Lot Lizard Tuesday

phone sex line cleoI saw him at the truck stop yesterday and could tell he was jerking his man meat in the cab. I was headed into the cab of a fellow trucker and by the time I got done so was he. I saw the way he looked at my ass peeking out of the back of my mini skirt as I climbed in to his fellow trucker’s cab so when I was done I went over to talk to him. He told me his load had been delayed (no pun intended) and that he would still be here in the morning if I wanted to come by and have some fun. Now I can’t decide which pair of panties I will wear, not that they will be on long anyway. I can’t wait to get his cock in me and ride his ass like no lot lizard has ever ridden him before. He is going to remember this piece of Latin ass for a long time.live phone sex trucker

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