I walked in wearing my regular bar tending outfit but when I got into the men’s bathroom I changed into my sexy clothes in the stall with the glory-hole and waited for some company. It only took about 15 minutes for 4 guys to come in all together and this time I decided to reveal myself to them. You should have seen the way they looked at me in my latex and leather, I see their cocks stirring in their pants, one by one they get so hard and I know what I’ll have to do next. I dropped to ground exposing my chest, “Shit on me and cover me with your cum…” They looked amazed and extremely turned on in the same moment, all four of the sexy hard cocked men started unbuckling their jeans and pulling their pants down. The first one with long blonde hair squatted right over my exposed tits and pushed out and amazing wet shit, feeling it warm all over my chest made me moan. He stepped aside and made room for the next hot guy with short black hair to squat over my chest and release a long hard turd, the stench was intoxicating and when he was done they started jerking their cocks watching the other two big biker types take their turn defiling my exposed shit covered tits. I stroked them in my leather gloves and they topped off the huge loads of filth with hot ropes of cum leaving me completely desecrated and wetter than I’ve ever been lying on the bathroom floor!

Ass Destruction Lover!

Anal Sex Whore

Ass torture is my favorite, I love having my asshole torn by two hard Big Black Dicks at the same time! I sometimes stay late at work cleaning up and closing the strip club just so I can walk to my car alone. Occasionally I see a couple of black guys lingering in the parking lot selling drugs to the girls who just got off, when I walk to my car I make sure to look vulnerable in my skimpiest clothes and highest heels. I see two guys walking close to my car and give them the signal to get in by rolling down my windows. They come get in the passenger seat and back seat but I know they are hard and waiting to get off with me. I jump into the back seat straddling the lap of the second sexy black man, he grips my waist and pushes my pussy down on his cock letting me soak him. He has no Idea that my hope for the night is that he and his friend stuff my ass with both of their cocks at the same fucking time!

Slutty Piss Whore



Pissing Sex Stories

When I get bored I like to go to the gloryhole in the bar where I work and let some guys piss in my mouth! I come in early so no one sees me when I take my position completely naked and waiting to be pissed on. When the first guy comes in to use the urinal I say,  “over here…” when I have their attention I stick my tongue through the hole and say “Piss on me” sometimes they get freaked out but most of the time they step right up, stick their cock into the hole and I open my mouth for the golden stream of hot wetness. As their piss soaks my mouth and starts rolling down my naked body and my slutty toilet whore pussy gets so fucking wet!

Sexline Latex Gift!


I have a secret obsession with latex and leather that makes my pussy drip with excitement! I never thought of it before but one of the guys I talked to on my Sexline told me I would look hot in leather, the next time he came over to fuck he gifted me a sexy leather skirt, top and gloves. He told me to put them on and when I did I became someone else. I was taken over by the feel of the leather against my skin and filled with a new found confidence. My friend told me to grab the lube and start stroking his dick, the feel of the lube making his cock slippery in my hand was amazing! It was effortless for me to jerk him off, my hand slid so easily on his cock that I didn’t have to put any effort into the motion. His dick in my hands was shining so slickly that I when he started shooting cum it slipped right out of my gloved hand. I was sad that he finished so I gave him a little break before I started stroking him again, working his cock hard again so I could keep playing with him. Once he was hard I took two of my fingers that were shiny with lube and started playing with his tight asshole, one finger sunk in deeply with help from the slippery gloves. He moaned so helplessly when I hit his prostate with my two fingers and started stroking his cock again, in a quick-quick-slow rhythm, his cock was so hard with the additional play with his prostate. I wiggled my latex covered fingers deep into his asshole and felt his cock twitching with every stroke against his joy button. When I shoved a third finger in his ass and fucked him slowly his cock shot rope after rope of sticky thick cum all over his belly! I think I found my new hobby, prostate milking and latex gloves!

Wild Weekend Cum Fest!

Big Dick Sucker

I took too many drugs this weekend and ended up getting anally fisted in such a hot gangbang! I got a hotel room with a few girls from the club like we always do. The girls invited a few of their favorite clients who had huge cocks, they came in with lots of booze and drugs to share. We got to work immediately starting to suck them off, they were five well-endowed sexy men ready to serve us cock all night long. I was eating pussy and sucking dick until my jaw started to ache, I got railed in my ass pretty hard and one of the guys decided to double penetrate me, his cock felt great but my pussy was still not fully stretched. “gape my cunt!” I moaned, one of the other guys came over and started sliding fingers in and out of my already sloppy wet pussy, he slid his fist inside me and my eyes rolled back. The cock in my ass felt me tense up and start squirting all over the other guys fist, he pounded me harder and harder until finally I got a thick serving of cum shot strait up my asshole. I leaked all over and made a wet mess of the bed, the girls were impressed with how wild I got.

