Toilet Play All Day!

gangbang whore

If there is one thing people should know about me, it is that I love toilet play! Dirty phone talk about nasty scat and piss play makes me so wet! I know that a lot of teens claim to be the filthiest and nastiest sluts, but they are nothing like me! In comparison, they are all actually super vanilla and not dirty at all. You will come across all these teen whores who claim that they are kinky, but they aren’t. I am into the freakiest and taboo roleplays and phone sex calls ever. I am addicted to being a filthy cum guzzling slut and a nasty scat whore. My hot little mouth thinks that scat is so yummy and fun! Scat play is hotter than anything else. I just love squatting over a hot older man’s face and rubbing my sweet piss leaking pussy across his tongue. In my eyes, there is truly nothing hotter than a man that loves dirty scat and toilet play with a hot like me.

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