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When My BFF Sleeps Over!

Cum Eating Phone Sex

After a long weekend of stripping and making money, having my best friend over for some nasty fun is the best way to relax! My girl Emma came over for a smoke session and we ended up getting so high we just wanted to fuck. I called up some of my BBC fuck buddies because we needed to get higher and filled up with hot creamy cum! My black friends showed up with more alcohol and they were ready for us horny stripper sluts to suck them off. Me and Emma got to work gagging on their 10-inch dicks, we were scissoring and getting face fucked while they lit up and cheered us on. I wanted two BBC inside my holes so Emma sat on my face while I hot double stuffed. We came over and over again, by the time my friends left all we wanted to do was lick each other’s cum filled pussies and fist ourselves until the sun came up!

Fisting Whore

Outdoor Score Crack Whore!

Crack Whore Anal

I’ve been known to do some crazy things for a crack rock but getting fucked in public is a new one! I needed a score really bad, I had to work later and my usual dealer wasn’t picking up. I knew just who to call, my friend Tyrone, he would give me a rock if I took his BBC! Tyrone asked me to meet him downtown behind the warehouses, by the time I got down there it was dark and there was no one around. Tyrone stepped out of the shadows with about four other tall dark guys, I was relieved to see him. He told me that I would have to gape my asshole for them if I wanted my quick fix. I told him they could do whatever they wanted with me once I got high! They pulled out a pipe and lit me up before they started grabbing their dicks and surrounding me in broad daylight. Luckily behind the warehouses there was an alley that was hidden from view, I sucked every last dick and let them stick it deep in my ass. I loved the way my ass stretched for those Big Black Dicks; every hit made every stroke feel like the sweetest anal punishment!

I’m Addicted To Meth & Painal!

Hookers For Hire

On Saturday night I got anally gaped and forced to take twelve thick cocks in one night! I thought I was in for a quiet Saturday night back at my apartment when I ran out of meth. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t checked my stash! I called my dealer up and he told me I could come by, I dashed over as fast as I could in my stripper clothes still. When I arrived, it looked like there was a party going on, so much smoke and loud music, when I looked around, I happened to notice the house was full of guys. My cunt throbbed as I walked back to my dealer’s den, he smiled seeing me in my work clothes, I could tell he was hard already. I told him what I wanted and he told me he had enough cash for the night, what he really needed was some ass to make the party jump. Next thing I knew I was taking a hit from his bowl and getting on my knees to suck his cock, the room was filling with more guys. I couldn’t stop once I got started, they worked my pussy over getting me nice and wet before they fucked me and stretched my ass to the limit. My dealer kept feeding me hits and I couldn’t stop letting them plunge their dicks right up my shit pipe. I was gaping by the time I took the 5th load of cum in my ass, then they used all that cum to force two cocks in at the same time. I was totally screaming in agony but my cunt was squirting violently.Freaky Phone Sex


Blossom The Cock Inspector!

Hardcore Orgy Porn

I’m a professional cock inspector and I love being good at my job! I’m a stripper and bartender but by night I’m better known as the cock inspector. I’m the whore for hire they call when there is just too much cock and not enough sloppy wet pussy to go around. When I arrive for any job I come prepared with my big back of toys and tricks. I like to put on a show, teasing those big hard dicks with my perfect curves and stocking covered legs. Once those cocks are out, I have to get a closer look, I have to taste their precum and measure all those inches with my ass shaft and tight cunny. I know the job is done when all my holes are leaking cum samples, I’ll have to return to my lab to have them analyzed for cum guzzling quality!

Stripper Sex Stories

I’m a Proud Fisting Whore!

Fisting Whore

Sometimes after a long night of taking my clothes off for money, all I want to do is cum hard! I’m pretty much always at the club, either working or dancing and making money. My schedule makes it hard for me to find time for a good self-fisting session but this afternoon I knew I would have a private moment alone. I slid into the managers chair after being fucked in the champagne room by five big black cocks. My cunt was so swollen and full oof cum that I knew I could fist my cunt until I squirted. I played back the video of me fucking in the champagne room; the video of me taking 4 BBCs at the same time made my pussy start throbbing again. I slid my hand into my stocking and started fingering myself slowly. It only took a minute for me to get four fingers inside me, then five and before I knew it, I felt the stretch of my whole fist fucking my cunny! Right then the club manager walked in and saw me fisting my cum filled cunt in his chair, as soon as he saw me I squirted all over it!