Creampie Slut Gets Rough Fucked!

Creampie Slut

Taking cum in my pussy is one of my favorite things that I can do in my day! I truly feel my best when my cunt is leaking hot sticky cum down my legs or filling my panties reminding me of the cock I had earlier. I am a creampie slut, As I sit here at work with a messy load of jizz leaking from my pussy I am thinking about the hard cock I rode this morning in my trailer. My neighbor who sells drugs and fixes cars is the sexiest cock in the trailer park. I saw him outside working on a vintage car this morning, he was all sweaty and greasy and It made me wet as fuck just watching him work. I went out to my door and told him to come over, I needed help with something. When he came through the door I jumped on him, I wrapped my legs around his waist and told him I needed his cock inside me. My pussy was soaking wet already, he grew hard as I rubbed against him while we kissed. I let him push my skirt up and feel my pussy before I bent over my couch, I told him to fuck me hard. He thrust inside me and I almost came from the sheer size of the cock he had. He pulled my hair and wrapped a hand around my throat as he fucked me hard, I couldn’t wait anymore, I came all over his dick. He pounded into my sloppy wet pussy again and again, I was howling. I wrapped the other hand around my throat and completely choked me as he railed my cunt, I was overjoyed at the idea that I might pass out from his brutal fucking. He let go of my throat in the nick of time, I gasped hard and felt him shoot hot spurts of his nut inside me deeply. I fell to the floor when he pulled out of me, I heard “thanks babe, I needed that” it was the last thing I remember before losing consciousness.

BBC Sex Stories : The Blossom Train

BBC Sex Stories

I love it when I get cat called out on the street, I often use it as an opportunity to get my cunt filled with cum! I remember one time I was walking to work from my trailer park and I heard a group of black guys laughing loudly and talking as they were waiting for the bus, as soon as I walked by they stopped, all of their heads turned and I heard one of them say “Damn her ass is phat!” Thinking of all the hot BBC Sex Stories I’ve ever heard, I tuned to face them giving them my sexiest look, it bent over a little so they could see my ass better and they all started staring. I let them follow me to the nearest motel and I knew it was dangerous to let them all fuck me but I couldn’t control my thirst for cock. I first told them to take their Big Black Cocks out, they immediately started surrounding me and getting hard. I keeled and let them all take turns slapping my face with their fat dicks. I was getting wet as I began to feel the length of their cocks with my hands, I couldn’t wait to get my holes stretched out! I didn’t have any lube so I had to get their cocks wet with all my spit, I slurped and sucked each cock before they began probing my holes. The first cock slid into my wet pussy and filled me completely, I looked up at this dark skinned sexy man and I almost creamed instantly as he began fucking me. I let the others put a cock in my hand and In my mouth, my eyes rolling back as they fucked me. Soon enough I felt a fat dick pushing at my asshole and I almost screamed as he ripped my ass open to fuck me even more. Feeling two BBC’s thrusting together as they double penetrated me was the most amazing feeling I have ever had, so full of cock I could have died right then but instead I squirted, My little cunt and open asshole began pulsating like I’ve never felt before! I blacked out from how hard I came! When I woke up alone I knew I had to miss work because I couldn’t even walk.

Blossom Calls A Lyft

Drunk Sex PornSometimes I let random guys fuck my holes for fun! Not all the days I work at the bar are interesting, some days I really just am waiting for something to happen to me! The bar was slow today and then strippers were all begging to go home early because of how little money was being spent. On nights like this there are only a few barflies to serve and the energy is dead. After closing I called a Lyft back to my trailer and was surprised at how nice the car was that pulled up, It was a black BMW with tinted windows, when I climbed inside I noticed the driver was so sexy. He has a finely trimmed mustache and a handsome young face, his cologne smelled like money and the leather seats cupped my ass in a way that made me wet. I gave him a look in the rear view mirror, I could tell he knew that I was a cum slut. He drove me home like usual, taking the longer route of course. When we got to my trailer park he pulled in front of my trailer, I noticed that he didn’t unlock my door. I asked him “Do you want to chill for a bit?” He nodded, never saying a word… he climbed into the back seat. I noticed that his cock was hard through his pants, I grabbed it in earnest, his face changed instantly. I pulled my skirt up to show him my perfectly bald cunt, which he immediately dropped between my legs to eat. He licked between my legs until I squirted all over his face. I had to return the favor by swallowing his long white cock. He slid his dick down my throat, I felt him get harder with every thrust, my pussy throbbed so hard. I knew he was close to cumming so I bent over and spread my cheeks for him so he could see my dripping wet pussy. He slid inside me swiftly, making me cum all on his cock. We fucked at least three times that night, I let him cum deeply inside all my holes!

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