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All the young studs in my neighborhood call me a hot MILF. I always have me and my daughter fuck and suck the community cocks. Last weekend I had a big cock daddy come over to pound my pussy like a cock hungry whore! That was until he saw my sweet little princess come out of the bathroom with a towel that barely wrapped her body..

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My son walked in on me last night while I was getting gangbanged! I was so shocked, I thought he was asleep.. I must have been moaning too loud.. He walked in and saw me riding a juicy dick while having another buried in my asshole and one crammed down my throat!

My eyes were rolling to the back of my head… When I suddenly noticed my son standing there with his cock in his hand.. I knew I was in big trouble! His dad is out of town on a business trip and has no idea moms, a skank whore! I immediately got up with cum pouring out of my drain holes…

Fuck! I shouted..

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When he got through fucking me like a slut he told me I was going to be servicing him regularly if I wanted him to keep his mouth shut.. I have been giving my son blowjobs all day while having phone sex.

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I love Cum eating phone sex while watching mommy daughter porn. Opening up about all of those hot Creampie stories of me and my slutty daughter feasting off of one another’s Cum filled cunt always gets the guys going. I love getting her intoxicated… When she is under the influence fucking she is the sluttiest, sloppiest fucking Teenage whore you will ever come across. She has been sucking dick with her Mommy ever since she was a little! I have always been a Trashy woman who developed a really bad habit… I used to work late night at the glass slipper and offer specials in the backroom… All the guys would line up and i would get fucked by at least 20 men a night! That’s until I had her, I couldn’t wait for her to get old enough so I could turn her into a Teen anal tramp! I wanted her to be a whore just like mommy. I knew she would make tons of money so mommy could afford that pure rico cocaine. That shit used to suck me dry! Well now that she is old enough to fuck and suck with mommy.. We don’t have to worry about anything. Mommies still got it going on and my teen slut bucket is worthy of a hot fuck.

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Give me those dirty dicks that love fucking junkie prostitutes’ out of ran down motels ! I need more rock in my crack pipe! If you’re a fiend and you struggle you are not doing anything right! I swear if I have saved up all the money I have made from fucking I would be a millionaire by now…

I am honestly surprised that I don’t have a sex disease by now. I mean I haven’t been to the doctors since I picked up the habit of doing drugs. I just hate someone bossing me around trying to tell me to get help…

That is the exact reason why I left my husband and family behind. My only help is my drugs. I do not care about anything else. I will care about you for the moment as long as you’re supporting my drug habit. I’ll give you pussy as long as you buy me my next bag of drugs. Here’s how it works, sometimes the market is cheap in the streets so my pussy price drops! Some other times the price goes up so my pussy price goes up…

I would advertise “bring me drugs’ ‘ Instead of “come with money”, but most of these men are too pussy to handle a fast transaction with a drug dealer you know. Fucking, fuck me up this loose dirty unwashed pussy and pay me already.

I do not care about anything anymore! I need to stay high..

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When you need a fix you’d sell yourself! That is what Cleo the whore is doing in these streets. In my city I am at every corner! I have stamped almost every corner with my business card. You really will not believe how easily I have made it for myself to get a fix. I mean I went from struggling to getting overwhelmed with the amount of fixes I am receiving. Lately I have been requesting TV’s, Video consoles, and jewelry.

I am accepting those types of payments because money is easy to spend. I am legit sucking dick in my sleep! I have a gangbang special where random men get to fuck me at the same time for a cheaper rate. One day, I will grow old and I will need a new set of teeth, so I will sell a all of my assets my ass has earned me over the years! Yes, I am a dope fiend. The higher I get the smarter I become! Honestly, I do not have a lot of time. I have three clients showing up around the same time to get their cocks sucked.

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I went on a prostitute gig that lasted a week! Could you imagine being fucked all day and night for 7 days straight without showering…  OMG, I reeked of sex and drugs… I did that because I was high on molly and ecstasy… I even did some white snow to keep me up and running. I fucked and sucked for a few hundred dollars per cock all night. Yes, I am a cheap whore that would do anything to get my next fix.

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Just fuck me!! You can even bring your gang to fuck me with you… Fuck me from behind and grab me by my neck, Choke me trick until I struggle to breathe while I moan like a Druggy whore that I am. All in all, metaphorically speaking… I would fuck a tree branch if it would help me get what I desire for the day.

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I love druggy phone sex! I wanna get so high that I am unable to feel my face. I love filling my asshole with cocaine and getting so numb that I can’t feel a thing! Let’s get high together… I want to chase the dragon while you tell me all of your wicked rape phone sex fantasies! I love speed balling… The way I can instantly feel my body giving in to the devils calls. Makes me feel amazing! Screw me over and fuck my littles right in front of me.. Take advantage of the fact I am a druggy whore who cares for nothing but a fix. I am willing to sacrifice the littles just to spend some time with you or should I say spend some time off the drugs you will be bringing over. You can use, abuse and dismantle their fuckholes! As long as you make sure I get so high that I won’t regret a thing! Oh ya, If we run out of funds don’t worry I do it all the time… We can pawn these worthless little fuckholes off and reup on supply!

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A nice hot orgasm while rubbing my juicy firm ass is all I need to feel free. I am so high right now in the elevator! What better way than to go up and down the elevator in my night robe while I rub on my grown beautiful pussy? Yes, I am a crackhead but my pussy is still a golden baby! My nipples are hanging out of my night robe and they are so perked up. I can’t help but publicly rub on myself.

The elevator has a mirror so I decided to pop a squat and watch my womanly fingers rub through my shaved tight pussy. My goal is to squirt everywhere. Each time, I insert my fingers into my pussy I suck them clean. When I got to the 26th floor the elevator door opened as I let out a load of cum and piss. My head is pointed up at the sky, my eyes rolling back and I’m moaning as my pussy throbs relentlessly.

As soon as I open my eyes I look forward and see I’m done squirting all over some random mans black leather shoes. I was so horny. I didn’t hesitate. I pulled him in the elevator and sucked his dick until he dropped every drop of cum he could drop down my rammed throat.

I am such a daredevil when I’m on the drugs Papi.

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I am a trailer park whore! All the guys in my mobile park know when I come around that means pants down cocks up! Last night I scraped up some change for a nice eight ball of coke! I worked my way down to the back of the park where all the vatos hang out.. I was wearing a bikini and a pair of black platform heels… They were all whistling and shouting at me.. They love when I flaunt my nice round ass and perky tits.

They were drinking Heinekens and it smelt like a redemption center! I knew what I wanted so I could care less. I sat up on the hood of one of their classic cars.. It was a Chevrolet Camaro and pulled the strings of my bikini! I took one of their Heineken bottles, chugged it down and inserted it into my cunt! My favorite guy walked over and finished the bottle of Heineken up. Twirling his tongue around the rim.

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I sucked dick on the train this morning before my visit with my dealer up in the city. I was short on money so I offered my head to every man in the cabin. Haha I made $200 off 10 cocks. That’s $20 dollars each. I might have acted like a filthy whore and they had their way with my pussy. By the time I got to my dealer I was rammed and filled with cum. Guess what he did? Lol, he French kissed me. I swapped saliva with him and he swallowed it. Little did he know he swallowed a train cabin’s worth of cum. He even gave me free drugs for just that kiss. I mean I felt bad and all. One more dick to suck wouldn’t hurt my deep throat. I sucked his cock all the way back to my house. I made him cum over and over. This white snow has me acting wild. I fucking love being a trailer trash train wreck slut. I suck dick for drugs don’t judge me okkk.