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Always A Happy Ending!

Stripper Sex Stories

My private striptease shows in the champagne room always have a happy ending! When I take to the pole at work I’m lost in the sensation of moving my body to the music, feeling all those eyes on me makes my pussy throb and I know I’ll end up making a little extra money tonight if I just say yes. Yes to the drugs, to the private dances and to the cocks that want to slide inside me and make me their cum dump. I took a private dance with a high roller, big money was being spent on me and me alone, I had to oblige any request. This sexy rich stranger was rock hard against me as I ground my hips against his. I was slippery wet already all I had to do was free his cock from his pants and slide it in. Instantly he grabbed my hips and started pounding me into the couch, I loved every second of it and so did he apparently. He slid two wet fingers in my ass as he pumped my cunt and made me nut. It wasn’t long before I felt him unload inside my fuck hole, god I love being a stripper cum whore!

Sharing A Cock With My Favorite Tranny!

Freaky Phone Sex

Last night I shared a thick 10 in cock with my favorite tranny whore, Alexa! I’ve always thought tranny women with cocks are so sexy and powerful, it’s been a longtime fantasy of mine to have a threesome and share a cock with a tranny slut. Last night I had a client request that I find a beautiful tranny and share his cock with her, he wanted us to dominate him. When Alexa arrived to the hotel room we were both impressed with her beauty. Long dark hair, perfect tits and long sexy legs made her so inviting and warm. We started out sucking the john’s cock hard, his 10 inch cock was throbbing and leaking precum by the time I started stroking Alexa’s cock, making her throb in my hand. Just seeing this gorgeous tranny with her cock hard for me made my pussy soaking wet! I had to try it, I slid my cunny down on the johns cock and Alexa forced her thick dick in my tight little asshole. The pleasure from being stretched out was amazing, I squirted all over both of them as the fucked me, I could feel the john cumming violently in my pussy as Alexa filled my ass with her hot load as well.

I’m A Fisting Whore!

Fisting Phone Sex

I know I look very sweet and innocent but the truth is I’m a stripper whore who loves to get fisted and anally destroyed! My life as a stripper is filled with cock, guys love it when I dance for them and get them so hard they will beg for me to take them in the champagne room and get them off for a little extra cash. When I’m not working, I’m throwing some wild gangbang orgies where my cunt gets dumped full of cum and my ass gets nice and stretched out from taking all those different cocks. What pushes me over the edge is having my cum filled cunt fisted and stretched out completely, I almost always squirt from getting fisted and can’t get enough of that incredible stretching feeling!

I’m A Pantyhose Whore!

Freaky Phone Sex

I have a kinky stocking and high heel fetish that makes me so hot and horny every time I get dressed up! Ever since I was a little I’ve always loved watching my mother slide on her pantyhose and wear her high heels to work. I used to hide in her closet wearing her dirty pantyhose and stumbling around in her high heels. I’ve always enjoyed the feel of a fresh pair of pantyhose on my naked pussy, I always get the crotch soaking wet when I wear them because I’m so sensitive down there. Every night before I go to work as a stripper I lay in bed in my stockings and play with my pussy, sometimes I even fuck myself with a high heel and make myself squirt right through my pantyhose!

When A Stripper Needs More Cash!

Stripper Sex Stories

When I need to make a little extra cash I can always suck some cock and get my ass gaped! Nothing feels better than taking advantage of guys who get a little too hard when I dance for them. When I dance so dirty that guys get so fucking hard for me it gets my slutty little cunt dripping wet. In the champagne room I can easily suck a cock and make a guy nut all over my tits or right in my mouth before security notices us. I can make an extra $500 bucks if I suck off every guy that asks for a private dance, some even ask if I can ride their cock or let them shove it into my filthy little shit pipe. Of course I let them fuck me however they want as long as I’m making that extra money!

Another Stripper Sex Party!

Hot Stripper Sex

This weekend I held another stripper sex party at the motel across the street from our club! This time there were mostly women and about five guys all drinking, doing coke and smoking weed. Us strippers were all starting to get really wet from licking each other’s cunts when the guys whipped out their dicks ready to fuck us all night long. Some of the guys were handsome niggers with big black cocks which are some of my favorite kinds of dick to get pounded with, I could see how thick their dicks were right through their pants! Of course we dropped right down to our knees and started slobbering all over those hard dicks excited to get fucked hard while we ate some slippery wet stripper pussy! I love having wild stripper gangbangs on the weekends!

Fuck My Hairy Cunny!

Hookers For Hire

I like to grow my pussy hair out so guys can fuck my cunt and cover my bush with their hot creamy cum! I usually keep my pussy nice and bald but occasionally I like to grow out a bush for the a few of my fuck buddies who love eating and fucking a nice hairy cunt. It takes a while to get it to the perfect length but once I have a full bush guys can’t resist the temptation to fuck my bushy wet pussy! It feels amazing to ride a guys face while he sucks on my sloppy wet hairy twat, I think the bush makes it more fun to cum all over their cocks as they are surprised at how sexy I am and how hard they cum with my wild hairy pussy.

Stress Relief With Stripper Phone Sex!

Cheap Phone Sex

I’m the perfect cum dumpster to drain your balls tonight! There is so much pressure to relax on the weekend, it can be difficult to even clear your mind but when you are playing with me all you will be able to think of is spreading my holes and cumming hard! I’m a real cum slut who craves sex all day, every day! I know my true calling in life is being face down with my ass up in the air waiting to receive a cock! When you are stroking your cock and I’m playing with my pussy we are a match made in heaven to get each other off. Call me for some really filthy stripper sex stories and gangbang orgy porn viewing! I promise you will be completely stress free after playing with me!

Blossom’s Stripper Sex Stories!

Stripper Sex Stories

I love it when my paid stripper gigs turn into straight up hardcore sex parties! Me and a few girls from the club worked a very posh bachelor party in the hills that was full of drugs and alcohol. When we arrived ready to strip all the guys were rowdy and drunk as ever, it was pretty hot seeing them be so aggressive towards us. Next thing we knew our strip tease had all these guys hard and pulling out their cocks! I let them know it would cost them extra to cum dump us but they didn’t care what the price was, they just wanted to violate our holes until we were completely covered in cum and that’s exactly what they did! We did some pills and lots of shots as we lined the guys up for some kinky orgy fucking! They pounded our cunts as we stripper sluts went down on each other, I came over and over again! It was one of the hottest sex parties I’ve ever been to.

Fisting Fun With My Best Girlfriend!

Hot Stripper Sex

Me and my best stripper girlfriend can’t stop fisting each other’s cunts for money! Me and my stripper bestie Cherry love having a little lesbian play date in the middle of the week to keep things interesting! This week we decided to drink a little wine and smoke some weed to relax, little did I know cherry brought her favorite vibrator with her for us to play with. We started watching each other use her toy and then suddenly I was being finger fucked so good! She stuck four fingers inside me and made me beg for more! Before I knew it she slid her thumb in and fisted my slippery wet cunt. It was the most amazing stretch and I came almost instantly all over her fist. After cumming so hard, I had to try fisting her too! I lubed up my fingers, adding them to her pulsating pussy one at a time, when I fit my whole fist inside her cunt she rewarded me by squirting hard all over my face. Of course we videotaped every kinky moment of this session as we know many regulars at our strip club would pay to watch us fist and fuck!

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