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Night at the Glory Hole

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Personally, I fucking love sucking off a stranger’s fat juicy cock, I honestly do not give a fuck who it is or where we are at. I am so addicted to hot creamy cum, that I hit up my favorite glory hole in my city every single day. The guys there always cum buckets of their creamy jizz down my throat. I get so wet thinking about all the cocks awaiting my teen whore mouth. I just love getting on my hands and knees in the dirty adult video store bath room. I just wait until cock after cock comes through that grimy glory hole! My mouth practically waters while I wait! My throat loves getting fucked so hard. I just love being a nasty cum guzzling slut and being a cum dumpster slut! By the time I have had a few juicy thick cocks, my cunt is just dripping so wet that I need to get fucked so hard.

Ass For Gas

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Selling ass is a quick solution when you are a teen lot lizard like me! It is simply what I do best. You can always find me lurking around the grimiest truck stops selling some good used teen pussy or my hot little asshole. I love being such a filthy cum dumpster! I get so turned on by the fact that I have been a dirty little slut this whole week. I know for a fact, these truckers love to fuck my used, cum filled fuck holes. On any given night, my teen fuck holes are usually filled with about 50 loads. And of course, I could always go for another. Bending over and having my teen asshole fucked until sunrise pays the bills. My bald pink pussy gets so much fucking wetter when I take a thick cock ass to mouth in the middle of the truck stop. I promise, my used pink cunnie is worth every fucking penny.

Toilet Play All Day!

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If there is one thing people should know about me, it is that I love toilet play! Dirty phone talk about nasty scat and piss play makes me so wet! I know that a lot of teens claim to be the filthiest and nastiest sluts, but they are nothing like me! In comparison, they are all actually super vanilla and not dirty at all. You will come across all these teen whores who claim that they are kinky, but they aren’t. I am into the freakiest and taboo roleplays and phone sex calls ever. I am addicted to being a filthy cum guzzling slut and a nasty scat whore. My hot little mouth thinks that scat is so yummy and fun! Scat play is hotter than anything else. I just love squatting over a hot older man’s face and rubbing my sweet piss leaking pussy across his tongue. In my eyes, there is truly nothing hotter than a man that loves dirty scat and toilet play with a hot like me.

Little Whore Next Door

Young Teen Phone SexI love being a naughty little neighborhood whore. I’m always ready to take a cock! Everyone in my town knows that I’m the biggest slut. We got a new neighbor that just moved in a week ago. He’s a hot young stud that looks like he is well endowed. My bedroom window faces his so I decided to give him a little show. I saw him in his window and I caught his eyes, I was standing there in my little pink panties and bra set. He was watching me intensely and I saw him reach for his cock. I was taking my titties out really slow, and than I started to slide my panties off. I had my ass pressed up against the window, spreading it open to show all my fuck holes. He put his cock in his pants and next thing I knew I heard a *knock knock* on the door. It was him and he was ready to fuck! He pushed me over my couch bent over and put his dick in my creamy cunt. He was fucking me like the dirty whore I am. He was pulling my hair while he was pounding into my ass. I was getting his cock so wet. He was ready to fill me up with his yummy seed. He emptied his load into my sweet warm wet cunny. It was dripping out onto my legs. He said “looks like I moved to the right neighborhood!”. I can’t wait to fuck my neighbor some more!

Teen Sluts Fucking for Money

Teen sluts fucking is what every man wants to see. I bet you do too. I have no problem getting an audience. I have been doing sex shows down at my local adult bookstore. Men love to watch me fuck a black guy in a little Plexiglas booth. I have this big black stud with a 10-inch dick who loves to fuck my little white holes. He does it for free because I am the tightest bitch he has ever fucked. I love his hard fat cock gaping my holes. White men love seeing a teen slut get ravaged by black cock. They pay for it too. I know you might think I am a prostitute. I am, but I skirt around it by telling cops if I get busted that Leroy is my boyfriend not my pimp and men are only tipping me to watch me get fucked. It is no different than a cam show. I am in a closed, adult environment. Sometimes I must blow the cop to make it go away but most just let me slide. What is wrong with white men tipping a white teen slut? My little sex shows make me bank. I will keep doing them too. When you look like me, you can always get out of trouble.

