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My Private Dance Routine!

Stripper Sex Stories

Last night while I was working my shift at the strip club, I was asked to give a private dance and my guy got way more than he bargained for in the champagne room! This guy had been watching me all night, as I worked the pole and when I was serving drinks. I couldn’t believe how sexy he was, just feeling him stare me down made my cunny wet. I felt like prey and he was the predator for my sloppy wet pussy. I was summoned to the champagne room for a dance but I knew already who would be waiting for me, of course it was him. I was all too excited to grind on him and feel his cock getting hard against my stocking covered ass. He surprised me by grinding his cock against me as I rode his lap, we were passionately humping with our clothes on. My sexy client was pouring singles all over my body just before I felt him suck on my nipples and rip my stockings open, exposing my wet slippery cunt. I couldn’t resist his cock, I slid his hardness out of his jeans and let the head rub against my throbbing cunt. When he penetrated me I came instantly, I milked his cock hard as he grabbed my ass. I couldn’t believe how amazing his cock felt inside me, I begged him to fuck me silly. He rewarded my greedy pussy with a hot steaming load of cum, never have I given a better private dance!

Sexy Blossom: The Stocking Fetish Princess!

Hooker Phone Sex

Hi there! It’s me again, Blossom, your stocking fetish phone sex cum whore who always satisfies any hard cock round! Some of my favorite days as a stripper are when I dance on that big stage in my thigh highs, whenever I wear stockings, I have so many guys come up to me and tell me how sexy they think I am. Guys love a girl in hose! It reminds them of women they’ve grown up with or even jerked their cocks with their stockings. I love the way my stockings cling to my body, holding my shape and making my cunt so wet. I never wear panties with my stockings because I don’t want anything separating my pussy from that amazing feeling! I love getting fucked in thigh highs or even a full pair of hose that get ripped open. Let me rub my stocking covered feet all over that hard cock of yours tonight, baby!

Freaky Phone Sex

Gangbang Gape Party For Blossom!

Crack Whore Anal

God, I got my brains fucked out last night by an angry mob of cock after doing too much blow! You know that I’m your down and dirty stripper slut who will do anything for cash, I love to party hard and anything goes when I’m all coked up. Last night after my shift working the pole I got invited to a pretty raging house party, me and four other girls took a cab to the hills where the massive houses were. When we arrived, the crowd of men drinking and dancing with a few girls suddenly got even more intense, it was hot and the music was thumping. I did line after line of coke after taking a few shots, I felt all that pressure in my pussy telling me to get fucked. I danced dirty with a couple of guys while my ass was out and I wanted to strip naked. I started making out with one guy and he and a few of his friends surrounded me. When I looked up from the kiss, the room was full of guys and I was the only woman left in sight. My cunt throbbed, I took off my top and started grabbing cocks as I walked past. This group of rowdy guys was suddenly thrown into a frenzy when I was completely naked, fingering my wet cunt for them. Next thing I knew I was being picked up and thrown over the counter with my holes exposed. My juicy pussy got split by a big fat cock and I started performing, moaning loud and fingering my pussy making myself squirt on each cock that pounded me. I let every cock cum inside me, either in my sloppy wet pussy or my gaping swollen asshole. I came harder than I had ever before with two cocks in each fuck hole, it was a personal record for me, how many guys I made cum that night, my holes were gaping and oozing cum.

Getting Blasted By BBC!

Cheap Phone SexI

let a group of hot black stallions run a train on me last night! I was walking to get some cigarettes after a long night of stripping for money when I saw a group of guys hanging out next to the gas station. They whistled at me and watched me walk past, of course when I came back their way, they didn’t expect me to invite them all over for a drink at my place. They were surprised that I was so bold but they accepted my invitation with excitement. I met them at my place and I couldn’t believe how hot these guys were, I sipped my drink thinking about getting stuffed full of BBC. I couldn’t wait anymore, I stood up and stripped for them, their eyes on me got me so hot! It didn’t take more than a few minutes for me to get them hard and the biggest cock had to fuck me first. I let them rip my asshole open by double stuffing me while that first BBC pounded my cunt. I came over and over, squirting a little every time, soaking those big massive rods in my juices.

I’m A Hardcore Piss Whore!

Pissing Phone Sex

Sometimes I just love soaking my stockings in piss and playing with my cunny! There are so many guys who love piss play who ask me to soak my stockings for them so they can feel my slippery wet pussy. I live to make guys with hard cocks cum all over my wet stockings! Just this morning I had a guy call me and make me so fucking wet that I just had to piss right through my pantyhose, I came so hard! Just feeling all that warm piss soaking my cunt and my legs slowly made me drip. I slid my vibrator over my clit and as I came, I squirted all over my sheets, the piss flowed into my squirt juices and my caller came hard for me just hearing it! I love being a filthy piss whore who will do anything to make you cum!

Our Stripper BBC Fuck Party!