I Kissed Santa Claus With Mommy!

Extreme Phone Sex

My mom and I went to a male strip club and ended up sharing the cock of a stripper dressed like Santa! I’m a stripper and my mom is a former porn star so we celebrate Christmas a little differently than normal folk. This year we went to a Santa strip-off contest at a male strip club that we saw an ad for; the competition was stiff, literally, I’ve never seen so many hot guys and with hard cock wearing Santa suits! Me and my mom ended up sharing the cock of the best stripper Santa who won the contest! We danced with him on the bar and invited him back to my place for a Christmas drink with us two horny sluts. When we got drunk together, me and my mom put on a show for that sexy Santa with the hard body; while my mom licked my cunt, sexy Santa made me suck his big hard dick!

Hot Stripper Sex

Kringle All The Way!

Cum Dumpster

Being nasty stripper slut is so much fun around Christmas! All the dancers at the club where I work were booked for a holiday party last minute. The only thing we were told was to dress up festively and expect to be paid lots of cash! When me and the girls arrived at the mansion for the party, we were overwhelmed at the number of cars parked out front. We rushed in excitedly to find a big group of old men all dressed as Santa! I couldn’t have been more excited because I’ve always found a way to fuck a Santa Claus every year and this year it happened like magic! Right away I started dancing with all the jolly old men, they got so hard watching me and my stripper friend touch each other I decided to really give them a show. I stripped naked and started scissoring with my gal pal, before I knew it, I was getting a hard dick forced in my mouth and they were fighting over my sloppy wet cunny!

Stripper Sex Stories

Santa’s Little Cock Gobbler!

Big Dick SuckerEvery year I look forward to the holidays at the strip club! There are fun costumes all month, Christmas lights and the annual Christmas that raffle gives us all a little Christmas cheer! One thing I look forward to the most is wearing my slutty Santa costume and getting my regulars into the Christmas spirit with my festive dances. Just last night I ended up leaving the champagne room with a belly full of cum because I sucked off a big group of thugs with huge black cocks! There were seven guys crammed into the champagne room with me and I could see that their dicks were rock hard. I knew I had to do something to escalate the situation so I took off my top and started sucking on those big black rods! Next thing I knew I was swallowing a big load of sperm in my Santa hat and that room full of studs were so impressed with me!

Cum Dumpster


Cum Ride The Blossom Express!

Cum Guzzling Slut

I love being a bad bitch who will do any nasty thing that comes into my perverted mind! Just last night I was walking home from the strip club when I noticed a car following me slowly, most girls would be freaked out but not me! I walked right up to that car and told them I wanted to party, the three Latino guys inside were thrilled at the idea of taking me home! We rented a motel room and bought some liquor and a little meth to get the party started. I stripped for them and told them to get their cocks out because I needed a load of cum in my wet twat. I saw that they got hard instantly and I began to suck each cock nice and sloppy. I was getting my face fucked and my cunt licked when I felt the first big brown dick sliding inside my dirty asshole. My cunt was a sloppy mess full of cum by the time the sun came up and I stumbled home. Those three amigos got the ride of their life on the blossom express train!

Baste Me Like a Turkey Please?

Creampie Slut

This thanksgiving I’ll be the turkey on someone’s table! While I was stripping, I got asked to come to a client’s house for a paid gig, he asked me to come dressed as a sexy maid. When I showed up to the house all dressed up in my French maid outfit, I thought I would be doing some light sexy cleaning. I had no idea what this client had in mind for me! He watched me parade around in my sexy outfit for a while before he told me to strip naked, after that he asked me to position myself on his dining room table as if I were a turkey. I did my best to lay there prone and shaped like a bird, soon his guest came in and to my surprise I was surrounded by hard cock! They began to jerk in front of me, my pussy was throbbing and before I knew it, I was being covered in their hot loads, over and over… they basted me like a real turkey!!!