Truckstop Trash

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East bound and down, loaded up and truckin’….
I’ve always been a whore for the truckers. Those sex-starved road jockeys are just cruising down the road in those portable bedrooms, made for some hot, truckstop action.
My favorite thing is teasing them. Nothing is better than riding with the BF, down a boring section of interstate and playing with my pussy. Feet on the dash, tanned legs spread, fingers dipping into my honeypot, waiting for the next big rig to ease on by. The look on their face as they hit the brakes really made me wet, knowing they were stroking that hard one just for me.
I’ve never been shy about my slutty needs. I once fucked a trucker at a roadside park while hitchhiking, knowing that all of the other truckers were watching. I imagined them all jacking off, watching me getting reamed to the hilt, shamelessly taking a cock in every hole. In my fantasy, they get out of their trucks and come join in, making it a trucker orgy. I feel myself being pushed down on a dirty picnic table as they surrounded me. One is in my ass, while other has me on his cock. I feel a third cock touch my lips and I open wide for it, smelling sweaty balls slapping my chin. Both of my hands are full of cock, jerking off trucker fuck meat. They fill me with cum, and then are replaced by the next man, who rams his dipstick into my cummy hole. As I start to cum, all of the other truckers blow their air horns in unison as they all jerk creamy loads onto their dashboards and windshields.
My new fantasy is to be kidnapped by a trucker who rapes me, pimps me out at all the truckstops, and makes me into his sex slave. What better way to feed my need for truckstop cock? Care to join me on this road trip?

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