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Freaky Phone Sex With BBC Daddy Ryan!

Freaky Phone Sex

After a long day of stripping for tips and freaky phone sex slurping on dick, daddy Ryan gave me 12 inches of BBC! Daddy Ryan knows just how to make a nasty slut like me beg for his big black anaconda. I love when he comes over just to find me in my black stockings and high heels, he eats my cum filled pussy and makes me cream. Ryan had 12 inches of big black cock to bury in my gaping stripper pussy and I was wet and ready to make him fill me with his hot steamy nut. He fucked me every which way, my asshole was burning when he stuffed me with that legendary BBC! He fucked my ass and my pussy relentlessly until I was leaking his hot bbc cream from every last fuck hole!

Blossom The Hardcore Anal Sex Whore!

Hardcore Anal Sex

I’m craving hardcore anal sex in a way I never have before! I think all those hours shaking my ass and grinding on the pole have made me a complete cum dumpster. At this point I don’t care how many guys fuck me in one night, as long as I make my money and get to smoke crack or meth until I’m hot and horny. All the guys the club know me as a druggy porn freak who loves being used as a gangbang whore. All they have to do is show me the money and the hard dick and I’m ready for a night of making hardcore orgy porn in my trailer! Hard cock in my shit sleeve and a fist in my pussy makes me squirt so fucking hard, I won’t stop cumming like a fisting whore while you pump my ass full of cum!

Smoking Weed & Golden Showers Sex!

Golden Showers Sex

For some reason every time I smoke a big fat blunt of weed, I start craving golden showers sex! They don’t call me ‘Blunt Smoking Blossom’ for nothing, I love rolling up a nice heavy joint after a long shift of stripping and whoring at the club. My sore feet and tight muscles all relax when I take a long inhale of my Mary Jane, then like clockwork I can’t stop thinking about golden showers sex. My cunt won’t stop pulsating in my stockings as I think about being pissed on, all that warm golden liquid sliding down my face, tits and soaking my pussy. Even thinking about my own golden shower sex stories, like the first time I was getting licked clean and couldn’t stop cumming so hard I pissed right on my friend’s hot wet tongue! She loved slurping down my pee and squirt juices, remembering how wet every part of me got just takes my high to another level. Before I know it, I’m calling up a hot stud friend from the trailer park to come over and make me his pissing sex whore for the night. Smoking weed and getting high makes me crave toilet sex like nothing else!

My Sloppy Wet Pussy In Stockings!

Sloppy Wet Pussy

My sloppy wet pussy always soaks my stockings with after a night of getting cum dumped like a gangbang whore! As phone sex sluts like me tend to be nymphos too, that means I have an addiction to stripping and whoring! I spend a lot of time naked or just in my pantyhose putting on a show, getting those dicks so hard they are ready to burst as soon as I dance on them. I always leave a little wet spot when I’m giving a lap dance, grinding on hard dick! So many men love it when I tell them why my stockings are dripping wet right on the crotch. I get a thrill out of telling horny men that my tights are soaking wet because I’m leaking hot creamy jizz from my johns the night before. Once they find out that I love being used like a cum bucket I can almost feel their cocks throbbing against me! Men can pretty much guess I’m an anything goes fuck meat freak because of my my sloppy wet pussy!

Phone Sex Sluts

Druggy Porn Star Blossom!

Druggy Porn
The first time I had sex for drugs I knew it was the beginning of a very beautiful friendship between me and my dealer! I’m Blossom, the nastiest little white trailer trash whore you’ll find on the wrong side of the train tracks. I’ve been a big dick sucker for as long as I can remember because my mama was a low budget porn slut. She was the one who started doing hardcore drugs and getting fucked right in front of me. I had to follow in mommy’s trashy milf druggy whore footsteps by finding a dealer to fuck me and get me high enough to fuck right in front of the camera. Mommy was so proud of me the first time I fucked two big dicks at the same time right in front of her, I was her little cum guzzling slut. She fed me big hits of meth as I got gaped by the biggest cocks I’d ever taken; one belonging to her dealer and the other belonging to her boyfriend! Mommy even filmed it, my first time making druggy porn was a big success!

Use Me For Crack Whore Anal NOW!

