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No taboo phone sexI was on the floor wilding on their dicks until they nutted inside me. Cock, money, and cum is all I live for. I can proudly announce that I do use my cum filled pussy on the daily to get things I want for instant gratification. I volunteered to be an older man’s maid for community service purposes. When I showed up my intention was to fuck my way out as quickly as possible and that is exactly what I did. Lacing old Papas’ water with viagra and serving him almost half naked really got his old cock hard and ready to get those big old nuts drained. Suddenly a black man in a nurse uniform walks in, drops the glass of water out of shock, then pulls his pants off and says “allow me to help you old man”. I pinned them both down to the floor and fucked the lights out of them until they nutted so deep in me. The old man really needed to get off. His cock would not stop pulsing in my pussy. He drained cum for a whole minute to the point where cum was dripping out of my cunt like a stream of water. He got a good nut sucking out of me!! I rubbed my cunt until I orgasmed and squirted all over his lazyboy.

Creampie Phone Sex With A Cuckold Whore

No taboo phone sexI tried Uber out and had the most perverted experience of my life. I picked up some drunk guy from the bar. He was slurring and could barely walk! While driving him home I look into the rearview mirror to see a man completely naked. His legs spread wide open and he was stroking his cock. I hadn’t had sex in a while so I immediately became aroused. I pulled my car over to the side of the road and asked him to put his clothes back on. He spit in the palm of his hand and continued stroking his dick. My pussy was having a mind of her own. I couldn’t control myself. I found myself on a side street running my fingers in circles around my wet cock craving cunt. I reached over and grabbed his hand, placed it on my pussy and he began massaging the walls inside of her. Oh fuck, I orgasmed all over his hands. I feel so guilty I wasn’t under the influence and I found myself in the back seat with a strange man getting my rocks off. Holy fuck I am such a whore. I quit my job because I was so ashamed to run into him again.

Druggy Phone Sex

No taboo phone sex

I got caught sucking my boyfriend’s best friend’s dick at a party. I didn’t just kiss 1 or two people. I went around and got fingered by countless guys. 4 inserted their dicks in me and none met my expectations. They were either small or too big. I needed the perfect size dick. Somehow my boyfriend’s best friend began making out with me next thing you know I’m on my knees in his garage sucking his dick. Perfect 8 inch veiny cock. Slowly my shirt came off as I continued to suck and throat his dick. I was drunk so you can only imagine how good I sucked and throated that dick. Next thing you know the garage door opens and it’s my boyfriend’s car. I thought he was going to fight him or something. Instead he walked over, pulled his dick out and put it in my mouth. As he began to make out with his best friend. Right there and then I understood why he always likes to play with a butthole. I guess they both are “best friends with benefits” lol. Well it’s kind of selfish because all I got was 2 dicks in my mouth. They ended up fucking right Infront of me as I used a corona bottle to fuck myself to that beautiful sight. Who would’ve known two men fucking would make me orgasm and squirt the way I did. 

Hooker Phone Sex

No taboo phone sex

This Latina pussy will suck your cock so good. Put that dick in a choke hold and make him gag and drool deep inside my pussy. No matter how much you insist on wearing a condom or being able to pull out on time. This pussy is known for cum guzzling. Make your pull out game weak! My tight pussy will have you thinking you are fucking someone a lot younger than what I actually am. So fresh and pretty like a lotus flower bomb. You will feel every last one of my ridges on your way in. 3-4 inches up is my nice vulva. That beautiful “ball” in there will have your cock pumping and your toes curling. My pussy is heaven on earth. There isn’t a man I’ve fucked who doesn’t still want me! They all form a line and can’t help but keep trying to reach out to me. I don’t get left, I do the leaving. A pussy this beautiful, wet and tight will control your mind, body and soul. Believe me, I have an aura that seeps seduction. You will get sucked into my world of orgasmic bliss. Phone Sex so good you can taste it!

Cum Dumpster

No taboo phone sex

I had the freakiest nastiest sex at the bar. I bartend on weekends for some extra cash…. A girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do. Drunk sex with a group of intoxicated men… Paid me well!!
I drained not only those heavy thick balls but I drained those wallets too! They had me in every position you could think of. The sluttier I got, The more money I made! Looks like I got rent money for the next few months. All it took was my cock craving cunt to fill with creamy jizz and to fuck those juicy thick long cocks like a porn star! I milked the fuck out of his 10in throbbing dick! He creamed inside my mouth. I lathered the next guy’s asshole with leftover cum droppings on my tongue… The other guy rammed that mans asshole. Bisexual men are so fucking freaky! I got to experience breathe taking, jaw dropping sex. I’ve turned plenty of tricks but I have never gotten the chance to fuck a gang of men who were willing to fiddle with one another’s cocks, I orgasmed and squirted all fucking night while getting filled in every hole!

