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Lately I’ve been so into smoking crack. I just love the feeling of being a dirty high whore on crack. My cunt gets so fucking hot and wet whenever I smoke crack. Problem is, I spent all my money on crack rocks and 8 balls of coke! And a broke high school cheerleader like me just simply cannot afford to be supplying my own addiction. Luckily, I have a few wet holes worth a few rocks right?Finding a thick dick hottie to fuck any hole of their choosing. I met up with my friend’s dad who offered to give me cash if he could drill my cheerleader crack whore ass with his thick daddy cock. A hundred dollars could get me so much fucking crack and coke. Plus I get an ass plunged with a thick daddy cock and filled with thick creamy cum? It’s a no brainer. Selling pussy and ass for crack is the best decision I ever made!

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