If you are wondering if all Cheerleaders are sluts, the answer is YES! And why wouldn’t we be? We get doted on by Staff, Teachers, the Football teams… the entire school loves us!

I am definitely the Teacher’s pet but not for being a Nerd!! I don’t really have to work so hard in class, most of my teachers are willing to work with me. I work for my grades in “other” ways. This tight teen pussy, cute little ass and perky sugar tits get me out of all kinds of work!

Babysitting has it’s benefits too! The Daddies sure do love trading up from that old lady pussy to some sweet young piece of ass that loves fucking! They sure are generous with their rewards too!

I love being a cheerleader! The best thing to cheer for though is CUM!! Give me a C! Give me a U! Give me a M! What’s that spell?! CUM!! Cum… Cumtastic… Cum, cum… Cumtastic!!!!

~Megan Cheers For Cum!

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