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Last night’s date was a dud

gangbang whoreLast night’s date was a total dud. He was not at all like his profile. I settled for the free meal, then made an excuse why I had to end the night early. I should have been honest, but I let him think there would be a second date. He was too vanilla for me. As much as I try, I can’t stop dating bad boys. I went to this biker bar that I go to when I want to get high and fuck. They are a rough group, but they give me what I want. I walked in and the bartender gave me a shot. He knew if I was in his dive bar, things didn’t work out as I had planned. This biker bar is always my last resort. After a few shots, I walked into the back and started flirting. At this place, no one must be fake or ask questions they don’t care to have the answers too. I was doing lines on the table, when Earl, the leader of the biker gang, came into the bar. He recognized my fine ass even from behind. He had his dick pulled out before I turned around. I can’t tell him no. I don’t want to. He has a huge cock. After he nutted down my mouth, he summoned his buddies to gang bang me over the pool table. Hours earlier, I was on a boring vanilla date at a fancy restaurant and now I was a gang bang whore in a biker bar. You just never know how a night might go.

Anal Sex Whore Rhiana

anal sex whoreI have a confession. I am an anal sex whore. I love cock in my ass. Last night, I got super drunk and high and ended up selling my ass for party money. A friend of mine is a GFE escort. She said guys pay extra for anal sex. I love shoving things in my ass like beer bottles and cocks, so why not make some money off it, right? I am not as sophisticated as my friend, but guys will still pay for a skanky whore’s ass. I mean you would, right? I am cute still. Partying hasn’t turned me into Lindsay Lohan yet. I went this dive bar near me. I walked right into the back room, got on top of the pool table and told the old drunks in the bar that my ass was up for grabs for $50 a Fuck. They swarmed to form a line. I was drunk and high, so it numbed me from the fact that I was being gang banged by dirty old men in a scuzzy bar. My friend was likely banging one handsome man in a high-end hotel making 10 times what I would. But, she is a high class girl born on the right side of the tracks and I am just a trailer trash whore with a drug problem.

Druggy Porn Star

druggy pornI think I was born to be a druggy porn star. I was strung out last night. In desperate need of a fix, I went to the street corner to pimp out my own ass. I was among fellow skanks, so I knew I might do well since I was fresh meat. I don’t always hook, but sex sells and it’s a quick way to get money for crack. I wasn’t hustling my ass much longer than an hour when this dude pulled up and asked me how much for anal. I just need $150, so I said $200 thinking for the downtown area it might me too much and he would settle for what I needed. It wasn’t too much. He pulled out a stack of $50s and told me he would double it if I let his young son fuck my ass too. A daddy and a son up my ass? Fuck, even sober that sounded hot. I got in his SUV and we drove around to the truck stop. I hopped in the back seat and him and junior pounded my ass for a solid thirty minutes. I was his son’s first anal experience. I guess school girls don’t give up the booty. I give up anything that gets me the means to get high. With a couple loads of sperm up my ass, I called my dealer and told him I had his money. That is when he told me, he had some friends who would pay to fuck my skanky ass too. Hmm, I didn’t need to be an anal sex whore again, but with a habit like mine, you can never have enough money.

I love being a druggy whore

druggy pornI love being a druggy whore. I will do anything for a fix. Anything. I was at the strip club last night when some rowdy townies came in. They aren’t the big spender GFE type. They were vulgar, which as a trailer trash slut, I don’t mind. I was surprised they paid for the VIP room, but I was glad they did because they had some great blow. They had a lot more to give me but there was a catch. They wanted to hook up after my shift. I agreed because good blow is good blow. They lived in the trailer park I grew up in. Their trailer doubled as a meth lab. I was in trouble. Not sure what I was going to do. I needed free coke because the rent was due soon. I should have known they were nasty freaks. They wanted me to fuck their furry friend. I am a junkie druggie slut. I did not say no to their best friend. I did a line of coke and got on all fours. Their hairy friend mounted me from behind and shoved his red rocket inside my pussy. The dudes were laughing and stroking their dicks. They jacked off on my face and their four legged beast nutted his gooey cream inside me. Funny, not the worst thing I have ever done for blow.

