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I promised him I would write about him, tell him all about what turned me into the whore I am today. Well I’ll tell you what, Ellen and I grew up much of the same way… both our Daddy’s were addicts who loved to teach us how to get high and get fucked. I can’t remember a life without my Daddy’s cock in me, and I know it’s the same for Ellen. We’ve always been the biggest whores in our town; everyone knows we’ll do anything for some money. We’ve both got our drugs of choice and it seems our only goal each day is to get fucked and get high. When you called and told me about what you did to your little niece it made my pussy slick and wet, I wanted to join in the fun and I couldn’t imagine having anyone but Ellen by my side for this little fuck fest. She was real young, young enough she probably won’t remember any of this, and the thought of that alone has me slick and wet. You’ve got your buddies and I’ve got my girl Ellen with me & your dumbass fucking sister left you to babysit for a couple days. Let the fun begin I think to myself as she leaves, not looking back or a worry in her mind that her little darling is going to be okay. This is the best gig ever, enough money from babysitting to get the dope we want, we’re all smoking weed and snorting lines and once we’re real fucking high I know it’s time to fuck this little bitches brains out. Ellen and I help you hold her down while your fucking her little throat, feeling yyour cock go down her throat as you fuck her hard making her gag and choke. I get wetter and wetter helping hold her down to let each and every one of  your friends have their way with her, spreading her ass cheeks wide to fuck her tight little ass and Ellen holds her head as she pukes on your cock down her throat. Feeling my pussy get wetter as she cries and cries… mmm this little fuck fest isn’t over yet…

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