Crack Whore Anal

It’s no wonder I’ve gotten a reputation around the club for being a wild slut, I’ve been hosting hot crack whore anal orgies! Lots of guys in the champagne room want to get a feel of my juicy booty but I can’t help that I want to feel those hard cocks stretch me out. Every time I’m giving a lap dance, I get lost in thoughts of being anally gaped like a porn slut. The idea of being used like a cum dumpster for strange cock makes my cunt soak my panties and my stockings ! When I’m grinding on a hard dick with my ass right up against it, I feel so fucking sexy. The worst part is… I’m addicted to the pain of being used like an anal sex whore, I love when big dicks stuff my butt full to the brim!

Anal Cum Dumpster

Sexy Prostitutes Like To Cum Swap!

Sexy Prostitutes

Sexy prostitutes like us just want to filled to the brim with cum! Just last night me and my stripper pal Trixie hung out at her place getting high. A friend of Trixie’s called and asked if we were down for some hot stripper sex. We love when guys want to pay us to do what stripper sluts like us love to do; get high and fuck like gangbang whores! Our John came with two friends and a big bag of meth as well as cocaine and a bottle of JD. We got so blitzed we couldn’t wait to start sucking dick and collecting those extra dollars they were throwing while we shook our asses. We fucked them all, every pair of balls got drained in our fuck tunnels and me and Trixie were so fucking stoned we were ready for some freaky phone sex. Those cocks were rock fucking hard all over again when me and Trixie did our favorite show stopping dance move; We got into the sixty-nine position and twerked all over each other’s faces while we sucked those hot loads from our cunts!

Bossy Blossom The Cum Guzzling Slut!

Cum Guzzling Slut

I’m a cum guzzling slut but I’ve been known to dominate some hard cock when I’m feeling bossy! I get offered all kinds of fun jobs while working as a stripper, one of the most awesome things I’ve ever done is dominate a group of horny business men! I never know what to expect when I arrive to an out-call gig but it’s always a thrill that makes my cunt wet to walk up to a hotel suite in my sexy outfit ready for anything. This time I was wearing my bossy blossom leather outfit that definitely said I was here to dominate and get paid! When the door opened there were five Asian business men all in suits, I knew from the look of them what I needed to do first… I cracked my riding crop and told them to strip naked! I made them lick my boots and stroke their cocks until I pulled out my strap-on, it was a beautiful site watching them fight to lick my big black dong! Before the night was through we made the freakiest hardcore orgy porn of me draining their little cocks all over my face!

Hardcore Orgy Porn

Drunk Sex Porn In The Park Got Me Paid!

Drunk Sex Porn

I was day drinking and enjoying some sun in the park when I got asked to make some drunk sex porn right there in public! I was on my day off drinking liquor and sun bathing when these two guys came up to me. One of them had a camera and the other was smoking a joint, they asked me if I would flash my tits and suck them off on video. At first, I thought they were kidding around but then I saw their hard dicks in their pants and knew they were dead serious. I was feeling really nice from the liquor warming my empty stomach and I thought about all the freaky phone sex I’d been having and started to get wet. I figured, what the hell, might as well make some cash on my day off. I told them to follow me to a more secluded spot where I could get down and dirty just like I did while I have white trash phone sex. I showed them my tits and let them have a look at my stocking covered cunt, they were eager to fuck my mouth and get some good shots but I told them to pay me first. Once I had the cash, I started doing my best cum guzzling slut impression as I sucked them right there in the park!

White Trash Phone Sex

Hot Teen Phone Sex Trailer Trash Sluts!

Hot Teen Phone Sex

After school I’d invite my best friend over to have hot teen phone sex and get off with me using my mom’s fuck toys! When I was growing up, I was all alone after school because my mom was working as a low budget porn slut. My mom would tell me to do what I wanted in our trailer so I’d get bored in all those hours by myself, I started having hot teen phone sex to make some money for booze and weed. One time I even invited my best girlfriend over to hang out and we ended up taking some really nasty calls and having freaky phone sex. Our little cunts got so slippery wet so we pulled out my mom’s big box of sex toys and started playing with each other. Lisa loved the way mommy’s pink strap-on felt around her hips and I wanted to try taking that cock on a call. The next thing I knew I was being fucked by my BFF and cumming hard like an anal sex whore while she pumped my butt over and over with that cock. I squirted all over my friend Lisa’s lap and I made our caller cum hard too!

Anal Sex Whore