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White trash phone sex with the town whore!

White trash phone sexI love having White trash phone sex with some foul men who have no limits. I always cum so much when I can get a guy to talk about the nastiest shit with me. I need someone who doesn’t mind filthy stories because I she had some of the nastiest sex. When you live in the middle of no where it’s much easier to come across a bunch of perverts. I enjoy being able to talk to you filthy pigs on the phone so I can tell you all the fucked up things these men do to me on the regular. As you can see; I love public attention and I will do anything to make men stare at me. So that means I have no problem taking out my big bouncy tits for everyone to see. Especially during the day when there’s so many people who could potentially see.

You should pick up that phone and call me. I know you need a Cum dumpster who will graciously take every last drop of cum you have to offer. Wouldn’t you just love coming to the beach and coming across my naked tits? I think you would start stroking before I even started to fuck and suck that nice hard meat stick of yours. Come on baby; get that cock worked up for me so I can drain your nuts into my pink fuck hole!

Blonde fucking whore spreads her holes for the manager!

Blonde fuckingI am the towns favorite Blonde fucking whore; which makes sense since I am the only who shows off like this. All the other sluts in the area have way too limits unlike me and my girls. It’s clearly why me and my bitches pretty much get whatever we want. Most of the time at least 2-3 men in a place know me immediately. It’s always so much fun watching them turn their heads when I walk into a store, bar, etc. Sometimes they are with their partners who have no idea what their man is doing behind their back. I love when the guy looks like he has seen a ghost when really it’s because his stupid ass bitch wife has no clue he has had me bent over their bed,counter tops, etc. 

This morning I headed over to the store so I had to flash and give myself up a bit to the workers; I wanted to make their day. At first the manager pretended to be turned off as he ranted and raved about his town being filled with stupid sluts and he was sick of it. That was until he brought me back into the office as I sat there and showed off my freshly shaved pink little cunt and ass hole. He loved that I had no panties on and he liked that I showed him my Sloppy wet pussy from the chair. He tried to call me a gutter whore but that would be ridiculous since his cock was out and he was already about to bust a fat load. The poor bastard didn’t even get to fuck me yet and he almost came just by me sitting there with my holes exposed. 

Trailer park whore spreads her legs in a nasty photo shoot!

Trailer trash whoreA real Trailer park whore doesn’t give a fuck who sees her naked. The only think I give a fuck about is spreading these legs & opening up my cunt lips. There’s nothing more fun than exposing myself to all the neighbors and all the internet perverts. I get so turned on when I see a man’s cock get hard in his trousers while he watches my naked body. These holes have been ran though during so many sets because I could not contain my excitement. I can’t even tell you how many photo shoots turned into orgy scenes with all the guys on set with me. 

There’s not many things that get me going these days. However, I can feel this nasty fuck hole drip when a man is deciding on purchasing me for a night. Kind of like how you are deciding if you want to call me and jerk off right? Well I am super convincing and I bet you’re stroking that prick deciding on what slut to use. This is me telling you that you should call me and let know how hard you are while I will beg to be your cum dumpster.

This photo shoot was so much fun. Mr.Haze is older but so much fun; watching him try so hard not to jerk off as he takes pics of me. The whole time he likes to make sure I am looking at the care as he degrades me. It really makes for a fantastic time and I always squirt and cum harder than ever! I imagine at this point your cock is dribbling with lots of pre cum. Your cock head is throbbing and needy and your wife will me home soon. You have to cum fast so she doesn’t know what you do when she isn’t around right? Ah, I love men like you; I always let guys in your position violate my body however you wish. It makes me so hungry for cock when I see how needy you get for a piece of my ass, pussy and mouth. Your deprivation makes me hornier than ever baby. Do you want me to be your Cum guzzling slut? Connect with me!

Cum dumpster shows off for all the customers and camera crew!

Cum dumpsterA proper Cum dumpster knows how to present herself; especially when she I needy for cock. It’s been a slow week with my escorting company so I needed some new pictures for my clients. I figured it would be a perfect time for some updated stuff and maybe it would bring in some newbies. I had a sexy photo shoot set up with my camera crew; me and a few of my hottest girls made sure to look out best. I told them to make sure they looked skimpy in some bathing suites; I wanted a slutty beach scene for the pictures and videos.

Some juicy asses and tight Sloppy wet pussy looks the best in a skimpy bikini set on a beach. The sweet sandy look with a sexy little skank will have all the men stroking off their cocks. My camera crew was bricked up as they took shots of my big fat tits and pink bald little fuck hole. I made my girls bend over and show off their ass cracks. They slipped the strings of their suites to the side so it would ride up their cunt lips and butt holes. They looked perfect; most of the men were drooling and adjusting their pants the whole time. 

