Corrupting innocence at Lazy Lou’s Truckstop

trailer trash whore

The door hit me in the mouth as it slammed shut. How dare that junkie whore walk out on me!! I’ll pull her hair out by its roots and knock the shit outta that brat. Little know-it-all has no clue about life and she thinks she’s all special. She’ll find out tonight when I sink a needle in her veins and start her down the path to hell. That’s what my cousin did to me and I in turn would do it to her. I’ll make her suck black cock until her lips bleed.
I’ll always be a white trash whore and training others to be like me makes my pussy wet. Getting little homeless truckstop whores all fucked up and watching them get abused is such sicko fun. I gave the last one to a pair of trucker brothers passing through. I had her all fucked up on crank and she did anything she was told. She’d suck shit from your asshole, drink a gallon of piss, or give your furry friend a blowjob for just a little more candy.
In my coked-up mind, there’s a need for whores like us. Men need a skanky whore to do the things that their precious wives would never do. They need someone to take that frustration on, someone to beat, and fuck so hard that her pussy tears. I’m one of those, the chosen few. You can find me and my newest trainee at your local truckstop, waiting for a line or a few bucks, eager to lap those sweaty balls or dirty trucker asses.
There’s a sweet young thing starting tonight as a waitress. Just a baby. She ran away from home because her Daddy was fucking her too hard. Boo-fucking-hoo. Oh Jayden, just wait until Mama Rorie gets a hold of you. You are going to be a moneymaker for sure. One shot of liquid gold and you’re all mine!!!

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