Black stripper sex

Black stripper sex

I had never seen this guy in the club before. I dance at the strip club every single weekend so I can spot a regular and a newbie. I usually sit in the back of the club when I am not on stage and just peep out the scene. I kept seeing girls sit on his lap and he would slip something in their hands. That’s when it dawned on me. He was a drug dealer. Fuck! I love to get high but I did not make one dollar tonight. I decided to head over and see if he wanted to feel these big juicy lips around his cock or maybe stick in hard stick inside one of my cunt holes. I can make him cum so hard if he gets me high as shit. And just as I thought he agreed. So I took him to the back room of V.I.P. and sucked the soul out of his hard cock. He came so hard all over my face and gave me a nice size 8 ball of coke. He told me I never had to pay just as long as I suck his dick that good every time. Damn I know I can suck dick but I must be damn good! You should come find out yourself….I could a line of coke off your dick and suck your dick until my jaws start to hurt.

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