Since it’s been slow with my company I figured the best way to pay the crew would be with some nasty Hot stripper sex. I knew they would have no problem getting their moneys worth with all our holes. They didn’t spend anytime waiting on getting naked and tearing our swimwear right off our bodies. I watched them hammer my girls cunts and ass holes. I was rubbing my clit while a couple of them used my throat. I love watching my bitches get used like the pieces of fuck meat I have trained them to be!

Hookers for hire with the local principal!

Hookers for hireMy little Hookers for hire side gig is really taking off. We get calls and booking from teachers, higher ups, etc. Trust me, it is taking off and all the nasty perverts are coming to light. Some of the shit I hear and see is wild; all these high earning men out here being filthy pigs. It’s fine by me though; as long as I get the cash and their cock & seed and I don’t give a fuck what they do. I am all for a nasty perv looking for a hot bitch to pump his cock into; it makes up for the boring city I live in. I love to see a little fun and risky behaviors!

Plus it helps a lot when me and all my Big dick sucker bitches get a lot of work. Not only is there money in my pocket but my whores have the funds too. It makes me so happy to see my sluts pleasing these men with their holes. I am running such a good business with the proper ladies; it really is great to see. Today’s clientele was quite the line up; a few of my girls had an orgy set up and I had the Principal at the local high school. He requested that I dress up like an assistant slut and do whatever he says. He needed a release with a good little throat slut. 

I was so excited to guzzle some cum. We all know I am the nastiest whore when it comes to Cum eating phone sex. So I knew Mr.Ross was going to love my mouth. He was a needy over pressured hard working man and just need a whore to use for a while. I even gave that prick a discount; I really do love swallowing nut!

Trailer trash whore eats the officers ass!

Trailer trash whoreWhat can I say? I am a Trailer trash whore and I like to party and get wild. Sometimes I may get too wild and get myself caught up in some shit. I always get myself out though; especially in a small town with a bunch of men who need to get laid. I have been here my whole life so everyone knows who I am. Especially the officers in this shit hole; they are always up everyone’s asses. They have nothing better going on so I guess they just need to nit pick. Although, I will admit this encounter was my fault since I decided to drink and drive. 

Mr.Parker pulled me over yet again; he has run into me before for public disturbance, etc. I knew I was in for it the second he asked me to step out of the car. I tried pleading and he said “Rhiana this is an all the time occurrence; when are you planning on cleaning up your act”? I was drunk and did not feel like arguing so I said “Never sir, I am way more comfortable doing what I want when I want”. He looked me up and down and said “It’s either you shut the fuck and give me some Drunk sex porn footage or I am going to take you down to the station, give you a ticket and keep you in holding until tomorrow bitch”!

I was taken back but thankful that he wanted a piece of my whore ass; I could not afford a ticket or jail. I smiled and slipped my skirt off. He ripped a hole in my stockings and pulled my shirt down to see my big tits. He laughed and said “I always sit in the back when you are working that sexy naked ass on the pole; you always get me so hard with your slutty body”. He told me to get in the back seat so he can bend over. I was like “What?” he laughed and said “Eat my ass hole bitch; you are a nasty whore and I am going to show you what I think of you”!

Hot stripper sex will make you blow the fattest nut!

Hot stripper sex Do you crave Hot stripper sex like all the other guys in this town baby? I bet all you think about is a couple of nasty blonde whores bent over for you. I know all men need some filthy bitches to jerk their cock off into. There is nothing better than being with one of your slutty friends and taking cock together. I love watching my girl get her cunt plowed full of dick while her sweet little ass hole is just begging for some attention. Occasionally I will shove my tongue in her ass or my fingers; I can’t help it when it just winks at me. My favorite is lapping up a bitch after she has been filled with a nasty load!

I know you need a sweet Cum dumpster to take that nice creamy load of yours. What are you waiting for baby? You need to connect with a few stripper sluts like me who have no problem letting you do whatever you want. Stroke that cock as you watch me and my friend get used by a filthy cock and paid for it afterwards. There is nothing better than having money thrown on us while men have their cocks shoved in our holes. We love being called nasty street whores as we take a pounding. Listening to all these men degrade us, use us and pay us makes us feel like nothing but pieces of meat. 

