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My parents always kept a close eye on me to make sure that I was not getting into any trouble. They always knew I was a bad girl! But what mommy and daddy don’t know, won’t kill them. I always snuck behind their backs and got into the naughtiest trouble! As a teen I had always wanted my teen holes to be double or triple stuffed! The hot older brothers that live next door have practically begged me to let them spit roast my hot teen body for the longest time. So one day, when mommy and daddy left for their date night, I told those brothers and all their friends to come right over! They set up a camera to capture my first ever gangbang and instantly ripped my clothes off! Those hunks stuffed my slutty teen mouth with their huge 10 inch cocks. I got those veiny cocks soaked in my sweet spit and they took turns stuffing my tight pink cunnie until all of their cocks were covered in my juices! They all fucked my holes so nice and good! I realized how much I love being used like the teen slut I am!

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I am always such a horny young fuck whore. I need a heaping load of cum just to get me through my day! Good thing I can get nice rock hard cock anywhere I want, I just have to look. Trashy skanks like me don’t care who we fuck or where we fuck, we just want to fuck! I skipped class on the search for a thick cock to sit on and found some drug dealer in the alley way. Yay me! Not only did I find a cock to sit on, I also found some good blow! Win-win. Without saying a single word, I stripped off my skirt and showed him my juicy wet teen cunt, he couldn’t resist giving me a bump of nose candy and sliding me down on his fat 8-inch cock. With those thong panties pushed to the side and this wet juicy cunt dribbling down that shaft, I couldn’t help but moan and scream for the whole block to hear. I love getting my teen pussy filled with cum!

Sent to the Principal’s Office

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I couldn’t help feeling so fucking horny today at school, while in gym class. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the boys running around with their thick cocks swinging in their gym shorts, I was practically already fingering myself in the bleachers just watching them. When our gym coach told them to head into the lockers to wash up, I followed them right in and offered up my dirty teen holes for them to savagely fuck and fill up. Needless to say, the gym coach walked in and caught me getting railed out and gang banged by nearly thirty boys in my class! He sent me straight to the principal’s office. I sat in that chair oozing and leaking cum from my fuck holes and told the principal that I just couldn’t help myself. I told the principal that I couldn’t be sent to class leaking fresh cum all over the desk chair! I needed help getting cleaned up. I climbed onto the principal’s desk and showed him my leaky fuck holes. He spread my legs wide and started slurping up that oozing cum from my dirty fuck holes. He then laid out on the floor and I squatted right over his face and squeezed out as much cum as I could to cover his entire fucking face. It dripped down into his mouth and I decided that he should wash it down with my hot wet piss! I gave my principal the dirtiest golden shower right there in his office while he had his tongue in my asshole scooping out all that juicy thick cum. He begged for more of my hot piss and I made sure to squat right over his exposed veiny cock and let my piss rain and trickle down all over his cock and balls.

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White trashy whores like me often get bored around the trailer park, I needed me some entertainment! Luckily for me, my trailer park neighbors know how to have a good time and throw a fucking fun party with meth, crack, coke and lots of beer! Party whores like me can get a little too fucked up at these trailer park bashes, but who gives a fuck! I have a tight teen body and I know the country boys wanna fuck this used cunt. I don’t care if I strip naked in front of everyone, I love the fucking attention. I stripped naked and welcomed anyone to fuck me right there in the fucking dirt like the trashy slut I am. I wanted to get fucked so hard. I was so fucked up and high that I didn’t even care when a pair of hands grabbed me from behind and slam fucked me to the ground. He pounded my already cum filled cunt savagely until we both came in front of the whole trailer park.

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Daddy knows just how much of a dirty fucking cheerleader whore I am. He says he is my biggest fan and he watches all of my cam videos and loves when I wear my teeny cheer uniform around the house and tease him. Today, daddy said he was in a foul mood and just needed a release. I told my daddy that I can help him chill out and cheer him up with my holes in exchange for some hardcore nose candy. Daddy likes whenever I fist punch my holes with my cheerleader fist. I get my fist lubed up real good by running my fingers all over my super wet soaking cunt and fuck holes. Daddy gets so hard watching me slide finger by finger inside my tight used asshole. Little by little, I start fisting my asshole so hard moaning for daddy while he jerked his cock off. Daddy got me on my hands and knees and fed me his throbbing cock until he came right down my throat.

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