Cum dumpster shows off for all the customers and camera crew!

Cum dumpsterA proper Cum dumpster knows how to present herself; especially when she I needy for cock. It’s been a slow week with my escorting company so I needed some new pictures for my clients. I figured it would be a perfect time for some updated stuff and maybe it would bring in some newbies. I had a sexy photo shoot set up with my camera crew; me and a few of my hottest girls made sure to look out best. I told them to make sure they looked skimpy in some bathing suites; I wanted a slutty beach scene for the pictures and videos.

Some juicy asses and tight Sloppy wet pussy looks the best in a skimpy bikini set on a beach. The sweet sandy look with a sexy little skank will have all the men stroking off their cocks. My camera crew was bricked up as they took shots of my big fat tits and pink bald little fuck hole. I made my girls bend over and show off their ass cracks. They slipped the strings of their suites to the side so it would ride up their cunt lips and butt holes. They looked perfect; most of the men were drooling and adjusting their pants the whole time. 

Since it’s been slow with my company I figured the best way to pay the crew would be with some nasty Hot stripper sex. I knew they would have no problem getting their moneys worth with all our holes. They didn’t spend anytime waiting on getting naked and tearing our swimwear right off our bodies. I watched them hammer my girls cunts and ass holes. I was rubbing my clit while a couple of them used my throat. I love watching my bitches get used like the pieces of fuck meat I have trained them to be!

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