Teen Sluts Fucking

Skank Mutt Fuck

gangbang whoreHey now, I am more than a gangbang whore! I am a skank slut extraordinaire thank you very fucking much. My dealer says so. I took seven cocks today and not all of them human! Well the furry friend was a bet and I won five hundred dollars worth of that good rock! Not that I didn’t enjoy myself. But the six men who came and used me like I am supposed to be used, they got off on it too. I was cock hungry too, see I had been holed up in the trap house for far too long. I was so high That I didn’t move for three days. I passed out and woke up like I was starving for dick. So I showered ad told my dealer that I was ready to pay off my debts and he then informed me that it was a big ass debt and it would take me several men and some hell of dirty sex acts just to break even. That’s when I suggested the dirty mutt fuck so I could cum out on top. And boy did I? I was on top of mutt cock and all of the cum filled cocks I could need right then. Oh, but after i got a buzz going I hit the streets because a skanky slut is never satisfied!

Dirty Phone Sex Slut

dirty phone sexI am a dirty phone sex slut. I was raised in the trailer park on a healthy diet of cum. I love cum. My parents put cum in my bottles when I was a little rug rat. Now, I am cum whore and everyone knows it. I had to pay the rent this month. You know this stupid virus has hurt my finances. I have not been able to work at the strip club in months. Plus, the truck stops are like ghost towns now. Turning a trick is not easy, but a girl who needs money will get creative. I started having private parties in my trailer for horny men in the area in need of busting a nut. Twenty dollars to get in and I suck you dry. Fifty dollars and you can fuck any hole of mine you want. I advertised online and, in the community, and I swear the entire state turned out. A lot of men needed a good ball draining. Good thing I am a cum dumpster because I got a lot of cum. I also got a lot of money. Enough money to pay a few months ahead. A whore always finds a way to earn a living.

My First Gangbang

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My parents always kept a close eye on me to make sure that I was not getting into any trouble. They always knew I was a bad girl! But what mommy and daddy don’t know, won’t kill them. I always snuck behind their backs and got into the naughtiest trouble! As a teen I had always wanted my teen holes to be double or triple stuffed! The hot older brothers that live next door have practically begged me to let them spit roast my hot teen body for the longest time. So one day, when mommy and daddy left for their date night, I told those brothers and all their friends to come right over! They set up a camera to capture my first ever gangbang and instantly ripped my clothes off! Those hunks stuffed my slutty teen mouth with their huge 10 inch cocks. I got those veiny cocks soaked in my sweet spit and they took turns stuffing my tight pink cunnie until all of their cocks were covered in my juices! They all fucked my holes so nice and good! I realized how much I love being used like the teen slut I am!

Juicy Wet Teen Cunt

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I am always such a horny young fuck whore. I need a heaping load of cum just to get me through my day! Good thing I can get nice rock hard cock anywhere I want, I just have to look. Trashy skanks like me don’t care who we fuck or where we fuck, we just want to fuck! I skipped class on the search for a thick cock to sit on and found some drug dealer in the alley way. Yay me! Not only did I find a cock to sit on, I also found some good blow! Win-win. Without saying a single word, I stripped off my skirt and showed him my juicy wet teen cunt, he couldn’t resist giving me a bump of nose candy and sliding me down on his fat 8-inch cock. With those thong panties pushed to the side and this wet juicy cunt dribbling down that shaft, I couldn’t help but moan and scream for the whole block to hear. I love getting my teen pussy filled with cum!

Sent to the Principal’s Office

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I couldn’t help feeling so fucking horny today at school, while in gym class. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the boys running around with their thick cocks swinging in their gym shorts, I was practically already fingering myself in the bleachers just watching them. When our gym coach told them to head into the lockers to wash up, I followed them right in and offered up my dirty teen holes for them to savagely fuck and fill up. Needless to say, the gym coach walked in and caught me getting railed out and gang banged by nearly thirty boys in my class! He sent me straight to the principal’s office. I sat in that chair oozing and leaking cum from my fuck holes and told the principal that I just couldn’t help myself. I told the principal that I couldn’t be sent to class leaking fresh cum all over the desk chair! I needed help getting cleaned up. I climbed onto the principal’s desk and showed him my leaky fuck holes. He spread my legs wide and started slurping up that oozing cum from my dirty fuck holes. He then laid out on the floor and I squatted right over his face and squeezed out as much cum as I could to cover his entire fucking face. It dripped down into his mouth and I decided that he should wash it down with my hot wet piss! I gave my principal the dirtiest golden shower right there in his office while he had his tongue in my asshole scooping out all that juicy thick cum. He begged for more of my hot piss and I made sure to squat right over his exposed veiny cock and let my piss rain and trickle down all over his cock and balls.

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