The best Hardcore orgy porn whores are here to make you bust a fat load. All we want to do is drain those heavy balls in our cunts, throats, and filthy ass holes. After your wives leave and you have some time to beat your meat you should call me so I can make you feel good. Don’t you worry baby; I promise I can make you cum harder than your dumb bitch wife. I will be waiting for you and that hard cock of yours!

Big dick sucker takes a throat pounding!

Big dick suckerA whore is the best Big dick sucker around; we just know how to take a throat pounding better than any bitch. My number 1 quality is taking a face pounding. My mouth is the one thing that keeps all the men coming back; especially the ones who like it messy. When a customer is in desperate need for a mouth to fuck I am always the one who shows up when called. Out of all the whores who work with me; I always know I will make the most money with my filthy mouth. 

Zach here is a very good paying customer and he loves to make skanks puke on his cock. A girl who throws up on dick makes for the best Stripper sex porn on the web. Nasty perverts enjoy making sluts cry,puke, gag and scream on their big fat cocks. We make so much money when I have a fun face fucking session like this; men just love gross women. It’s much more fun to be a nasty bitch; you will get all the attention from men when you degrade yourself. I always encourage my cunts to lower their standards and prioritize all the men who need a hole to use. 

I bet you are rock hard by now and stroking your cock as you watch me struggle to get that fat meat rod down my whore throat. So what are you waiting for baby? Call me so I can be your disgusting Cum guzzling slut for the day. I would love to talk you through some nasty JOI fun while I listen to you beat your meat to me. I want to hear your moans and growls and you power pump that thick dick in your hands. I want you to keep jacking your dick off until you shoot that load all over imagining my warm mouth swallowing every last drop!

Trailer trash whore spreads her legs for all the older men!

Trailer trash whoreI had to show off to Matt so he knew how much of a Trailer trash whore I was. It’s always fun to play the innocent role when I am online chatting with new guys. They never know about all the disgusting shit I do in my small town; so when I finally get to show off my skills their expressions are great. When you come across like a dumb and innocent little girl who has never done anything it always makes for great conversation. It makes my cunt drip when all the older men try and “groom” me into something dirty; meanwhile I am probably nastier than them. 

It really does make me so wet when I see how disgusting these perverts can get. Matt was so much older than me and he always told me how much he loved sweet little Blonde fucking girls to play with. He always told me how much tighter and wetter a skinny skanks pussy is. When we had our dirty chats he would always try and “convince me” to send nasty pictures. I already knew I was going to send them; it made things way more fun to act like I wouldn’t send them. 

Matt kept telling me to be a good little Cum dumpster and show him how much I liked him. I knew it was time to play the role even better and send my sweet little skimpy pics after I got out of school. I showed him my sweet little pink pussy with my legs spread and a couple shots of my tight young body and big tits. He was in complete heave and wanted to come fuck me right away. Once I sent him those pictures he got way more dirty and started to call me names. He told me he was going to fuck me like the dirty trailer park slut I am. 

I was rubbing my cunt as he texted me all those filthy details. He told me nasty sluts deserve to be force fucked and pumped full of cum before school every single day. I squirted everywhere once he told me how much he wanted to degrade and use my sweet young little body. I bet your cock is hard too while you think about using me like your little fuck puppet!

Big dick sucker gets her throat pumped full of nut!

Big dick suckerI really love being a Big dick sucker for a nasty man who needs to cum hard. Getting my throat stretched open with cock is what I do best as a small town girl. There is never any fun going on in this shitty place; might as well make it fun and get my face fucked. George has lived here for years and has a wife he barely sees. He drinks a lot and gets fucked up on meth so he always needs a whore to fuck. When we met back at the strip club a few months back he offered me blow for a sexual exchange; ever since then we always work something out. 

Basically if I am a good Cum Guzzling Slut for him I get as much coke and alcohol as I want. I mean it’s a win win in my book; so I always make my mouth readily available for him. He loves a rough blow job so I always know when me and him get together I will most likely gag and not be able to breathe. I have practiced fucking my own throat for a bit so I can take a good face pounding from him. Plus he appreciates it and always loves how nasty I get; sometimes he gives me way more drugs and alcohol if I do a real good job. It’s the way to get what you want as a nasty town cock slave!

His wife is some red head bitch who won’t fuck him or suck his cock anymore so he is always so built up with a heavy load. As he rams his cock in and out of my wet mouth he always says how much he loves Blonde fucking sluts more than anything. As pumps and growls he always says how slutty nasty little blonde white girls are for dick. That’s why he loves using my holes and violating my throat with his meat rod and cum loads. I am all for it; like you all know I am a skank for any male attention!