Cum guzzling slut

Cum guzzling slutThis tiny sexy body full of cum is all for you daddy! I just got fucked by about 20 different old fucks and they all shot their old sour cream cum into my tiny pussy! The first fuck that penetrated me with his 18-inch cock seemed like he unloaded 1 lb of old cum in my asshole! He really fucking gaped my tiny little fucking asshole wide open inside out! After he came in my asshole he shoved a huge butt plug in my asshole so that I could hold his old nasty sour cream looking cum! Then the next dude hit me up and fucked my pussy with his 4-inch fucking cock I didn’t feel shit! But he unloaded his little bit of smelly cum inside me. That’s how it went on all night long different cock sizes cumming inside me. I’m so ready for you to get your dick full of cum!

Creampie slut

Creampie slutI’m a little school slut craving older men’s attention. Ever since my mommy gave me away to the older couple and my step daddy used to use me and abuse me really hard I fucking love older men attention. I always like to have my pussy fuck hole full of cum. Yeah, daddy, that means my pussy is so fucking wet and creamy on the inside dripping out a lot of cum, making my pussy on the outside so crusty. Daddy I know that’s how you like eating my pussy full of cum you love to suck it all out and then swallow like a sick fuck you are. I fucking love you, daddy. That’s why I need to find more men to fill me up with cum so at the end of the week daddy could suck all the hot cum juice out of my cunt. Will you give me some cum big boy?

Crack whore anal

Crack whore analI’m a little Crack whore anal slut that is fucking horny all the time. I’m dirty as fuck for daddy. As soon as I get in your truck you are going to think to your self or out loud oh this little fuck slut smells like pussy and dick! That’s right daddy I’m always covered up in cum from about 50 different guys a day. I work the corner every night getting slapped with dicks across my face and cum shots all over my face tits and ass. Daddy, I want you to lick me from my head to my toes licking up all that cum from all those 50 different dudes. Lick it up and swallow all that cum! Then sit on my pretty little face so I could eat out your sweaty fucking asshole. Fuck mother fucker you haven’t showered in days. Its ok I’ll still eat that asshole. As long as you swallow all the cum all over my body!

Big dick sucker nasty whore

Big dick suckerBig dick sucker coke whore Rhiana. I’m ready to suck your big black nigger cock daddy! Just make sure you are ready to pay me with some fucking coke. The longer your shaft the better daddy! That means more coke for me! That’s right I want to snort it right off your cock. Also, daddy, I do take my payment up front! I just want lots and lots of fucking coke. I love selling my little cunt at the hooker corner just down from my mom’s house. I learned my ways from my mommy. I’m a dirty nasty whore. I will do anything for a fucking hit. Yesterday I took about 20 cum shots from 20 different men. I fucking loved it. I still have dry cum on the site of my mouth. So fucking tasty and sour. I’ll do anything and I do mean anything for a fucking fix!

Suck my ass!

Anal cum dumpsterMy name is Rhiana, and I’m an Anal cum dumpster. I love going out to the corner and selling my little body. I go out to the corner around my house and hook a client. I always bring my client back home and into my pink room with a big mirror. What he doesn’t know is that daddy is watching me through that mirror. Daddy is a perve. He loves watching me get fucked by big fat veiny dick. The longer, the better. I get to do a line of coke all the time right of-of their dick. I fucking love it. Then I do what daddy loves best. I take that dick in my ass bareback and make him cum inside my tight little-puckered asshole. I save all that cum in my tight ass for the next client. I’ll exchange that warm shot of cum for a line of coke! He could suck it right out of my ass!

Spoiled hooker

Cum dumpsterCum dumpster slutty whore Rhiana is working the corner showing most of my body even part of my cunt shows, and I don’t give a fuck! I love showing my little cunt off to the dirty old perves! They will fall in love with my cunt the minute they see it and smell it! I’ll get close to the window give them a little taste of my pussy, and they are hooked! They grope me and put me in their car, and right away they let me snort a line right off their cock. I love it when they spoil me with cock on their cocks. I keep sucking your dick while you drive to the hotel. I just tease you, but don’t let you cum. I’m waiting to get in bed with you so I could hop on top of you penetrating my cunt raw and waiting for you to shoot your loads of cum into my cunt!