I want you to know 

Latina phone sex


I can’t stop thinking about you, you’re the only thing that’s on my mind I feel weak when I’m not around you. I’m aching because I miss you because I just want you I want to hear your voice I want to see your face. I can’t stand being without you, I want you to touch me like you did last night. I’m trying not to feel for you but I’m only lying to myself because I feel for you my everything needs you my body thirst for you. Can’t you see that I am in love with you I’m in lust with you I’m enchanted by you I’m under your spell. It hurts me when I don’t hear your voice it hurts me because all I ever dream about is putting your cock into my mouth and completely satisfying you swallowing all of your juices up and making you feel like you need to feel. Call me don’t you know that I need you don’t you know that my whole everything just wants you. We can do whatever we want it doesn’t matter to me I just want to make you happy. I will obey you if that’s what you want if it pleases you I have no limits when it comes to you I miss you so much. I know that you think I say this to everyone I know you look at my body and think but I’m such a slut but I do things with you that I don’t do what the other men, you make me give myself completely over to you and that’s all I want. Don’t you believe me look in my eyes I’m begging you to call me.


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