BBC Sex Stories

This weekend at the strip club we hosted a bunch of sexy black ballers for a bachelor party! I had so much fun stripping and flirting with a club full of rich black men. Me and all my stripper friends all had a blast and we even set up a little private party at their hotel after we finished. When we arrived to their hotel suite, they were partying pretty hard, drinking, smoking and checking us all out. It wasn’t long before we started taking off our clothes and sucking on all those big black dicks. With a mouth full of black cock, I looked up and saw my girls all stuffing their holes with even bigger black dicks, I was so wet. I begged them to fuck all my holes at the same time and that is exactly what happened! I took a cock in my slippery cunt and one in my gaping shit hole, with two cocks in my hands and one down my throat, I was air tight stuffed with BBC!

Growing Up Blossom!

I’ve been thinking about the days when was a runaway teen whore! I fucked for money and a warm place to sleep all because my mom was out being a porn actress and a part-time junkie. Things haven’t always been as good as they are now for me, growing up in my trailer park was rough. My mom was always working and I got in trouble a lot at school for being a bad girl who stole, drank and had sex. I had to learn to take care of myself and as a girl my pussy was the only thing of value I had in the world. It all started when a group of boys asked me to suck their cocks, I was so hungry I said yes if they would pay me. I had never sucked a cock before so I just licked and licked their little dicks until my tongue was covered in their cum. After that I started wondering what else I could do for money!
Young Teen Phone Sex
It wasn’t long before I was inviting boys over to my trailer after school and letting them fuck my holes for a few twenties. When my mom caught me having a teen orgy for money she kicked me out and took all I had earned leaving me with nowhere to go. I took to the road by hitchhiking and let anyone pick me up and do what they wanted with me. Often, men just wanted to fuck my mouth or use my asshole like a cum dumpster, sometimes they just wanted to make me cry. I’d be starving with a cunt full of cum and my feet aching from walking all the time when a lonely stranger would come and offer me a place to sleep or a meal. I had no choice but to spread my legs and let them fuck my sloppy wet pussy and my filthy ass until they were satisfied. Secretly I enjoyed the feeling of being used and being away from my mom was the best! Growing up Blossom sure was a wild ride!

Cumming Hard With Mommy!

Sexline Blossom

Seeing my mom riding my boyfriend’s cock made me cum so hard while I sat on his face! Once I shared a cock with my porn slut sexline mommy, I couldn’t get what we had done out of my head. I thought of the fuck faces my mom made as my boyfriend pounded her slippery wet fuck sleeve, it got me so hot thinking that she was cumming on a cock that had been inside me only moments ago. of course I couldn’t resist the urge to flick her clit and make her cum hard again, my pussy was throbbing as she looked into my eyes. I couldn’t believe my mother was so fucking hot, I kissed her deeply and my boyfriend started pounding her harder. I leaned down between her legs and sucked her clit relentlessly. Just as I made her squirt all over my face, I saw my boyfriend’s cock pump a huge nut inside her sloppy wet mom pussy. For the first time I hoped that my mommy got pregnant, even if it cost me my boyfriend. The memory of us fucking that hard cock together is still one of my favorite things to think of as I pound myself with a thick dildo.

Becoming Blossom

Gangbang Whore

I’ve been a cum whore ever since I saw my porn slut mommy getting gangbanged! Mom used to take me to work with her so I basically grew up on many different porn sets. She would work all day so I would have to sit there and watch her take cock, I think this is what made me a cum whore. I remember the first time I saw my mom getting force fucked in a gangbang, I was disturbed but so turned on at the same time, there were so many hard cocks and they were all throbbing inside my mother’s wet, gaping fuck holes. My tiny little pussy was soaking wet as I watched them savagely violate her pussy and ass with multiple cocks at the same time. My young eyes were changed forever seeing her spread eagle on that bed, getting used like a fucking cum dumpster. From that moment I had only one desire in my heart, I had to fuck all those men myself in my own gangbang one day.

Sharing Cock With My Porn Slut Mom!

Taboo Phonesex

When my boyfriend found out that my mom did some hot porn films back in the day, he insisted that me and my mom share his cock! I won’t lie I have always tried to hide the fact that my mom was a porn actress because it makes men so horny. I let it slip in front of my boyfriend that she was in a few filthy movies and of course once he saw them he begged to fuck us. My mom was delighted at the idea of sharing my handsome young boyfriends cock with me, I was pretty keen to the idea as well so we got all dressed up in our sluttiest clothes for him. My boyfriend was so hard just looking at me and my mom touching softly and kissing. I started out by letting my mom suck his cock until he was begging for our soaking wet pussies. Mom rode his cock and made him cum deep inside her. I licked mom’s juices off his cock and proceeded get him ready again, this time mom sat on his face, making him eat his own cum from her cunt while I bounced up and down on his length. I came so hard and mommy squirted all over his face as we held hands, I made him cum deep inside my cunt, leaving me a sloppy mess for my mom to lick up!