Giantess Phone Sex

No taboo phone sexI fucked the Eiffel Tower. We destroyed the city! He loves his giantess! The way my pussy created a lake of water and we rained cum all over the city! We destroyed the glass slipper. I picked those bitches up and fed them to my giant masculine man. I was shoving tiny little bitches deep inside my pussy. His massive dick rammed my walls. One bitch tried hanging on to his dick on his way out. That’s when I hovered over the Eiffel Tower wrapping my giant pussy around that bitch while squatting down blowing his dick. I swallowed that slut and massaged his giant balls. Mmhm daddy loves when I sit those bitches up on my nipples and he sucks the right off. We had so much fun destroying the city and getting off. He came deep inside me, I ran across the city and showered the town with his man cum. I can’t wait for our trip to Puerto Rico we are going to create a tsunami!

My Gynecologist Fucked Me

No taboo phone sexI masturbated during my gynecologist appointment today! Dr. Schwartz is so fucking hot, I couldn’t help myself. I wanted my pussy to be a super soaker when he went down there to give me a pap smear. He inserted his fingers inside of my wet cunt and the look on his face said it all! He sent his assistant out of the room, locked the door behind her, dropped his pants and told me to wrap my pussy around his cock! I sat on the edge of the medical chair, grabbed him by his gown and pulled him closer. He popped his cock right inside of my pussy and put my legs up in the air over his shoulders. He fucked me so hard! My devious ways worked I got the doctor to fuck me. The assistant came back knocking and I smirked and told him to open the door and let him in. He knew we were up to no good he insisted if he didn’t get to fuck me too he was going to tell. That’s when I bent over, spread my cheeks and told him to insert his cock!! He rammed his cock deep inside of my asshole and fucked me like a disgusting whore. I got filled up with both of their cum. My pleasure!!!

2 Girl phone sex is wild

2 Girl phone sex2 Girl phone sex is wild and hotter than satan’s filthy asshole. Here I am playing with my beautiful, naughty, dribbling pussy for a guy when my fellow slut picks up my thick ass, pulls my long sexy legs around her waist and lines up to my ass with a strap-on that makes most dicks look like they were made for little girls and couldn’t satisfy a slutty woman like me in a million years. I find myself so much wetter in an instant, knowing I’m about to be anally wrecked and treated like a fuckhole while he watches and jacks off until he’s ready to join and plug me till I have a Cum filled cunt. She doesn’t keep me waiting, she stretches my asshole open with the tip of the plastic cock and looks into my eyes with a mirthful giggle. She knows what she’s about to do, and my breathing gets faster just thinking about how good this is about to feel. “Ready?” She asks, and I open my mouth to answer before she drills in without warning, turning that answer into a loud moan. She stretches me out so deep, my eyes trail back down to that beautiful pussy of mine and I open my dark lips to admire the pink and get ready to aid her in making me squirt like a bitch in heat should. It’s so thick it hurts in just the right way, filling me to the brim and continuing to stretch me for it’s only halfway in and has so much more space to burn. This is Lot lizard sex, powerful stretching, pumping, ass wrecking cock and a man watching on in amazement at what he’s become witness to. I shoot him a coo and a twinkle of my eyes, just as I twist my body just right to squirt a powerful surge of pussy juice and cover him from across the room with the potency and power of my cockhungry spray.

Trailer park Cum guzzling whore

Cum guzzling slutI am the sluttiest bitch in the trailer park! I have been getting fucked since I was a tweenie. The amount of men that go in and out of this lot is unimaginable. Last night I couldn’t afford a dub so I did what I do best. I sucked some sicko off while he played with his niece’s little clitty. He made me lick her pussy and finger her little asshole until she cried. I just needed my fix and was willing to do anything for it. I sucked his cock and rubbed his balls until he was stiff enough to shove his big dick deep inside of her. I stroked her hair and covered her mouth so nobody would hear her screams! When he was through with her little holes he bent me over and cumshotted deep inside of me. It felt so good to get fucked the way he did me! I managed to get off with a little extra because he had me snow plowing straight off his cock. 

Cum filled cunt by my naughty son

Cum guzzling slut

There is a saying out there that says “Fucking the mother is one of life’s pleasure” my son in law and I have been secretly flirting with each other! We finally got to fuck today! He showed up at my house when no one was around to “check on me”. I was honestly very excited to see him! I wasn’t wearing anything seductive, just my usual wear! I had black tight jeans on and a pink shirt! He came in and began grabbing it! He caressed me and I caressed him back! Then I dropped down to my knees and pulled his grey sweatpants down! I sucked his cock until he came! I was honestly afraid my daughter would find out so I didn’t push too hard for him to get in my pussy! So I made sure he came but he would get soft! So then I stood up and he unbuttoned my pants and slowly pulled them down! I was wearing mommy navy blue G-string! He immediately began sucking on my butthole!! Omg it felt so good! Then he bent me over and began fucking my from behind! After that he wanted to do missionary so he could engrave the look on my face in his head while he penetrated my cunt so deep! Ever since he always tells me about how he thinks of me when he fucks my daughter! He always sends me videos of him cumming in the work bathroom! He can’t get over me! He said to me that I made his dream come true! Yum his cock was so tasty!

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