Cum Dumpster Skank

cum dumpsterI was such a cum dumpster last night. Not sure what got into me. Oh, that’s right, many lines of coke got into me. Then a bunch of random cocks got in me too. I was down at the truck stop with some friends. I just go to get some coke. Truckers have the best powder. The truck stop was full of old lot lizard skanks. I was the cutest girl there. That made me the belle of the lot lizards, I guess. I love attention. I was showered with it too. Showered with cum also, but I will get to that! These guys were surrounding me telling me to show them my tits, then it was my ass, then it was my pussy. Before long, I was naked in a parking lot showing off my cum guzzling slut skills with a bunch of seedy ass truckers. I know I got coke for it, but they almost drowned me in cum. I can swallow a lot of cum. Those truckers made me earn every bit of blow and then some! I came home doused in jizz, smelling like a lot lizard skank. I guess I shouldn’t throw shade towards the working girls. I am just as big of a whore.

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