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This weekend I got turned into a human toilet when I brought a few guys back home to my trailer after work! I was drinking and doing a little coke with these sexy guys from the club, they spent so much money on me in the private room that I had to take them home to play with their cocks. When we got back to my place, I got so much more than I expected. These three hot sexy men took out their cocks and started fucking my face, sticking their cocks in my throat one after the other. Just when I thought they were going to cover me in cum, they all started to piss right in my mouth, the warm wetness slid all down my naked body when my mouth overflowed. I swallowed so much piss before they started to cum all over my face!

Piss Play Whore Wets Panties!

BBC Sex Stories

Watersports are my secret craving, I love talking about how wet and wild it is to piss through my panties on a call! I can’t get enough piss play when I’m horny, I wait all night for someone to call and tell me they want to hear me pee or talk to me while I soak my little thong. This morning I woke up so fucking horny, dreaming about all kinds of cock and cum. When I reached down to touch myself my panties were soaked, I think I must have finger fucked myself to the point of squirting while dreaming of all the hard cock inside my cunt and ass! If you love hot soaking wet panties and piss play just as much as I do, call me!

Natural Throat Slut

Anal Sex Whore

Have I ever told you how much I love sucking cock? I’m a throat whore who loves to gag and slurp while giving a nice sloppy blow job. I started sucking cock in middle school, I was so curious about what a cock tasted like and how it felt sliding between my lips as I got it hard. Eventually I became known around my high school for giving the best head, guy or girl, I’d suck clit and dick anytime and I loved getting cum all over my face. I got video recorded giving the sloppiest head in the boys locker room and it circulated all around the school. When I walked down the halls boys tried to embarrass me by making gagging noises but all it did was make my cunt throb thinking about them jacking off to my video. I knew I would always love being a notorious throat slut, the attention made me feel proud of my cum guzzling cravings.

Cum And Piss Whore!


It’s been so long since I’ve gotten pissed on and I’m eager to be a toilet whore before the year is done! I dressed in my latex for work hoping to spend some of my break time behind the gloryhole, when the clock struck midnight that’s exactly what I did! I snuck into the men’s room and waited, before I knew it there was a cock being shoved in my face and I was so excited to tongue it down. I licked and licked and started going deeper on this fat white cock that looked so fucking delicious, I could hear him moaning loudly so I sucked harder. Finally a big squirt of cum was shooting all over my face and leaking from my mouth. Now all I need is a hot stream of piss to wash me clean!

Stripper Whores On Holiday!

Creampie Sex Stories

The holiday has had me busy being a hot little cum dumpster! At work we are slammed meaning the strippers are working overtime making our regulars and visitors dicks hard! Last night the egg nog was flowing a little too freely and the club turned int a full on orgy party! All the strippers performed and there were so many hard cocks in the building that we started fucking for extra cash. We spread our pussies and asses for the new horny visitors for hours! We licked each other’s cunts putting on a show on the stage while guy after guy came up to stick his cock in our tight little cunts! The boss took all the money at the door that night and paid us little whores well!

Spreading Holiday Cheer!

Cum Filled Cunt

I ended up deep throating cock and balls all week at the club! My boss told me it is my job this year to spread holiday cheer around the strip club this season, he even gave me a little Santa hat to wear on my shifts! I got to work early to put up decorations and make a couple of Christmas themed cocktail mixers. When I went back to my bosses office for the key I saw him there with three of our regulars having a cigar. I took it upon myself to join them, I sat in my bosses lap feeling his cock harden against me. The three men looked at me expectantly and of course I took off my top and pulled down my skirt. Before I knew it I was on my knees sucking all three of them off! I had three fat white cocks fighting to get into my mouth, my cunt was throbbing as the fucked my mouth and dipped their balls in. I got so turned on I ended up on all fours with a cock in every one of my holes! My boss tipped my big time after, he said I really spread the holiday spirit.

Holiday Gloryhole Fun!

Creampie Slut

The gloryhole at the strip club where I work is a fun place to be this time of year! During the holidays we get so many new visitors, not just our regular clientele, so our glory hole is filled with mysterious cock from all over! Just this weekend I had a big black cock or two, some interesting brown cock that I had never seen before and of course the regular white cock that I love sucking and fucking as usual. All these different cocks were eager to try something new out on a slut like me. They fucked my throat, my ass and my tight little pussy took a pounding too! This glory hole really makes me feel the warm giving spirit of the season!

Getting In the Spirit With Cock!

Anal Cum Dumpster

Getting fucked and doing meth with some strangers is the only thing that brings me peace during the holidays! I hate to be a grinch about Christmas but since I have no family and only a few important friends, the only joy I get during this time of year is hitting my meth pipe and getting my ass gaped. After working at the strip club all night I invite my dealer over for my usual order. He lights me up and when I take a hit all the Christmas lights really sparkle. My cunt starts pulsating and I know by the way Hector is looking up my skirt that he wants some ass instead of my cash. I hike up my skirt a bit more to give him a nice view of my cunt, he licks his lips and I can see he is already hard for me. I stand up and grab his cock, he moans loudly before I whip it out. I start slurping on his dick, slobbering all over it and getting it shiny before I slide into his lap, popping the head of his cock in my ass. He wasn’t expecting to fuck my tight little asshole and honestly his 10 inches was very filling. Before I can start grinding he grabs my hips and starts pounding away, stretching out my ass to the limit. He grabs my hair and bites my neck like a cat before he releases a steamy hot load of cream in my gaping asshole. Finally I feel the spirit of the holidays!

Fuck My Bloody Cunny!

Period Phone Sex

During my period I love feeling a hot hard cock slide into my bloody cunt! I’ve always had a rough time during my time of the month, my period comes and I’m so horny and hot, ready for a good fucking by a big dick of any kind. Luckily my fuck buddy from the trailer park is a kinky hot stud with a 10 inch rock hard cock. When he slides his rod into my bloody pussy I cum instantly, I’m so sensitive and have been longing for the perfect sensation of being pierced with something hard! Once he is inside me he feels my wet slippery walls so warm with blood and my natural creaminess, he pounds me while his hands grip my hips tightly. When he slams into me I feel my whole uterus clench in excitement, my bloody gash pulsating around his thickness. I cum again and again milking his cock with my eyes rolling into my head, I feel his cock pump a load of hot cum into me and I squirt all over him making an even bigger mess. We lay in bed covered in blood, sweat and cum and I know in my little slutty heart it’s the best time of the month for a bloody hard fucking!

The Best Kind Of Facial!

White Trash Phone Sex

One of the best ways for me to take care of my beautiful skin is to regularly get my face covered in cum! I love the feeling of hot loads covering my face one after the other, it gets my cunt so wet. Sometimes I organize a circle jerk with at least eight guys just to get my pretty face covered in the sweet nectar from their balls. I suck them one at a time getting them rock hard, Letting them slap my face with their cocks until they start to jerk their cocks furiously. When I feel the first creamy load on my face I start to rub it in like the finest lotion. Again and again they shoot their loads all over my face until I’m absolutely covered in a luxurious mask of cum!

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