Skank Mutt Fuck

gangbang whoreHey now, I am more than a gangbang whore! I am a skank slut extraordinaire thank you very fucking much. My dealer says so. I took seven cocks today and not all of them human! Well the furry friend was a bet and I won five hundred dollars worth of that good rock! Not that I didn’t enjoy myself. But the six men who came and used me like I am supposed to be used, they got off on it too. I was cock hungry too, see I had been holed up in the trap house for far too long. I was so high That I didn’t move for three days. I passed out and woke up like I was starving for dick. So I showered ad told my dealer that I was ready to pay off my debts and he then informed me that it was a big ass debt and it would take me several men and some hell of dirty sex acts just to break even. That’s when I suggested the dirty mutt fuck so I could cum out on top. And boy did I? I was on top of mutt cock and all of the cum filled cocks I could need right then. Oh, but after i got a buzz going I hit the streets because a skanky slut is never satisfied!

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