Virgin Vortex

Nothing tastes as sweet as baby girl pussy!Live Phone Sex

Nothing feels as good on your tongue as fluffy soft pussy lips that are as smooth as a babies bottom!

Your mouth is watering right now, isn’t it!

Are you nervous? Don’t be scared…she likes it!

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Maybe it is sooo tight, your cock will cum the second you push it deep inside her slippery wet kitty!

Well, that is if you can force it into that tiny vice at all!

Imagine, that tight tender, silky smooth, slippery wet, pussy seducing the cum out of you hard throbbing, dripping cock!

Imagine stretching that tight, untouched hole, being the first to pry that young cunt apart……fucking a sweet wet hole where no man has fucked before….

She is all yours…all you have to do is let go of that delicious cock long enough to push a few buttons!

Don’t worry, I will be slurping that juicy smooth young cunny…and she will be ready and waiting for you to squeeze your cock into her virgin vortex!

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